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Some symbols have multiple meanings

Symbols like * and can be used as operators in expressions and as part of declarations. The symbol context determines the meaning of symbols. Int I = 42; Int R = I; // immediately following the type name, so it is part of the declaration and R is a reference Int * P; // * follows the type name, so it is part of the Declaration, and P is a pointer. P = I; // appears in the expression, which is a

A concise summary of the special symbols and meanings in the Linux shell (most of them are included)

The case statement is suitable for applications that require multiple branching. The case Branch statement is formatted as follows: Case $ variable name inMode 1)Command sequence 1;;Mode 2)Command Sequence 2 ;;*)Sequence of commands executed by default ;;EsacA concise summary of the special symbols and meanings in the Linux shell (including most of them) _linux Shell_ script HouseThere are a lot of special

#; @ Rem! Meanings and functions of other symbols in wince6.0

In fact, some symbols have long been introduced in my logs. For details, see the second log "What do some symbols in the. Bat configuration file mean?". I did not learn it very well at that time. Today, my sister-in-law asked me to sort out a log to facilitate later students to learn. In fact, these files are all batch files. For specific commands, refer to Windows shell programming commands. The

Some other special symbols that represent abstract meanings

", matching to the position: starting at 15, ending at 18.Some symbols can affect the relationship between sub-expressions within an expression:Example 5:Expression "tom| When Jack "matches the string" I ' m Tom, he is Jack, the match is: success; the match is: "Tom"; the matching position is: start at 4, end at 7. When the next match is matched, the result is: "Jack", the match to the position: starting at 15, ending at 19.Example 6:Expression "(go/s

Meanings of symbols in C ++ library files in Linux

Meanings of symbols in the C ++ library file: All symbols start with an underscore (_ z) and an uppercase letter (_ z). For symbols in a class or namespace, they are followed by "N ", the name of each namespace and class is followed by the length of the name string before each name, followed by an uppercase letter "E"

Meanings of Process List symbols in Linux Learning

The meaning of the Process List symbol in Linux learning can be displayed by entering ps and other commands on a simulated Linux terminal. The following describes the meanings of the symbols corresponding to some common process lists: UID: the user responsible for starting the process; PID: the ID of the process; PPID: PID of the parent process (if a process is started by another process); USER: USER Name o

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