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Some training problems in ERP project implementation

implementation cycle, reduce the implementation cost, and improve the implementation success rate in the future implementation process. What is the purpose of carefully evaluating the ERP software? It is to avoid blind selection, and do not be confused by

Recognize the implementation of ERP system with deep anatomy

coordination between all parties. The implementation of ERP is divided into three phases: basic data preparation and standardization in the early stage, handover definition in the middle stage, business process restructuring, and adaptation period in the later stage, manual and computer parallel jobs are implemented to gradually solve the inadaptability of the original manual jobs to computer jobs. The

ERP implementation-Give yourself a cliff

project has been around for nearly two years, but the overall implementation plan has long been stranded. For the upper-level leaders, the project has also become a face-recognition layer for the upper-level employees. For enterprise employees, the ERP project has become an unfinished building and has a face to the outside, the result is naturally suffering from

Elements of successful enterprise ERP implementation

, cannot be controlled.5,Data is the blood of the ERP system. If there is a problem with data input, even if there is no problem in each link, it is a pile of junk data at the end.6,The ERP project has no overall plan and no general direction. Like a headless fly, the project is a zombie, hitting a problem to solve a problem, they are all symptoms of "head-to-hea

Implementation notes of ERP: Secondary Development

modify a function, it affects not only the current function, but also other functions. At present, the implementation consultant generally has a point of view on ERP code-level secondary development: Do not do it if you can. Because the ERP system is as complicated as the human blood, during the secondary development, if the new user personalized functions touch

ERP implementation document creation

Outside the window, the cold winter is giving off the warm sunshine, and the air is slightly drunk. However, a cold wind blew over and gave me a chill. I recently took over a half-implemented ERP project. when I took over the project, I had only a few simple documents with a few phrases, no detailed implementation plan, and no detailed

Eight suggestions for successful ERP implementation in Enterprise Informatization Construction

Recommendation 1: Establish Business Cases to quantify ERP benefits One of the main contents of commercial cases is investment and income analysis. Through income analysis, enterprises can demonstrate the necessity of implementing ERP projects from the strategic level, so as to gain consensus on project implementation at the senior management level. Global experi

How does the Project Manager conduct research during ERP implementation

During the implementation of the ERP project, research is an indispensable link, but it is a required link for everyone. First, is it an investigation of ERP implementation or an investigation of ERP product development? For product development research, the purpose is to fu

ERP implementation and application not successful in common

justITpersonnel are doing this work, others in other functional departments have not intervened orITpersonnel to provide help to participate in part of the work, the whole project to advance very difficult (human disaster). * The implementation process lacks a proactive and practical plan that is time-consuming and long-delayed, so that employees lose enthusiasm for the project

Analysis of large. NET ERP system Enterprise information Implementation Personnel Toolkit

1 First Implementation Meeting When the contract is signed, the software company and the customer agreed to the meeting time, the two sides held the first implementation of the meeting, to determine the implementation of the team list, project implementation cycle, training schedule,

Sharing the graduation students "ERP implementation Project League" Summary, is the heartfelt words--knowledge is the embodiment of human value, each course is a meaningful school discipline

follows.I. Overview of InternshipsSince March 24, after the recommendation of UF, I am in Hangzhou, a company internship. My position is the ERP implementation consultant, the basic work content is to the customer enterprise to carry on the Informationization standard and the informationization implementation. In the internship time, learned a lot of knowledge.

What should be done in ERP implementation consultant work?

) proven, and the customer's idea--it's just an idea!"You have to be clear that ERP is a whole new field for customers and that customers want some kind of assurance when it comes to the execution of such a costly and risky plan." Let the customer know that your proposal is well executed in other customers ' plans to increase the recommended component. ”9, the initiative to promote good newsHave you heard t

Analysis of Party A's problems to ensure the stability of the ERP project implementation team

Note: This articleArticleCopyrightECFAnd HP. The successful implementation of the ERP project requires the joint efforts of both parties. Similarly, the stability of the project team also requires the joint efforts of both parties, I have discussed how to ensure the stability of Party B's consultants, but the stability of Party A's team is also very important, which is often the most important concern

Project implementation: how to effectively conduct ERP training

After more than half a year of ERP projects, we finally entered the final stage. Now we are about to withdraw to Beijing after providing training to our customers, I don't know what Beijing tastes like (^_^). After several ERP trainings, I will summarize some training experiences and share them with you here. First, Develop reasonable training plans First, we need to work out a reasonable training

Analysis of distributed Application pattern design and implementation of large. NET ERP System

channel communication, this channel supports both encrypted and data compression transmissions.Easy to develop and deploy:The Code Smith 6.5 template will help generate Isalescontractmanager and Salescontractmanager two types of source code, as explained above, The deployment of the service class is implemented only by adding the Communicationservice attribute to Salescontractmanager.The client delivers large file performance to the server:To improve

Analysis of business logic design and implementation of large. NET ERP System

According to the experience of manufacturing software development in recent years, the author gives a brief description of how the function (Feature) is designed and implemented in view of the understanding of the developer, for reference. Depending on the architecture, the technical implementation will vary, and my experience is limited to the Windows Form program. Overall functionality1 The system supports multiple users. Create a single-instance (S

Project management note (27) Is there an implementation template for the Implementation consultant to think about?

Case scenario: In the late autumn of October, it was supposed to be a cool and refreshing season. ERP implementation consultant xiaogao just completed an eight-month ERP project, it is also immersed in the aftertaste of successful projects. However, just as cold air is chilling, he entered the cold winter in Mid-Autumn in advance because the company recently as

ERP/MIS development Menu Designer and its dual Implementation of B/S and C/S (B/S open source)

carefully adds the menu here. After Visual Studio 2005/2008 is installed with teamfoundationexplorer, a team menu is added, Visual Studio 2008/2010 adds a data menu to support database operations. test only appears after the test template is installed, Analyze analysis is also a new feature in Visual Studio 2010. Each menu mentioned above is sufficient to assume the full functionality of a software. Its functions are powerful, sometimes more po

Real estate website optimization implementation work plan sharing

The optimization of the real estate site is the internal optimization, because of the huge amount of information, the number of pages, internal optimization to do in place is the need for a detailed plan and serious implementation. The author provides the program is the actual implementation of the work plan, only for

ActiveReports Report Application Tutorials (7)---Cross-report and PivotChart plan implementation

than 2000, the following is a detailed implementation step:1. Create a report fileCreate a activereports report file in the application named RPTCROSSTABLE1.RDLX, use the project template for the ActiveReports page report, and then select Convert to Continuous page layout (CPL) Report from the Report menu item of VS when the creation is complete To convert a pinned page report to a continuous page report.2

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