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Some training problems in ERP project implementation

training .} The second type of training provided by ERP vendors is implementation training. This is the training conducted during implementation after the contract is signed. In this kind of training, we are faced with a specific set of software, so what is the focus of the training? It is to teach us how to operate this software. This is the two types of training provided by ERP manufacturers. Our opinion

How does the Project Manager conduct research during ERP implementation

During the implementation of the ERP project, research is an indispensable link, but it is a required link for everyone. First, is it an investigation of ERP implementation or an investigation of ERP product development? For product development research, the purpose is to fully explore customer needs and obtain the man

How can an ERP project be created after being killed and failed?

"The sky will fall to the ranks of the people of Sri Lanka, and we must first bitter our minds, work hard, and feel hungry ......". I am experiencing the taste of this old saying. Recently, the company appointed me to restart the company's failed ERP projects. The company was forced to suspend its previous ERP projects due to various obstacles to resistance. The former

Analysis of Party A's problems to ensure the stability of the ERP project implementation team

Note: This articleArticleCopyrightECFAnd HP. The successful implementation of the ERP project requires the joint efforts of both parties. Similarly, the stability of the project team also requires the joint efforts of both parties, I have discussed how to ensure the stability of Party B's consultants, but the stability of Party A's team is also very importan

How to select an ERP project using the star method?

scenarios Before selecting an ERP project, I did some research on various departments of the company. During the survey, I asked users to do the following. 1. Summarize the problems that occur in management and specify the ins and outs. Financial management personnel often find that the unit price provided by the procurement is inaccurate when they account for the supplier. It is not enough for financia

Sharing the graduation students "ERP implementation Project League" Summary, is the heartfelt words--knowledge is the embodiment of human value, each course is a meaningful school discipline

. This is the internship report I just completed, especially for you. A letter, let you know the real idea of graduate tube, I hope you believe in educational tube help. ---Detonator 1102 Liu Yi FuThe above is just received (20140427) e-mail, the rich is not my graduation design students, last year he and Kai Zhi ("Kai" right there is a "put" the right side of the word, too hard to find pinyin input method not found), read the internship report, very want to immediately and students, especially

Recommendation and comments of autumn leaf: P truth-Implementation notes of ERP project

Qiu ye comment: original address: Http:// /? P = 9062 After receiving the P truth-ERP project implementation note from Tong Jielong, I remembered that I had been away from the IT management information industry for almost five years. Most of the netizens now know me about my PPT. I know that I have been a project

Differences between ERP implementation consultants and project managers

When I came to Qingdao for a business trip, I once again saw the beauty of Qingdao. Especially in this autumn season, the weather is pleasant. It seems to be a good time to take a vacation and recuperate. It's a pity that I came here to work. Otherwise, I could stay here for a while. reading a book by the sea and sunning would be a good day. When I came to the Qingdao company's upstairs, I found that there was an invincible sea view and 270-degree sea view. It was connected to the famous eight m

ERP project documentation-hate when thinking

Recently I heard about a controversial issue concerning the implementation of ERP projects. Let's talk about the background of this issue first. An enterprise is preparing to implement an ERP system. After a series of research and selection questions in the early stage, a software company is finally determined to cooperate. In the early stage of project implement

MES project import-import notes-discrete manufacturing enterprises import ERP

business processes, the company's capital flow is automatically generated. Focus of Discrete Manufacturing Industry The ERP of discrete manufacturing enterprises should aim at business management and take logistics as the core. Collect, process, and analyze logistics information in business processes to streamline and standardize business processes. With the management and control of business processes, the company's capital flow is automatically gen

Analysis of Party B's problems to ensure the stability of the ERP project implementation team

Note: This articleArticleCopyrightECFAnd HP. The success or failure of the ERP project is directly related to the stability of the current project implementation team. As a corporate CIO, the company is very concerned with the stability of the ERP project team, especial

Project implementation: how to effectively conduct ERP training

After more than half a year of ERP projects, we finally entered the final stage. Now we are about to withdraw to Beijing after providing training to our customers, I don't know what Beijing tastes like (^_^). After several ERP trainings, I will summarize some training experiences and share them with you here. First, Develop reasonable training plans First, we need to work out a reasonable training plan base

2015 Wisdom Podcast Java EE phase 168th Employment Class video Tutorial Day45-erp project -0107-Other subsystems

A set of ERP system will have CRM, it is impossible to say that all my data are scattered, you want to use just write one. You go out and talk to people, you must say I have something here, and then you can tell people you do is invoicing. Ask the CRM or the financial system you say it's not my responsibility. If you've ever been in touch with a similar system, you can say that I've also done CRM, so to speak. We connect directly to the existing finan

"5 + 4" quality and capability model of ERP project managers

With the continuous improvement and development of the socialist market economy, China's software development service industry is in full swing. All large and medium-sized enterprises, and even most small enterprises, rely on the information platform to form core competitiveness. "EverythingisProject", everything is a project. Software Projects are everywhere. The success or failure of countless projects directly determines the future development fate

ERP project experience summary

ERPProject Experience Summary Purpose: To summarizeERPProject implementation experience to refine Project risks. Including personnel, organizational structure, management system,ProgramFiles and other aspects provide reference for other projects to avoid risks. 1The biggest feeling of the project is that the architecture is determined by strategy. The senior leaders of the

Compare the difference between open source ERP and SaaS ERP system implementation convenience

. Open Source ERP:at first glance, open source ERP facts are more appealing to businesses. The reason is that open source ERP has no upfront costs prior to deployment. Some open source ERP systems can be installed in the virtual cloud, saving the cost of investment in hardware and infrastructure. However, while open source ER

NetSuite ERP compared to other ERP systems have what advantages and advantages!

balance and feel almost no change to the NetSuite ERP access speed.Shorter implementation cyclesTraditional ERP project from the software requirements research, design, to software installation and database installation, complete the cycle at least a year or more, the project implementation time is too long will incre

How to become an ERP expert

, different enterprises have different Personalized Requirements. Therefore, understanding the current situation and exploring Personalized Requirements are an important basis for determining whether a project is launched and determining the ERP system category. In the selection of ERP products, enterprises must first diagnose the core management problems and co

Apparel ERP case: the ERP path of metus bonway

ideological struggle, in 2001, Wang quangeng, vice president of the group's it, logistics, and production operations, persuaded the group's management team to abandon the old ERP platform, it was decided to re-comprehensively plan and develop a new web-based ERP platform. At this time, Shenzhen daoxun Technology Co., Ltd. entered metersbonwe. daoxun technology is a highly intelligent and intensive high-

Reading Notes of ERP starting from internal integration -- Chapter 3rd using the concept of information integration to understand MRP to erp ii 3.3erp-Enterprise Resource Planning-3.3.4 ERP System Support Platform

3.3.4 ERP Support Platform ERPThe concept is achieved through the application software system. When selecting software, enterprises sometimes have to "take the length of their families ". Different software is developed on different platforms. to be integrated, a standardized "connector" is required ". So Enterprise Application System Integration(EAI)In this way, technologies and products with the "Middleware" nature are applied. Summary MRP

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