errno 22 invalid argument

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Ace errno. h

Errno. H --  Query Checking the error code errno is an important way to debug the program. When the linuc c api function is abnormal, The errno variable (including Errno. h) assign an integer. Different values indicate different meanings. You can

Definition of errno in Linux

The errno definition in Linux. In the header file # include 124 emediumtype wrong medium type 123 enomedium no medium found 122 edquot Disk Quota exceeded 121 eremoteio remote I/O Error 120 eisnam is a named type file 119 enavail no XENIX

Note for fopen and note for fopen

Note for fopen and note for fopen Organized from (VS.80). aspxErrno, _ doserrno, _ sys_errlist, and _ sys_nerr   These global variables include the error code used by the perror and strerror

Linux programming errno Summary

124 emediumtype wrong medium type 123 enomedium no medium found 122 edquot Disk Quota exceeded 121 eremoteio remote I/O Error 120 eisnam is a named type file 119 enavail no XENIX semaphores available 118 enotnam not a xenix named type file 117

List of errors corresponding to the Linux error code (errno)

You can use the perror command in shell to display the perror function in the corresponding program API. I = 1; while [$ I-Le 152]; DO perror $ I; let I = I + 1; done; My kernel is defined as 152 only, as shown in the following table: OS error

C language file Operation function Daquan (super detail) _c language

fopen (Open file)Correlation function Open,fclose Table header file #include Defines the function FILE * fopen (const char * path,const char * mode); The function description parameter path string contains the file path and filename to open, and

PHP's awesome face question sharing _php skills

What kind of network protocol does 1.nginx use? Nginx is the application layer I think from the bottom up, the transport layer uses the TCP/IP application layer for HTTP FastCGI is responsible for the scheduling process 2. ? echo ' Hello

The art of writing Linux utilities

Linux and other UNIX-like systems always come with a large number of tools that execute a wide range of functions from obvious to incredible. The success of a UNIX-like programming environment is largely attributed to the high quality and selection

Program for viewing Linux error codes

In order to conveniently view the error code and its meaning in Linux, a program is written to print the information.   Listerrno. c # Include # include # include # define MAX_ERRNO 256 int main (int argc, char * argv []) { int n = 0;

Receive main function return value and error code hint in Linux programming

Program a creates child processes and invokes process B, depending on the different cases that are not called, and the results are displayed differently.#include #include#include#include#includeintMain () {pid_t pid, rpid; intStat; if(PID = fork ())

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