error 1062 duplicate entry for key primary

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MySQL #1062-duplicate entry "1" for key "primary"

VPs has been around for a long time. I just encountered importing a database during the WordPress migration process. Met #1062-duplicate entry '1' for key 'primary' At that time, I was so anxious that I had deleted all the original data and

MySQL #1062duplicate entry ' 1 ' for key ' PRIMARY ' _mysql

Recently has been tossing VPS, just encountered in the process of moving WordPress Import database. Ran into #1062 –duplicate entry ' 1′for key ' PRIMARY ' At that time the urgent ah, the original data I have all deleted, there is no way only to

ERROR 1062 (23000): Duplicate entry ' 0 ' for key ' PRIMARY '

Os:centos 6.3db:5.5.14Test Create Yoon Test table, no primary key, no index, the underlying data content is as follows:Mysql> select * from Yoon;+----+----------+------+| ID | name | user |+----+----------+------+| 1 | \ "" ##!aa | NULL || 2 | Z2 |

MySQL master and slave library sync error: 1062 error ' Duplicate entry ' 1438019 '

MySQL master and slave library sync error: 1062 error ' Duplicate entry ' 1438019 ' for key ' PRIMARY ' on Querymysql the master/slave library will occur during synchronization 1062 Last_sql_error:error ' D Uplicate entry ' problem:  Obviously this

"20180719" records one time mariadb master-slave replication due to tokudb a primary key 1062 error issue

Remember to build the MARIADB master-slave Replication environment: System: CentOS Release 6.3 Kernel: Database version: MASTER:10.1.16-MARIADB MariaDB Server

Pymysql.err.IntegrityError: (1062, "Duplicate entry ' roxml-roxml ' for key ' PRIMARY '")

In the 3rd entity match in Python data mining-concepts, methodologies and practices, the error shown in the topic appears if you run the configuration in accordance with the author's code and SQL statements. According to the execution error prompt

Import SQL data using phpMyAdmin Error: #1062-duplicate entry ' ...

To import SQL data using phpMyAdmin error:MySQL return: #1062-duplicate entry ' 0 ' for key ' PRIMARY 'This error occurs because the primary key of the data is duplicated, and the record shown in the error message has been imported ~ ~Because the

Mysqldump Lead Library error Duplicate entry "for key 1

Mysqldump Lead Library error Duplicate entry "for key 1This database backup is backed up with a backup program back in the background, more than 400 m, larger, so no phpmyadmin import, enter cmd, mysql-h localhost-u root-p database name This is what

Mysql error #1062 Duplicate entry '123456' for key 'primary'

In fact, the material for this fault comes from a friend of mine. Although I am not the real person who experienced the fault, even if I am just a bystander, I still feel a little bit rewarding. As a result, I recorded it to feed readers.The root

MySQL Import data Guide data hint duplicate entryfor key error

Before the server data loss decided to move out with phpmyadmin export, because the database file is relatively large, so directly using the MySQL command direct import MySQL Export Import commandBut the results are always there. ERROR 1062 (23000)

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