error auto sensing secondary master hard disk drive solution

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U disk installation system can not find the hard drive, C disk solution

Now the community advocated to increase the ability to do things, they can handle the matter will not trouble others, so the system of reloading is now a very simple thing, there are many ways to achieve, everyone is a technician. Although it is a very simple thing to reload the system, but we installed the system will be a lot of problems, such as after the installation system found that the computer can not find the hard

The reason for the hard drive/u disk is not open and the solution

Have a mobile hard drive friends have been for hard drive can not open and worry, today small make up to tell you to solve the solution! Tools/raw Materials Mouse Computer Moving hard disks Steps/Methods Mobile

USB disk boot can not find a hard drive solution

First of all, your hard drive is larger than 200G, and is stat hard drive, because most u disk PE system on stat hard disk support is not very good, so the situation will occur, the

Two Hard Disk Master/Slave jumper details

be selected only when you have installed two or more systems! 2. Precautions for users who use two or more hard disks at the same timeMost of these users have a hard disk, and then they are adding large-capacity hard disks due to disk space, you must re-check the

The most effective solution to the "An error occurred during the file system check" error after Linux hard disk mounting is restarted

Since I have recently studied the application and development of QT, the first step is to build a development environment. However, it is found that the hard disk space allocated to the virtual machine is obviously insufficient, resulting in the installation of qt_sdk failure. As a result, I searched the internet for methods to expand the hard

Graphical IDE hard disk interface diagram SATA hard disk interface diagram SCSI hard drive interface

corresponding transmission speed is 150mb/s and 300mb/s. SATA is primarily used for PATA interface technology that has replaced bottlenecks. From the speed of this point, SATA in the transmission mode SATA is also more advanced than Pata, has been far away from the PATA hard drive behind. Second, from the data transmission point of view, Sata than Pata anti-interference ability.SATA-1 has been widely used,

Hard Disk structure, Master Boot Record MBR, Hard Disk Partition Table DPT, Master partition, extended partition and logical partition, PC Startup Process

The filex file system is in the fog. Let's summarize some basic knowledge about fat first. Hard Disk StructureA hard disk consists of multiple disks, each of which has a read/write head. If n disks exist. There are 2n faces, corresponding to 2N head (heads), starting from 0, 1, 2. The radius of each disc is the concent

An error occurred while copying files to the hard disk during Ubuntu10.04 installation. solution:

Without tests (Editor: ). I started to use the gurb method when I installed Ubuntu10.04 two days ago. But every time I failed, I couldn't even access Windows 7. Then I used the wubi method, I used an optical drive to install Ubuntu10.04 but encountered the following error: [Errno5] Input/outputerror when the installer Copies files to the hard

When Ubuntu 10.04 is installed, an error occurred while copying files to the hard disk. solution:

Without tests (Editor: ). Install Ubuntu 10.04 two days ago At the beginning, the gurb method was used, but every time it failed, attackers could not even Access Windows 7. Later, we used the wubi method, but it was still a method. At last, I installed Ubuntu 10.04 with an optical drive. But encountered: An error occurs when the installer copies a file to the

VirtualBox startup error cocould not find an open hard disk with uuid Solution

VirtualBox startup error: cocould not find an open hard disk with uuid solution when starting the XP Virtual Machine System in VirtualBox, the error dialog box appears, containing the following error message:Cocould not find an op

Computer hard drive does not read the disk can not boot how to do

Computer hard drive does not read the disk can not boot solution: 1, after the boot system did not find or can not identify the hard drive This kind of situation causes the computer not to be able to boot from the

"Linux hardware and hard disk partitioning" about hard drive planning and usage details

connect two IDE devices, the two cable interfaces are called IDE1 (primary) and IDE2 (secondary), and the two devices above each flat cable are called Master devices and Slave device , so there is a table with the following name:---------------------------------------------------|   Ide1--master | /dev/hda ||   Ide1--slave | /dev/hdb ||   Ide2--

Solution to hard disk structure and hard disk errors

: 0109 mov BX, 7c 00XXXX: 010c MoV word PTR [BX], 00XXXX: 0110 Inc BXXXXX: 0111 Inc BXXxxxxx: 0112 Loop 10c XXXX: 0114 mov ax, 0301XXXX: 0117 mov CX, 0001XXXX: 011a MoV dx, 80XXXX: 011d mov BX, 7c 00XXXX: 0120 INT 13XXXX: 0122 jmp ffff: 0000XXXX: 0127-W 100 0 0 1-Q At this time, the system will write a special boot information on this blank floppy disk, so that this special boot disk

What is the difference between a solid-state hard disk and a mechanical hard drive?

higher than the mechanical hard drive, the current 120GB of solid-state hard drives, the price is generally more than 400 yuan, 256GB solid-state drives in more than 700 yuan, and 500G, 1TB mechanical hard disk price is below 400 yuan, in terms of price, Mechanical

Latest dos boot drive (graphic version) V1.0 (floppy disk + CD + USB disk + hard disk + NTFS + Emergency utility)

Latest dos boot drive (graphic version) V1.0 (floppy disk + CD + USB disk + hard disk + NTFS + Emergency utility) Various dos boot disks (graphic version) V1.0 I. Preface: DOS is a little difficult, mysterious, and far-fetched for people who have been familiar with computer

After loading Ubuntu in VirtualBox, found that the hard disk space is too small, how to increase the capacity of hard disk? That's to build another hard drive.

After loading Ubuntu in VirtualBox, I found that the hard disk space is too small to increase the capacity of the hard disk. That is to build another hard drive: 1. Add a new hard

USB flash drive System can not find the hard disk, C drive what to do?

Now the reload system is no longer a technician thing, as long as you have a Help your U disk Loader master, you can install your favorite system for your computer. However, when the system is being re-installed, if you find that the hard disk or C drive is not found? Then,

MASTER: several methods to save the hard disk

1. The system does not recognize hard disks.This type of fault is common, that is, the disk cannot be started from the hard disk, and the disk cannot be started from disk a to drive C.

Seagate Discwizard Hard disk partitioning tool cracked 3TB hard drive partition

drives, which can then be used by right-clicking the new disk partition, although the partition format is still MBR. Discwizard software to virtual SCSI hard drive to run the extra capacity Long before the advent of the 3TB hard drive, the expansion of the exi

How to recover hard disk data hard drive data

The specific solution is as follows:Step one, reboot the system into the ghost, click "local" → "Disk" → "from Image" → "OK", in the destination Drive details interface, press the "tab" key to move the cursor to "New Size"   In the following number column, the input number adjusts the capacity above to the original C disk

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