error c2143 syntax error missing before type

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Error C2143:syntax error:missing '; ' Before '} '

Today the tab control, did a very foolish thing, did not go to declare the header file. This is also the issue to be logged today, prompting the following a variety of previous symbols is wrong. If a beginner encounters, count as a hint, remember to

Error c2143: syntax error: Missing '; 'before '*'

During the VC programming process, we often encounter the following error message: Error c2143: syntax error: Missing '; 'before' *', that is, "*" is missing before "*". ". Why? Background: A compilation error occurs when the mainframe class

Error c2143: syntax error: Missing '; 'before '.'

The following error occurs when compiling the c file:Error c2143: syntax error: Missing '; 'before' type' But there is no error in the CPP file. TestCodeAs follows:# Include "stdafx. H"# Include "cv. H"# Include Int _ tmain (INT argc, _ tchar *

After adjusting the reference sequence, it seems as clear as the Blue Sky. error C2146: syntax error: Missing ";" (in the identifier

> E:/work/workcode/ppc vs2008/mobilepos/gpsgui/GpsGuiDlg. h (58): error C2146: syntax error: Missing ";" (before the identifier "m_ConnectManager)1> e:/work/workcode/ppc vs2008/mobilepos/gpsgui/GpsGuiDlg. h (58): error C4430: The type descriptor is

Visual Studio compilation error set (GO)

1, error c4430:missing type Specifier-int assumed. Note:c++ does not support Default-intAdd/wd4430 to the additional options in the project Properties->configration Properties->c/c++->command Line page2.Error msb3073:the Command regsvr32/s/C

Vc6.0 compilation error solution highlights

Original post address: I recently want to learn about network programming, and most socket programming environments are UNIX, which is inconvenient and cannot be compiled in windows.

Baseclasses compilation Error

Compilation Error Compile baseclassesCompiling...Dllentry. cppD:/program files/Microsoft Visual Studio 8/VC/platformsdk/include/winnt. H (222): Error c2146: syntax error: Missing ";" (before the identifier "pvoid64)D:/program

VC error message (zz)

When creating a project, the MFC Appwizard wizard is not used. If the project parameters are not set, many connection errors will be generated during compilation, such as error lnk2001. Typical error prompts include: Libcmtd. Lib (crt0.obj): Error

VC6.0 Common compilation error hints with solutions

This article mainly introduces some error prompts that are often encountered in the process of compiling vc++6.0, and gives the error reason and analysis, need friend Karki reference under (1) Error c2001:newline in constant Item No: C2001A

VC6.0 Common compilation error hints _c language

(1) Error c2001:newline in constant Item No: C2001A newline occurs in a constant.Error Analysis:1.① string constants, Word constants quantity, whether there is a newline.2.② in this statement, whether the tail of a string constant misses double

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