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"The email cannot be sent to the SMTP server. The transfer error code is 0 × 80040217. The Transport Error code was 0 × 80040217. The server

{{}{} // mail title Public String subject {{}{} // email body Public String body {{}{} // server address (name) Public String host {{}{} // sender's username Public String username {{}{} // sender's password Public String password {{}{} // Email attachmentPublic String File{Get{Return m_file;}Set{M_file = value;}}# Endregion /**//// /// Send an email/// /// Public bool send (){Try{// Obtain all recipient addressesChar [] CH = {','};String [] address = m_to.split (CH );Mailaddresscoll

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [2662], [0], [1106971], [0], [1107731], [12583040]

activation ID 1776465391 (0x69e2b5ef)Thread 1 opened at log sequence 1 Current log# 1 seq# 1 mem# 0: /u01/app/oracle/ORAC1/onlinelog/o1_mf_1_9r1www7g_.log Current log# 1 seq# 1 mem# 1: /u01/app/oracle/fast_recovery_area/ORAC1/onlinelog/o1_mf_1_9r1wwwdz_.logSuccessful open of redo thread 1MTTR advisory is disabled because FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET is not setFri Jun 06 11:07:26 2014SMON: enabling cache recoveryErrors in file /u01/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/o

Wuhan University of Science and Technology acm:1008:0 starting point algorithm 58--the problem of open light

- { -a[j]=0; - } - } in } - } to for(i=1; i) + { - if(a[i]==1) the { *sum++; $ }Panax Notoginseng } -printf"%d\n", sum); the } + } A return 1; the}Other code:1#include 2 using namespacestd;3

Wuhan University of Science and technology acm:1008:0 start-up algorithm 64--matrix

} + } -i=lastx+1; thej=lasty; *State=1; $ Break;Panax Notoginseng Case 1: - for(; ii) the { + if(a[i][j]==0) A { thea[i][j]=k+1; +++K; -lastx=i; $lasty=J; $ } - } -I=Lastx; thej=lasty-1; -State=2;Wuyi Break; the Case 2: - for(; j>=

1008 ----- algorithm notes ---------- 0-1 knapsack problem (Dynamic Programming)

1.问题描述   给定n种物品和一个背包,物品i的重量是wi,其价值为vi,背包的容量为C。问:应该如何选择装入背包的物品,使得装入背包中物品的总价值最大? 2.问题分析   上述问题可以抽象为一个整数规划问题,即求满足 (a)Σwixi≤ C;(b)xi ∈(0,1), 1≤i≤n;条件下,∑vixi最大时的一个物品xi序列。分析问题可以发现,该问题具有最优子结构性质,那么就可以尝试用动态规划方法求解,而动态规划求解的关键就是列出问题的递归关系表达式。   设m(i,j)为背包容量为j,可选物品为i,i+1,...n时0-1背包问题的最优质,那么可有如下递归式:   m(i,j) ={max( m(i+1, j), m(i+1, j-wi)+vi);  j>=wi;    { m(i+1, j);               j 要求的是m(1,c),此时问题就转化为填充m数组的问题了,以n = 5, c = 10, w[] = {2,2,6,5,4},v[] = {6,3,5,4,6},填

IOS8 Troubleshooting get Location Coordinate information error (Error Domain=kclerrordomain code=0) (GO)

Title: IOS8 Troubleshoot getting location coordinate information error (Error Domain=kclerrordomain code=0)A few days ago solved the problem of unable to use the address location service on the iOS8, recently debugging on the simulator found to obtain location coordinates information will be

Built-in paid Inapp purchase and error Domain=skerrordomain code=0 "Cannot connect to ITunes Store" error

) { //purchase successfully add money and other Items NSLog (@ "purchased:%@", purchasedfeature);} oncancelled:^{/* purchase Cancel to do the corresponding operation or do nothing/}]; Buliding found an arc error and then modified it in targets-> buldphases to modify the related file attribute to-fobjc-arc altogether

IOS8 solves an Error in obtaining Location Coordinate information (Error Domain = kCLErrorDomain Code = 0) and ios8kclerrordomain

IOS8 solves an Error in obtaining Location Coordinate information (Error Domain = kCLErrorDomain Code = 0) and ios8kclerrordomain Recently, debugging on The simulator found that an Error will be reported when obtaining The Location Coordinate information.

VMware Workstation hint package may be wrong, error code 29141 & Prompt Unrecoverable error: (vcpu-0)

Issue One: Prompt package may be wrong, error code 29141Changed n versions (VMware Workstation 10, 11, 12), downloaded n times, all prompt for the error (29141), obviously the package is right Ah,At first, it was suspected that my operating system was win 10, but it was possible for anyone to see the Internet;Really installed into the suspect life ....Problem one

The error code of ajax requests is 0.

The error code of ajax requests is 0. When ajax is used to request data from the background today, an error occurs, prompting that the status code is 0. The background adopts the spring mvc Architecture. What does the status

Linux MySQL5InnoDB system error code 0

sequence number in ibdata files does not matchInnoDB: the log sequence number in the ib_logfiles!100903 0:10:21 InnoDB: Database was not shut down normally!InnoDB: Starting crash recovery.InnoDB: Reading tablespace information from the. ibd files...InnoDB: Restoring possible half-written data pages from the doublewriteInnoDB: buffer...InnoDB: Error: tried to read 557056 bytes at offset

Android (OpenCV) NDK development: 0 xdeadbaad (code = 1) error and disable armeabi and libn

1. After OpenCV is transplanted to android, an error occurs during development: android fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0 xdeadbaad (code = 1 ). some people say that AsyncTask is used in the program. It happens that it is actually used in my program. However, after careful research, it is found that if the error is: andro

Error Code: 1318. Incorrect number of arguments for PROCEDURE student. new_procedure; expected 0, got, procedure

Error Code: 1318. Incorrect number of arguments for PROCEDURE student. new_procedure; expected 0, got, procedure 1. Error description 13: 58: 20 call new_procedure ('20160301', 'hangsan') Error Code: 2000. Incorrect number of

0*000000D1 analysis and solution of blue screen error code in Win7 system

Win7 System blue screen error code 0*000000d1 What's going on here? Meet this problem, small partners don't be impatient oh, to see how the fate of small edit how to operate it! Blue screen error code 0*000000d1 has the following

Solution to 0 × 00000005 error code when QQ is opened in Win7

Solution to 0 × 00000005 error code when QQ is opened in Win7 Recently, when a friend used Windows 7 to Open QQ to prepare for online chat, the system prompts "Initialization failure: 0 × 00000005". As a result, the user cannot log on to the chat normally and other software cannot be opened, what's going on? This may

Form submission is AJAX submission, PC submission is no problem but mobile submission will always jump to error, and no status code has been 0

You're so stupid. Button Label He will automatically submit a refresh pageformID= "Baoming_from"> P>Please fill in your personal informationP> ul> Li>label>Namenbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Name:label>inputtype= "text"name= "Name"myattr= "Name"maxlength= "5">Li> Li>label>Contact Phone:label>inputtype= "text"name= "Phone"myattr= "Contact Phone"maxlength= "One">Li> Li>Buttonvalue= "Registration"class= "Baoming_btn">Application

Solution: Unable to initialize Windows Sockets interface, error code 0

Today, Fu said that her computer suddenly failed to connect to the network. I am also blind to cross the river. Ping and prompt unable to initialize Windows Sockets interface, error code 0. The problem lies in the failure of socket initialization. She said that it was still good yesterday, but it took n minutes to start the system today ~~~ Go back

PHP log error exited with code 0 after seconds from start

Because 502 has occurred before, the log prompt [27-may-2015 13:54:34] WARNING: [Pool www] seems busy (you could need to increase pm.start_servers, or pm.min/max_spare_servers), spawning Ren, there is all idle, and 602 total children Then I arbitrarily added the pm.start_servers parameter, after some time, the PHP log/usr/local/php/var/log/php-fpm.log part of the information as follows: [27-may-2015 15:13:48] NOTICE: [Pool www] child 3998 started [27-may-2015 15:13:59] NOTICE: [Pool www]

GetLastError error code! 0---999

-Operation completed successfully.-Function error.-The system cannot find the specified file.-The specified path cannot be found.-The file cannot be opened by the system.-Access denied.-The handle is invalid.-The storage control block is damaged.The command cannot be processed because the storage space is insufficient.-The storage control block address is invalid.-Environment error.-Try to load a program wi

Win7 panic after the blue screen, error code 0*000000D1

It's a depressing thing that happens to a friend, is playing computer, suddenly panic, press what is not the spirit, finally forced to mandatory restart the computer, did not expect more depressing things appeared, this time actually direct blue screen, gave me the error code: 0*000000D1. In fact, to solve the win7 blue screen

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