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PHP Error Reporting settings are always invalid

win8.1+apache2.4+php5.6.11 Set in Php,ini error_reporting = E_all Display_errors = On However, the Web browser always does not display an error message when it is actually running. The Error.log file in Apache has a record of error messages:

Apache Study notes (Experience)

Http:// 01. General Settings# 02. Virtual Host# 03. + Alias# 04..htaccess# 05.Log# 06.URL Rewrite# 07. Other####### #01. General Settings# Listen# Listening Port, example: Listen 80#

Apache Learning Notes

Apache Study Notes (experience)Http:// 01. General Settings# 02. Virtual Host# 03. + Alias# 04..htaccess# 05.Log# 06.URL Rewrite# 07. Other####### #01. General Settings# Listen# Listening

PHP Security Programming: Do not let unrelated people see the error message

There is no mistake developers, PHP error Reporting can help you to identify and locate these errors, can provide a detailed description of these errors, but if the malicious attackers see, this is not good. It is important not to let the public see

PHP Security-error report

The error reporting function of PHP will help you identify and locate errors. These detailed descriptions provided by PHP may also be seen by malicious attackers. Make the public unable to see the error message... Error Report No developer will

Apache MySQL PHP configuration file Chinese translation detailed

Apache configuration file httpd.conf Chinese detailed## The configuration file based on the NCSA server is written by Rob McCool, Longzi translation## Apache Server master configuration file. Includes directory settings for server directives.# More

PHP Security Configuration _php Basics

One, CGI mode installation security Second, the Apache module to install security When PHP is installed as an Apache module, it inherits the privileges of the Apache user (usually "nobody"). This has some impact on security and authentication. For

Five suggestions on PHP security

The combination of Chinese and English is really good. I have previously reposted my summary of PHP security programming. Some people say it's an old growth talk. This time, let's look at the works of foreign friends. According to the latest survey,

PHP Security: 5 tips on how to improve the security of PHP sites

Tip 1: Use the appropriate error reporting Generally in the process of website development, many web programmers always forget to make bug reports, which is a huge mistake, because proper error reporting is not only the best debugging tool, but also

Several practical points for creating high-security PHP sites

As you all know, PHP is already the most popular Web application programming language in the present. But also, like other scripting languages, PHP has several very dangerous security vulnerabilities. So in this tutorial, we'll look at a couple of

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