error sort not declared in scope

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A question of JavaScript about variable scope

Shinejaie Original, reproduced please indicate the source. Last night in an Exchange group saw a netizen raised a question to ask questions for help. Just as I saw it, I thought about it and thought it would be helpful to understand the scope of

Hiding time and time

Hiding time and time The following code is written by a student for the Project 3 time class in object of first cognition. But the error is a bit strange. He asked for help in the QQ group. # Include using namespace std; class Time {public: void

A lot of useful things in "go" javascript

Original: you for this good article from the Broken Wolf, as well as the authors who wrote these points of knowledge

ANGULARJS Development Guide 4: An explanation of the instructions

Directives are one of the techniques we use to extend browser capabilities. During DOM compilation, the instructions associated with the HTML element are detected and executed. This allows the instruction to specify the behavior for the DOM, or to

2017 common 50-way Java Foundation Questions collation (with answer)

1, scope public,private,protected, and the difference when not writtenA : the difference is as follows:2, Anonymous Inner Class (anonymous inner Class) can extends (inherit) other classes, whether you can implements (implement) interface

Python automated shipping Koriyuki 22, JAVAScript

First, IntroductionJavaScript is a programming language, the browser has built-in JavaScript interpreter, so in the browser according to the JavaScript language rules to write the corresponding code, the browser can explain and make corresponding

Java Face Test Book-Basic aspects

Java Fundamentals:1, scope public,private,protected, and the difference when not writtenA: The difference is as follows:Scope Current class same package descendant class other packagePublic√√√√Protected√√√xFriendly√√xxPrivate√xxxDefault to friendly

C ++ (4): variables and variables

C ++ (4): variables and variables Local variable Variables defined in a function are internal variables, which are valid only within the scope of the function. That is to say, they can only be used in this function, and cannot be used outside of

12 How to use the decorator decorator in the step into the door python

An adorner (decorator) is an advanced Python syntax. Adorners can be used to process a function, method, or class. In Python, we have several methods for working with functions and classes, such as in Python closures, where we see the function

JavaScript closures!

JavaScript Internal principle Series-closures (Closures) OverviewThis article will cover a topic that JavaScript often discusses-closures (closure). Closures are already a commonplace topic, and there are a lot of articles that cover the contents of

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