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Mom never had to worry about spiders being blocked! Teach you how to build a cookie pool

Many times, in the case of crawling without login, we can also access some of the pages or request some interfaces, because after all, the site itself needs to do SEO, will not set the login restrictions on all pages.However, there are some

IE Problem Collection _ registration Form

When you drive your beloved IE dash on the internet, suddenly a mysterious warning box pops up on the desktop, followed by all IE windows closed, or anyway click on the link, ie always has no response ... These malfunctions are disturbing and

Nginx + Tomcat + Memcached server load balancer cluster service construction

: This article mainly introduces how to build the Nginx + Tomcat + Memcached server load balancer cluster service. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. Reprinted please indicate the source:

Oracle 11g Database Detailed

Common exceptions:ORA-14025: Cannot specify partition for a solid view or a solid view logOra-14026:partition and cluster clauses repel each otherORA-14027: Only one partition clause can be specifiedORA-14028: Missing at or values

Win8 Flash version is too low to install what to do

Adobe Flash has recently been active, updating recommended reminders for Win7 and Win8. Adobe Flash Such a system plug-in tool, users may be directly exposed to a few hours of time, but its function is always accompanied by users. For the WIN8

The principle of Nginx parsing PHP | The relationship between CGI, FastCGI and PHP-FPM

Nginx parses the principles of PHP, cgi/fastcgi and php-fpm relationships.First, the scene that Php+nginx came into being.With the development of the Internet, the user accepts a wide range of this, the increase in data flow makes the web end of the

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