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OpenGL ES programming guide for iOS Chapter 2

Document directory 2.2.1. client-server model 2.2.2. OpenGL ES depends on the key function libraries of specific platforms 2.2.3. commands can be executed asynchronously. 2.2.4. commands can be executed in sequence 2.2.5. parameters will be

Android OpenGL ES development tutorial Summary

  Android OpenGL ES development tutorial (1): IntroductionAndroid OpenGL ES development tutorial (2): About OpenGL ESAndroid OpenGL ES development tutorial (3): OpenGL ES pipeline (pipeline)Android OpenGL ES development tutorial (4): OpenGL es api

[Database] ramble on Elasticsearch about ES performance tuning a few things to know (turn)

Elasticsearch is now the technology frontier Big Data Engine, the common combination has Es+logstash+kibana as a set of mature log system, in which Logstash is the ETL tool, Kibana is the data analysis display platform. Es Amazing is his strong

Using VB to solve the source code of Huarong Road problem

Solve | problem | Source code global variable definition Type hrdstate ' Huarong Road Chess representation Current position of 12 pieces on the state (1 to) as Long ' chessboard Superid as Long ' the position number of the chessboard, 0

Android Audio Development (7): Using the OpenSL ES API (bottom)

This article is the seventh article in my "Android Audio development" series, the previous article generally describes the basic overview of the Android OpenSL ES API, which tells you what the framework has, what you can do, and what you can't do.

/Lgc graphic rendering/OpenGL ES Overview

OpenGL ES Overview Author: Liu Peng Date: 2009-05-10This article gives a comprehensive introduction to OpenGL ES, including the origin, main versions and features of OpenGL ES, and the main differences between OpenGL ES and OpenGL.

ES, PES, PS, and TS Bitstream

Key Concepts: ES: es--elementary Streams (Raw stream) is a data stream that comes directly from the encoder, which can be an encoded video data stream (H.264,mjpeg, etc.), an audio data stream (AAC), or other encoded data stream collectively. After

3rd. ES documentation and fault handling

3rd. ES documentation and fault handlingOne, ES network configuration tableThe ES Network configuration table is a list of the hardware and software components of ES. The ES network configuration often includes the following items:Grading

Bada development: OpenGL ES 2.0 program to create simple 3D graphics

We look forward to consumers' active attention to bada, a brand new mobile gaming platform, because the powerful graphic API can implement 2D and 3D graphics. Programs that benefit from 3D graphics APIs include games, map visualization, user

OpenGL ES learning notes (2) & mdash; smooth coloring, adaptive width and height, and 3D image generation, es learning notes

OpenGL ES learning notes (II)-smooth coloring, adaptive width and height, and 3D image generation, es learning notes First, I declare that this article is the author's note on learning OpenGL ES Application Development Practice Guide (Android

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