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How to join a Ubuntu to Windows Domain

MY Testing Environment:Windows Server R2 Essentials:With AD and standalone DC in one single box.Ubuntu:Ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-amd64Basically, I was following Jack's awsome blog to do

CQRS (Command query separation of responsibilities) and EDA (event-driven architecture)

Reprint CQRS (Command query separation of duties) and EDA (event-driven architecture)Previous: "IDDD realization Domain driven design-soa, REST and hexagon Architecture"Read the catalogue: cqrs-Command query separation of duties

NET-ELK Monitoring scheme

NET ELK Monitoring Solution background is not much to say, who does not have a few ten systems running AH. How to monitor the health of these dozens of systems, for non-operators, too much TM.The background

Start with Spring Cloud and talk about the path to microservices architecture practices

"Editor's words" with the rapid development of the company's business volume, the challenges faced by the platform are far greater than the business, the demand is increasing, the number of technical personnel increased, the complexity of the face

Safety Test ===sqlmap (one) reprint

Vi.. OptimizationThese parameters can optimize the performance of the Sqlmap.1. One-click OptimizationParameter:-OAdding this parameter is equivalent to adding the following three optimization parameters at the same time: --keep-alive --

Unable to export certificates as personal information exchange-PKCS #12 (. pfx) File Format

Http:// Topicid = 5343 & posts = 6 we are using Windows 2003 certificate authorities, and we are unable to export certificates. pfx, our only options

Mesh denoising algorithm (two-step framework)

The two-step-based mesh denoising algorithm, as its name implies, consists of two steps: First, filter the normal direction of the mesh surface, get the adjusted grid method to the information, and then update the vertex coordinate position

JS Advanced Programming Fourth Chapter Summary

variables, scope, and memory issuesThe ES variable contains values, base types, and reference types for two different data types.There are five basic types: Undefined, Null, Boolean, Number, String. A reference type is an object that is saved in

DNS Cache Security

About CacheHow can this problem be solved?DNSSnoopyAbout Cache Cache poisoning attackers inject illegal network domain name addresses to the DNS server. If the Server accepts this illegal address, the cache is attacked, in addition, in the future,

VoIP in-depth: An Introduction to the SIP protocol, Part 1-2

Document directory Registering multiple user devices The via header, forking, loop prevention An example using proxies User location Let's step out of the SIP layers and see what we have so far: using the layers, we can now create and receive

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