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Introduction to EGL

From: Http:// Chapter 2 EGL Interface EGL is an interface between OpenGL ES and the underlying native platform Windows system. This chapter mainly describes the egl api of

Operating system experiment Seven: Interruption test experiment of protection mode

My understanding of the interruption:Interruption, as the name implies, is in the face of special circumstances, to stop what is currently being done, to do other (according to special circumstances, pre-designed) things, after the completion (and

Usage of multibytetowidechar and widechartomultibyte (transferred from sauce jar)

Multibytetowidechar and widechartomultibyte ======================================================== // Title: // Usage of multibytetowidechar and widechartomultibyte // Author: // Norains // Date: // First version: Monday 25-December-2006 //

Usage of multibytetowidechar and widechartomultibyte

  --// ================================================ ========================================// Title:// Usage of multibytetowidechar and widechartomultibyte// Author:// Norains// Date:// First version: Monday 25-December-2006// Supplemental

Use multibytetowidechar and widechartomultibyte to convert between short and wide characters

1. Usage Details At the beginning of this article, we will briefly describe what short and wide characters are.The so-called short character is represented by 8 bits. The typical application is ASCII code. the wide character, as its name implies,

Operating system Experiment Four experiment report _ Operating system

Experiment IV: Kernel thread management Exercise 1: Allocate and initialize a Process control block First, take a look at some of the more important data structures, the process control blocks defined in kern/process/proc.h and the interrupt frames

Basic knowledge of android graphics

  AndroidGDI basic framework The concepts and Code involved in Android are the most complex, that is, the Code related to GDI. But in essence, in terms of abstraction, so many codes and frameworks do one thing: the operation and management of the

Basic concepts of shader and program Programming

I. Concerns in this article: • Introduction to Shader and program objects• Create and compile a shader object• Create and link a program object• Obtain and set the uniforms• Get and set attributes In OpenGL ES, each program object has only one

"Write your own operating system" chapter sixth: from the system kernel to process a ring0>>ring1 (a)

Absrtact: Process scheduling is one of the most important parts of the operating system, in this paper, we mainly explain the process model, the data structure involved, how to go from the kernel state to the user process. This section mainly

Comprehensive application of 5-rtp packet Removal Process for SIP and RTP

The RTP receiving part is relatively simple (you do not need to consider jitterbuffer and so on). Start with here. In fact, there are three steps: 1. Create a UDP listener, such as 5200. 2. After receiving the RTP package, send it to the unpacking

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