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Vulnerability warning: Tomcat exposure to the local right to exploit the vulnerability

Tomcat on October 1 exposed the local right to claim loopholes cve-2016-1240. With only low privileges for tomcat users, attackers can exploit this vulnerability to gain root access to the system. And the vulnerability is not very difficult to use,

Apache httpd + Tomcat Simple cluster

The cluster is actually very simple, let's say what parts of the Httpd+tomcat cluster should be aware of:First things to use

Tomcat startup memory settings

    Tomcat startup memory settings   The initial space (-XMS) is 1/64 of the physical memory, and the maximum space (-xmx) is 1/4 of the physical memory. You can use options such as-xmn-XMS-xmx provided by JVM.SetIii. Example:Java_opts =

Parse Tomcat's startup script--catalina.bat_tomcat

Overview The three most important startup scripts for Tomcat: Startup.bat Catalina.bat Setclasspath.bat We analyzed the Startup.bat script in the last article. Let's analyze the Catalina.bat script in this article. As for

Linux regularly cuts tomcat logs and deletes log records before a specified number of days

Ystem.out and System.err are printed to catalina.out. Catalina.out will not rotate. Generally after the deployment of Tomcat, run for a long time, the Catalina.out file will be more and more large, the stability of the system has caused a certain

Tomcat-generated session persisted to MySQL

Telling Tomcat to save session records in MySQLThis section is excerpted from MySQL cookbook 3th. Specific content do not translate, haha, lazyThe default Tomcat default session storage mechanism uses temporary files. To saveSessions using JDBC with

Enable Access Logs in JBoss 7 and tomcat--go

JBoss 7 is slightly different than earlier version JBoss 5 or 6. The procedure to enable access logs in JBoss 7 are also changed and you must being familiar on how to enable access logs in JB OSS 7. Go to Jboss/standalone/configuration

How to set automatic restart for tomcat in windows

Set automatic restart for green tomcat in windowsTo download tomcat, you must download the bin \ service.batfile and the tomcat.exe file.First, tomcat startup. bat in F: \ apache-tomcat-6.0.36 \ bin can be automatically started. To start tomcat, you

Tomcat Service App

Transferred from: is a service application that enables Tomcat 8 to be run as a Windows service.Tomcat Monitoring Apptomcat8w is a GUI application that monitors and configures

Set Tomcat auto-start in Linux

1. Environment Red Hat Enterprise Linux es Release 4Tomcat5.5Jdk1.6   2. Setup steps (root user login) 1) copy/tomcat_home/bin/Catalina. Sh to/etc/rc. d/init. d. In/etc/rc. d/init. d/Catalina. Sh #! /Bin/sh#-------------------------------------------

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