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OpenGL ES learning notes (2) & mdash; smooth coloring, adaptive width and height, and 3D image generation, es learning notes

OpenGL ES learning notes (II)-smooth coloring, adaptive width and height, and 3D image generation, es learning notes First, I declare that this article is the author's note on learning OpenGL ES Application Development Practice Guide (Android

[OpenGL ES 05] relative space transformation and color

ArticleDirectory 2. Use color 3. Smooth coloring 4. Remove the backend V. Summary Vi. References [OpenGL ES 05] relative space transformation and color Luo chaohui ( This article follows

Android OpenGL ES 0 Basic Series (iii): OpenGL es rendering Pipeline and VertexShader and Fragmentshader

ObjectiveIn the first 2 articles, we all talked about shaders, and in the second it was formally said that this shader can only be used in programmable pipelines such as OpenGL es2.x, but not in OpenGL es1.x. But we haven't been saying why, what's

[OpenGL ES 03] 3D Transformation: model, view, projection, and viewport

ArticleDirectory Preface I. 3D mathematical history 2. Matrix Transformation 3. Implementation in OpenGL Iv. Projection Transformation 5. View Transformation Vi. Postscript 7. Reference [OpenGL ES 03] 3D

OpenGL ES Shader language statements and structures (Official document sixth) built-in variables (Official document, chapter seventh to eighth)

Statements and structs for OpenGL es Shader language (Official document sixth chapter)The program block for the OpenGL es Shader language is basically composed of the following:Statements and declarationsfunction definitionSelect (If-else)Iterations

OpenGL ES tutorial III: Moving Transformation)

  OpenGL ES Tutorial for Android-Part III-Transformations January 1st, 2010 by Per-Erik Bergman-Android,Embedded Last tutorial was about building your polygons. this tutorial is all about transformations, how to move the polygons around. I will

Reproduced OpenGL es Shader language built-in function (Official document eighth chapter)

OpenGL ES coloring language defines a set of built-in convenience functions for scalar and vector operations. Some of the built-in functions can be used in multiple types of shaders, some for fixed hardware, so this part can only be used on a

Android OpenGL ES development tutorial (17): Projection Transformation projection

The previous modelview transformation is equivalent to placing the camera and adjusting the position and angle of the object to be photographed. The projection transformation corresponds to adjusting the camera lens distance to obtain the scene.

Cocos2d-x OpenGL ES World coordinate system

Many tutorials say that the cocos2d-x OpenGL ES World coordinate system origin is in the lower left corner, but as to why in the lower left corner no one has ever mentioned it, which leads most people to think that this is OpenGL ES's rule, in fact

Elasticsearch Learning methods and mapping of complex data types _elasticsearch

Overview Elasticsearch is a search server based on Lucene. The following abbreviation ES, the version is about 2.3. The ES version is more than 5.3, but many companies are not using the latest version, and so is my company. In the absence of contact

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