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Diagram of the basic architecture of ibm soa [ESB, BPM, portal, etc.]

Recently, the company has implemented SOA for a large number of heterogeneous systems. The product type is the WMB, BPM, portal, LDAP, and other technologies of IBM WebSphere products. Based on the specific description, I have drawn a system collaboration diagram with the help of guesses. If something is wrong, you are welcome to make a picture .... thank you. Detailed technical infrastructure of SOA I. bpm. The development tools mainly includ

Architecture Design: Inter-system Communication (40)-Self-designed ESB (1)

specifically introduced zookeeper, this topic does not explain the basic operation of zookeeper), if you have other functions in the actual work/ Technical requirements, you can also design the "Service State coordination module". In the process of business system integration, the role of ESB middleware is to make atomic service calls, transform data, invoke principle service calls, and re-convert between various business systems. Finally, the resu

Architecture Design: Inter-system Communication (43)-Self-designed ESB (4)

=============================="Architecture Design: Inter-system Communication (42)--DIY ESB (3)"5. Borker Server SelectionIn the previous three articles, we introduced the design of the top-level design of ESB middleware, introduced the main control service how to log collection and monitoring of multiple esb-brokers

Architecture Design: Inter-system Communication (34)-The deified ESB (UP)

1. OverviewStarting with this article, we will spend one to two chapters on the basic concepts of ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) technology to clarify the terminology of multiple and ESB technologies for readers. We will also explain to the reader in which case the ESB technology should be used. Next, in order to deepen the reader's intuitive understanding of

Enterprise implementation case of ESB Architecture

ArticleDirectory ESB quality attributes Element Scenario Element Scenario Element Scenario Original address: This article describes the practical application of the ESB architecture in the enterprise, including the design and case of the ESB

Architecture Design: Inter-system Communication (35)-The deified ESB (bottom)

(Next: Architecture Design: Inter-system Communication (34)-The deified ESB (UP))2-4. ESB and version controlThe process of system integration in enterprises, there are many non-technical factors caused by the change. It is possible that a call function A, which has been able to function normally, is suddenly not available on one day. The technical team and the b

ESB-Oriented Architecture: a wrong way to adopt SOA

Introduction More and more customers are often asked to complete projects that do not use SOA at all, but to implement the Enterprise Service Bus (BUS,ESB) architecture only. This type of ESB-oriented architecture is not difficult, but its success is hard to conclude. Customers who require such projects are not aware o

Shuttle ESB (II)-architecture model Introduction

. To ensure that servicea can run normally, serviceb must be available at the same time before servicea can run properly. This is a highly space-time coupling. On the contrary, if servicea does not have serviceb and can still run normally, this is a low space-time coupling.An asynchronous web-service call is an example of high space-time coupling. Now you may have doubts: In a use case, servicea and serviceb services are required. So, how do they do it separately?The answer is: Use a queue for

ESB Architecture Model

ESB Architecture Model ESB is the intermediary between the client that calls the service and the provider of the service. It is responsible for handling the connection tasks between them, thus simplifying the client and the provider. IBM standards and opennessSource codeVice President Robert Sutor described in his blog eight defining principles that must be embo

Software architecture Introduction and use case diagram, activity diagram, Sequence diagram top-down design

interaction between different objects. This interaction typically manifests itself as a series of messages between different objects.Component diagrams help visualize the high-level structure of a software system.A class diagram describes an object in an application system. This description does not refer to any particular implementation of the system itself.A hierarchy diagram is used to describe the logi

Java exception architecture diagram and several interview questions, java architecture diagram questions

Java exception architecture diagram and several interview questions, java architecture diagram questions 1. java exception Architecture The pink ones are checked exceptions, which must be captured by the try {} catch Block or declared by the throws clause in the method sign

General network architecture and work experience proxy problem architecture Imagine diagram

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" capture. PNG "width=" 556 "height=" 218 "border=" 0 "hspace=" 0 "vspace=" 0 "style=" width:556px;height:218px; "alt=" Wkiol1defw-zaadkaadjefpgzta173.png "/>Just met a walk agent to visit the customer set up in the intranet 17.x.x.x site users, the DMZ request to go our agent, think about, probably network architecture diagram650) this.width=650

Chapter One: The overall architecture diagram of high-performance Web macro-architecture

The next few blog posts, bring you a simpler macro-architecture and detailed implementation of the deployment of the tutorial, no figure no JB----> The above cluster environment is briefly described as follows (2 represents the number of services or software, i.e. there are multiple identical services): 1, Nginx reverse proxy server (NGINX2, Keepalived2, yum source 1): The user all requests through the Nginx reverse proxy to distribute, and reali

Android interview-architecture diagram of the Android system and introduction to the simple system architecture

Android adopts a hierarchical architecture like its operating system. From the structural diagram, Android is divided into four layers: application layer, application framework layer, system Runtime Library layer, and Linux core layer. Android Architecture 1. ApplicationsAndroid is released together with a series of core application packages, including email cli

Java Technical Architecture Diagram

)JMS (Java Information Service) and WebService (Web Service)JCA (Java Connection System) and JMS (Java Management System) Application Server (jbossas/WebLogic/WebSphere) 5. Javaee System Architect Cloud-Oriented Architecture (COA)COA, SAAS, grid computing, cluster computing, distributed computing, and cloud computing Resource-Oriented Architecture (ROA)ROA and Resi Web Service-Oriented

Java Technology Architecture Diagram

Management System)Application Server (Jbossas/weblogic/websphere)Java EE System ArchitectCloud-based (COA) COA, SaaS, Grid computing, cluster computing, distributed computing, cloud-oriented resource architecture (ROA) Roa, RESI Web Service Architecture (SOA) WebService, SOA, SCA, ESB, OSGI, EAI Java Design Patterns Creation Mode: Abstract Factory/Builder/factor

Interface-oriented Programming technology architecture diagram

What did the project do not draw the architecture diagram, this time was asked to draw, painting is very ugly, please see the diagram itself contains the system architecture informationFirst, the overall diagram of the architecture

(reprint) Diagram of the system architecture of Linux Systems

represent the pipeline, and also to explain or | meaning through the shell. The shell then passes the system tune and uses the command core to implement specific redirects or pipelines. Before the graphical interface, the shell acts as the user's interface, and when the user wants to run certain apps, the shell enters commands to run the program. The shell is programmable, and it can execute text that conforms to the shell syntax. This text is called a shell script. You can see in the

How to read the system architecture diagram of a Web service

number of users after the growth of the record is 1.3 billion, we sorted according to the size of the ID, divided into several ID tables, tens of millions of IDs per table, so that the size of a single table is the GB level-memory is sufficient.In either case, we need an index server to do the mapping of the application server and the data server.So now our architecture is:The description of this article is up to here, and I believe it will be very e

Why do I need architecture diagram, how to draw?

Technorati Tags: architecture diagram, architecture, communication, layoutUnconsciously in the architect has been 4 years, the initial feeling is just a name, no longer the code as a mandatory task, and then began to slowly change the work content. Drawing, became my main work. I may not be writing code every day, but I am drawing every day, and I feel more and m

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