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Arcgis api for flex advanced topic (I) Research on esri tilemap quad-Tree Index

Arcgis api for flex advanced topic (I) Research on esri tilemap quad-Tree Index Esri tilemap is different from google map's four-tree index. Google map is divided into four parts during the first split, but esri tilemap is only divided into two parts, which is equivalent The third and fourth quadrant charts do not exist. Only () is displayed. The integration of m

Color signed file for various industries and fields [ESRI mapping center]

To make beautiful and professional maps more quickly and efficiently, ESRI mapping center collects and organizes color bands suitable for specific fields and industries, and creates symbol files respectively, the following is a preview of the Color symbol file: 1. color bands applicable to desert environments: 2. color bands suitable for terrain and landform: 3. Applicable to water color bands: 4. Applicable color bands for water dynamics (flow

Leaflet Integrating ESRI

This demo integrates leaflet with ESRI with PROJ4JS and adds support for Clusteredfeaturelayer.DownloadHTML>Head> MetaCharSet=utf-8/> title>Esri leaflet Quickstarttitle> Metaname= ' viewport 'content= ' Initial-scale=1,maximum-scale=1,user-scalable=no '/> Linkrel= "stylesheet"href= "Leaflet/leaflet.css" /> Linkrel= "stylesheet"type= "Text/css"href= "Leaflet/markercluster.css" /> Scripttype= "Tex

Bing Maps development extension 3: rendering esri shp space data in Bing Maps

As a universal development platform, both Silverlight and JavaScript APIs can render map data of other vendors. This article uses rendering esri shp format map data as an example, describes in detail how to render Esri SHP Map data on Bing Map Silverlight Control. Because BMSC does not have the corresponding data reading API, it needs to use third-party open-source components to read SHP, and the data is pr

Official download address of arcgis10.1 ESRI Chinese edition

Arcgis10.1 official version of ESRI Http:// ArcGIS 10.1 SP1 (desktop, engine, server)-Chinese Version Problems fixed in this patch Installation instructions Download the installation package Installation Steps•Install on Windows•Install on Linux/Solaris Install this patch package-Language Pack on Linux How to determine the patch pack that has been installed Patch upgrade Get help Problems fixed i

[Highlights of the 2014 Esri Developer Conference] New Features of ArcGIS 10.2.2 Native development products [II]

The Esri global Developer Conference in 2014 has brought many surprises to developers. The entire Runtime team has done a lot of work around Native development. Euan, product manager of ArcGIS Runtime team, said that Native apps generally refer not only to Phone devices, but also to tablet, laptop, desktop, and even embedded devices. To enable developers to better develop native applications on different platforms,

Esri: Injecting new meaning into web GIS

business model unchanged, we can break the barriers of collaboration between departments, and shift from departmental collaboration to a new type of organization and collaborative relationship centered on Web GIS, making collaboration easier.WEB GIS has created a new type of shared communication mechanism. GIS applications are simpler and more convenient for users throughout the organization, and even the public, to access and use the GIS anytime, anywhere, with multiple devices.WEB GIS has als

Symbol of ESRI flex API

Go to: Symbol of ESRI flex API Symbol is a class library used to re-display the geographic element Rendering Method on a map. (Symbols are used to represent "geometries" on the map) is very important in practical applications. Using good-looking styles can undoubtedly add many highlights to your system, of course, the customer looks quite comfortable. View the introduction in the official help

ESRI ArcGIS for Server open Redirection Vulnerability (CVE-2014-5122)

ESRI ArcGIS for Server open Redirection Vulnerability (CVE-2014-5122) Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:ESRI ArcGIS for Server 10.1.1Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 69341CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2014-5122ArcGIS is a complete GIS platform product provided by Esri with over 40 years of consulting and R D experience in geographic informa

Arcobject developed, "Exceptions are in ESRI. ArcGIS.Version.dll "Error

An unhandled exception of type "System.dllnotfoundexception" is in ESRI. Occurs in ArcGIS.Version.dllAdditional information: Unable to load DLL "ArcGISVersion.dll": The specified module could not be found. (Exception from hresult:0x8007007e).Solution: You can change the project properties-build-target platform to x86.Reference articles1. I can't load DLL "ArcGISVersion.dll": The specified module could not be found. (Exception from hresult:0x8007007e)

An understanding of esri shp files

Author: Zhu Jincan Source: How to Understand esri shp files? A shp file is generally composed of three files: SHP file, DBF file, shx file, and prj file. . The SHP file records the coordinate location information of each graphic element. The DBF file records the feature information of each graphic element. Is a ing file associated with SHP and DBF. The prj file records the projection coordinate information used

ESRI for window Phone 7 (1) Load bingmap

I recently learned ESRI for Windows Phone 7 map development to improve myself. After a period of understanding and contact, we feel that map data is a huge backend support. In fact, development is a simple process, and most of the APIs can be done. At present, we know that the largest map companies include Google, Baidu, and bingmap. Their data is quite comprehensive and regularly and irregularly updated, I have heard of more than 10 thousand teams th

Using eclipse to develop the road of GIS-ESRI ArcGIS Development Introduction

Previous: Application of Eclipse to develop GIS road-application ArcIMS ADF for Java environment Configuration article "Http://" Detailed introduction of the configuration of the environment, this article on the introduction, simple demo production, and load a map, OK. Cut the crap, go on the road ... Open the Eclipse main interface and click to Esri ArcGIS Java to enter the main interface as follows:


"); string[] PARRAYFD = geodatabase. Getchilddatasets ("\ \", "Feature Dataset"); string[] pArrayFC2 = geodatabase. Getchilddatasets (Parrayfd[0], "Feature Class"); Currently, there is a problem with field aliases, Fielddefs is always null, and there is no field alias in FieldInformation. Guess it's missing out? This problem is a good solution, make a field comparison table, the export time can be. Looking at the demo, it seems that

ArcGIS Explorer, ESRI ...?

The original question is ArcGIS Explorer, ESRI's Google Earth? But I don't think it is appropriate. Explorer is an ancient concept. The new feature is ESRI's map service. You can overwrite your own map data and add your own functions (?) as a plug-in (?). In fact, we are more concerned with the publishing capability of Web Services on the server side (called arcweb services) and the development capability of such services, that is, whether this service can be used to develop our own products, wh

New Features of ESRI maps for office 2.0

ESRI maps for office is a map tool (add-ins) tailored by ESRI for Microsoft Office software. It helps business people create and share interactive maps directly in office software, the location analysis function can be added to Microsoft Office software to enable more users and organizations to enjoy the map and geospatial analysis functions. ESRI maps for office

Esri: Injecting new meaning into web GIS

reality for all the people in the organization. In concert with this, ESRI's flagship product, ArcGIS, has evolved and transformed over the years by a traditional GIS software that evolves and sublimated into a complete "next-generation Web GIS" platform that fully supports its construction model.What is the value of the application model of Web GIS to the organization? "Overall," said Sha Zhiyou, technical director of ESRI China, in an interview. Th

ESRI added support for OGC WMS

New functions included in ArcGIS 9 Service Pack 2 ESRI, a leader in the GIS software industry, recently announced the network plotting Service (WMS) supported by the Open Geospatial Alliance (ogctm) and ArcGIS 9 Service Pack 2) added new practical functions for clients and servers. In addition, ArcIMS contains an advanced WMS connector. Ogc wms is an Open GIS Standard Specification for interactive plotting. Generally, it is based on the information

ESRI symbol makeserverstyleset Solution

The ESRI legend library file is located in its installation directory./styles folder. Each styles file is an independent legend library. ArcGIS provides multiple legend libraries by default based on different types and applications. The *. Style File is the symbol library file used by ArcGIS Desktop and applications developed on the basis of ArcGIS Desktop. * The serverstyle file is a symbol library file provided to ArcGIS Engine and ArcGIS Server. Cu

The error "esri. config. defaults. io. proxyUrl has not been set" occurs when the element in the circle with a certain vertex radius is queried by ArcGIS API for Javascript. esriarcgis

The error "esri. config. defaults. io. proxyUrl has not been set" occurs when the element in the circle with a certain vertex radius is queried by ArcGIS API for Javascript. esriarcgis When Query is used, the following configuration is used: var queryTask = new esri.tasks.QueryTask(applicationModelOneSearchPOIURL); var query = new esri.tasks.Query(); query.geometry = geometry; query.outSpatialReference = map.spatialR

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