essentials of matlab programming

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Matlab programming and application series-General Arrangement for getting started with Matlab programming

This series of tutorials comes from the publication of the "Matlab-based programming basics and typical application books". If copyright concerns are involved, please contact [email protected]. Press: People's post and telecommunications press. The number of pages is 525. This series of tutorials is currently based on MATLAB r2006a and may differ from functions i

Matlab and C ++ mixed programming (dependent on OpenCV), and Matlab OpenCV

Matlab and C ++ mixed programming (dependent on OpenCV), and Matlab OpenCVMatlab and C ++ hybrid programming is actually to compile C ++ code into executable files and function interfaces that Matlab supports calling through Matlab's Mex tool. In this way, you can use the fu

"MATLAB" MATLAB programming Learning Notes "to be Continued" __ Programming

(...) MATLAB matrix format can be: [1,2\n3,4\n5,6\n], so in the programming of data generation, we can generate experimental data in this format, and then directly copied into MATLAB can be implemented matrix assignment. This makes it cumbersome to use file reads. Here is an M file that I wrote for the first time: The function is to read the formatted data from

Examples of mixed programming between VC and Matlab (the function of MATLAB 7.0 is converted to the. dll of Vc)

From First, it is a book called C language and Matlab interface: programming and examples. It mainly talks about how to call C-Mex functions from MATLAB ), it introduced that MATLAB is a fully functional integrated environment for

[MATLAB] C ++ and Matlab hybrid programming-previous

Recently, the project used a lot of knowledge about digital signal processing. Because this part is not very familiar with programming, and MATLAB provides a wide range of digital signal processing toolboxes, MATLAB has become a good choice. When trying to integrate the MATLAB program into C ++, I encountered many prob

Windows 64 + Matlab 64 MEX hybrid programming preliminary, Matlab MEX

Windows 64 + Matlab 64 MEX hybrid programming preliminary, Matlab MEX Description Matlab hybrid programming Download and install the Compiler Microsoft Windows SDK 71CC TDM-GCCgccg Select Compiler Compile a ccpp File Introductio

MATLAB and C/C + + mixed programming matlab Call the program

(int nlhs, Mxarray *plhs[],int NRHS, const mxarray *prhs[]){Double *indata;Double *outdata;int m,n;int i,j;INDATA=MXGETPR (Prhs[0]);M=mxgetm (Prhs[0]);N=MXGETN (Prhs[0]);Plhs[0]=mxcreatedoublematrix (M,n,mxreal);OUTDATA=MXGETPR (Plhs[0]);for (i=0;ifor (j=0;joutdata[j*m+i]=indata[(N-1-J) *m+i];}Of course, the use of MATLAB is not only a double type of the matrix, there are string types, sparse matrix, structure type matrix, and so on, and provide the

[Excellent] MATLAB hybrid programming-Part 1: called by other programming languages

folder we keep, so that there are two types of things in our file home: 1. MCR installer, 2. compiled program. Dong Guo of "deep dive into php7.x hybrid programming: " Release of compiled programs (focusing on dynamic link library files: Whether compiled into executable files or dynamic link libraries, MCR must be installed on the target computer to publish them to other computers without Matlab installati

Machine Learning-Overview of common matlab programming commands (NG-ml-class octave/MATLAB tutorial)

Machine Learning-Overview of common matlab programming commands -- Summary from ng-ml-class octave/MATLAB tutorial CourseraA. basic operations and moving data around1 in command line mode, you can use Shift + press enter to append the next line to output 2 length command to apply to the matrix, and return a higher one-dimensional dimension3 help + command is the

[MATLAB] C ++ and Matlab hybrid programming-DLL

C ++ is generated, the generated interface function also carries a function starting with mlx, that isBool mw_call_conv mlxplotdata (INT nlhs, mxarray * plhs [], int nrhs, mxarray * prhs [])However, another function does not contain MLF and is directlyVoid mw_call_conv plotdata (const mwarray rgbdata)Moreover, the input parameter is not an mxarray array, but an mwarray array, which is also the main difference in mixed programming of C and C ++ and

"MATLAB programming" MATLAB to get the computer recovered

] '; Setpref (' Internet ', ' E_Mail ', myaddress); Setpref (' Internet ', ' smtp_server ', ' '); Setpref (' Internet ', ' smtp_username ', myaddress); Setpref (' Internet ', ' Smtp_password ', mypassword);p Rops = Java.lang.system.getproperties;props.setproperty (' Mail.smtp.auth ', ' true '); subject = ' Computer thief '; obj = videoinput (' WinVideo ');%h=preview (obj); set (GCF, ' visible ', ' off ')%set (H, ' visible ', ' on ') Start (obj);p ause (2); Photo=getsnapshot (obj); Im

Engine Operation Details for Mixed Programming of VC ++ and Matlab

Visual c ++ is one of the mainstream application development environments. The development environment is powerful and the development process is fast. In terms of scientific computing, function libraries are not rich enough, and it is inconvenient to read and display data graphs. MATLAB is a combination of numerical analysis, matrix computing, signal processing, and graphic display. It contains a large number of highly integrated functions for callin

Programming Method and Implementation of VC ++ and Matlab Interfaces

Programming Method and Implementation of VC ++ and Matlab Interfaces AbstractThis article introduces the features of VC ++ and MATLAB, discusses three methods of programming the MATLAB and VC ++ interfaces, and discusses in detail the methods and implementation pr

A Preliminary Study on the Mixed Programming of C/C ++ and Matlab

A Preliminary Study on the Mixed Programming of C/C ++ and Matlab ========================================================== ==================== % You are welcome to repost and respect originality. Therefore, please indicate the source for reprinting. % Http:// % This article is for the CSDN 2014 blog contest finals. Welcome to vote. % Click "Vote". After Ent

Matlab C Mixed Programming __ programming

Since the look of the code inside and some engineering needs to involve some MATLAB mixed programming, always want to see, the first one is to use C to write code, compiled by MATLAB call, which need to use the MEX function, A MEX program is a Dll,mex file written in accordance with a certain interface Specification (MTLAB), which can be either C or FORTRAN. This

On C + +: Good programming habits and programming essentials

get an object instance you need to getinstance through the interface. The disadvantage of the "a Hungry man-style" is that no code needs to be a,a created. The following is an improved singleton pattern, called "lazy-type":class A{ public: static A getInstance(); setup(){....}; private: A(); A(const A rsh); ...};A A::getInstance(){ static A a; return a;}"Lazy-getinstance" only if you really need a, the call to create a unique instance. Th

Mixed programming interface and application __linux of MATLAB and C + +

Original link: Original link: Matlab mixed programming interface and its application with C + + Absrtact: Matlab has a strong numerical calculation and analysis capabilities, and C/S is the most popular advanced p

A preliminary study on mixed programming of C + + and MATLAB

================================================================== % Welcome Reprint, Respect original, so reprint please indicate the source. % ======================= Split line below for text ================================ Matlab has a wealth of functions, simple programming. However, in some cases, MATLAB

Proficient in combined VC and Matlab programming (6)

Proficient in combined VC and Matlab programming (6)Author: Deng Ke Download source code Analysis of combined VC and Matlab programming Analysis on combined programming of VC and Matlab Analysis of combined VC and

Hybrid programming of VC + + and MATLAB and its application

This paper describes how to use Matlab to realize the design and analysis of application system in vc++6.0 compiling environment, introduces the common methods of connecting Matlab with VC application, and analyzes the steps of mixed programming of VC and MATLAB, the most The application of the above method is introduc

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