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EWMA (exponentially Weighted moving Average) exponential weighted moving average

Original Bo: EWMA (exponentially Weighted moving Average) exponential weighted moving average is a commonly used sequence data processing method. At T-moment, EWMA (t) can be obtained

Inventory valuation process in ERP system

This article mainly uses sap as an example to describe the application of moving average method and standard price method in the material moving process of ERP system. The unit costs of various inventories of an enterprise may be different because

-php realization of trend forecast method

Trend Forecasting (Trend Forecast)/Trend Analysis (Trend method)   Overview of Trend forecasting Method Trend forecasting method is also called trend analysis method. Is the pattern of a function with a variable of time and a variable of time.

Algorithm inventory, engineering, production plan, and fixed asset calculation methods involved in ERP development

ArticleDirectory 1. Obtain the low-order material code. 2. One of the differences between material demand calculation ERP and MIS is the calculation of material requirements. I used to design a system, such as MIS or inventory

Time Series Analysis Method)

  The time series prediction method is an extended prediction of historical data, also known as the extended Prediction Method of history. It is a method of extending the process and regularity of social and economic phenomena reflected by the time

A cost-effective recommender system for taxi drivers

a recommendation system for the effective cost of taxi driversSummaryGPS technology and new forms of urban geography have changed the form of mobile services. For example, the rich GPs trajectory of taxis makes it possible to do a car rental in the

Software and Hardware Design of Software GPS

From the system and macro perspectives, after the application layer is stripped off, the work completed by the GPS receiver can be divided into three parts: signal measurement, data receiving, and geometric calculus.   Receiving data refers to

Solar and solar system planetary data

The sun, the central celestial body of the solar system, is the source of light and heat of the planet. It is an ordinary star in the Milky Way. It is located about 10 thousand seconds from the silver heart, about 8 seconds north of the silver road

Adaptive Background Mixture Models for real-time tracking

Real-time tracking of adaptive hybrid background model Chris stauffer W. e.l grimsonbob Kuo Translation: Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Zhangye City, Ma 02139 SummaryCommon methods for real-time

How to create a small and refined e-commerce website architecture?

This article outlines:1. Structure of small e-commerce website2. Log and monitor system solutions3. Building the master-slave architecture of the database4. Image server architecture based on shared storage5. Mobile m Station construction6. System

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