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What is an ET file? How to convert an ET file to a PDF file

What is the et file format? Most people may have met it, but few people have noticed it. When processing et files, for some reason, you need to convert the files in et format to PDF. What should we do? No partner can see how the following small

ET free accelerator question and answer summary

Q1: What is et? What's the role of ET? A1: The new ET can effectively reduce the game user's delay in the game, reduce the line off. High-quality computer room resources, efficient acceleration mode can effectively solve the netcom,

Epoll's LT and ET Modes

Man epoll The epoll event distribution interface is able to behave both as edge Triggered (ET) and level triggered (LT). The difference between etAnd Lt event distribution mechanic can be described as follows. Sup-Pose that this scenario happens: 1

Epoll's et and Lt Modes

The specific descriptions of ET and Lt are as follows: There are two types of epoll events:Edge triggered (ET)Level triggered (LT) For example:1. We have added a file handle (RFD) used to read data from the pipeline to the epoll descriptor.2. At

How does office software open files in et format?

How does office software open files in et format? WPS is a homemade office,wps table equivalent to Microsoft Office Excel, but using the WPS table produces a file format of ". et". If you have only Microsoft Office installed on your computer without

When et became an "unearthed relic" (People's post "Happy Travels" 46)

If the Atari 2600 is replaced by the iOS and Android Platform App Store, will adapt "et alien" results and the hand-travel scramble for IP into a sky-high price of the crazy link, will be the Atari rotten game tide and the current annual production

Epoll LT and et differences

Original post: the difference between the Select/epoll Select Features: Select when selecting a handle, is to traverse all the handles, that is, when the

Thoroughly learn to use Epoll (v) Considerations in--et Mode

thoroughly learn Epoll (v) Considerations in--et mode--lvyilong316 5.1 et mode read and write In the previous sections of the analysis, we can know that when the epoll work in the ET mode, for the read operation, if read does not read the data in

Reading and writing of Epoll under ET and LT

Epoll is the last extensible I/O event notification mechanism for Linux. There are two main modes of operation level triggered (LT) is triggered horizontally by default, that is, when a descriptor event is detected and notified to the application by

Analysis on the usage of "such as, for example, e.g., I. e., Etc., et al ."

During editing and processing of English papers, such as, for example, e. g., I. e., etc. And et al. Errors and obfuscation are often encountered. Here, we will give an example to analyze the meanings of these words and describe their correct usage.

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