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003 of ATLAS learning: new Atlas CTP and new release of the Atlas Control Toolkit!

Two exciting pieces of news: A new CTP is available for ASP. NET atlas. A new release of the Atlas Control Toolkit is up. What's new in the July CTP release?Updatepanel and scriptmanager: Scriptmanager. registercontrol () takes optional parameter to specify client type to create. Fix for updatepanels in Firefox. Drag and Drop: Added public dragstart/dragend events to dragdropmanager. Dragstart f

Data segmentation-Atlas introduction and segmentation atlas Introduction

Data segmentation-Atlas introduction and segmentation atlas Introduction Atlas is a MySQL-based Data Middle Layer project developed and maintained by the infrastructure team of Qihoo 360 Web platform department. Based on MySQL-Proxy 0.8.2 officially launched by MySQL, it has modified a large number of bugs and added many functional features. Currently, this proje

Unity Custom Atlas to implement a small map in a loaded atlas

Unity does not provide an API to load the thumbnails inside the atlas, and here are the loading methods that I learned from the framework course (because this framework course does not encapsulate loadallasset methods).1. Encapsulate the Uiatlas class and save the serialized atlas/******************** Title:cw_framewark* AUTHOR:CW* Scriptname:uiatlas* Des: Customizing a

Use Atlas to implement MySQL read/write splitting and implement mysql read/write through atlas

Use Atlas to implement MySQL read/write splitting and implement mysql read/write through atlas 1. MySQL Machine (Master) (Slave) Configure master-slave synchronization, refer to http://www.cnblogs.com/luxh/p/4088420.html 2. Download and install Atlas Https://github.com/Qihoo360/Atlas/relea

Learning Atlas with terrylee (1): Hello, Atlas

AboutAtlasThere are already many introductionsArticleI don't talk nonsense. For myself, learning a new thing is always used to starting with a simple example,AtlasThis article will take a very simple example.AtlasTrip, example in this articleProgramFromAtlasHome. 1. Create"Atlas"Application After installationAtlasThenVisual StudioIn the project template ofAtlas"Web Site, Such. CreateAtlasSelect the application. In this wayBinThere will beMicrosoft

Atlas QuickStart Combat Atlas

Quick Start With the advent of Ajax technology, the Web 2.0 era has come, there has been a large number of Web 2.0 sites, such as Live.com,fclickr album site, Google map and so on. So what is Ajax? Ajax technology is actually an old bottle of new wine, it uses asynchronous Javascript+xml. This technology was first introduced by Microsoft in 1999 and is known as a "Dhtml/javascript Web application using remote calls." The basic idea of this technique is to allow an Internet browser to make an asy

ATLAS learning notes (6): use the Atlas updateprogress Control

Transferred from terrylee technical spaceIf you can provide a progress bar similar to the browser status bar when performing a long operation on the page, the interface user interface will be more friendly. InAtlasProvided for usUpdateprogressControls are supported Easy . Main Content 1.UpdateprogressControl Introduction 2. Complete example I.UpdateprogressControl Introduction If you can provide a progress bar similar to the browser status bar when p

Mouse Atlas Tour (9): Hands-on Lab 5 Fifth experiment, using data binding and templates to create an Atlas application

This is the last lab in the 5 series !! In this experiment, we no longer use the master, but create a common ASPX page. This is a standard ASPX page. We do not need to include references to the client script library in Program Is a simple and quick way for colleges and universities! Now, we can add An ASPX page. In solution manager, right-click the site, select Add new item, and select Web form in the pop-up dialog box. The name is servercontroldemo. aspx, and remove Place code in separate fil

Discuss with Atlas experts some bugs and questions about Atlas

This is from Microsoft's expert and the Atlas development team. We showed the problems found in Atlas usage, discussed the causes of bugs with them, and had some questions. (Listen to him. release a new version of atals next week! A new version is coming soon) The main problems are as follows:Bugs discovered by Atlas (see the new bugs detected by my previo

Mouse Atlas Tour (6): Hands-on lab 2 second experiment, using Atlas to declare a block to call Web Services

If you have not performed the first experiment, please do it first. This experiment describes how to use the Atlas announcement block to call web services instead of writing JS scripts, we should remember that in our first experiment, we used JS scripts to call methods in Web Services. Now we should not write that JS script, I don't know why I directly use the Atlas announcement block to call Web Services.

node. js file read/write, convert sheet atlas to keel animation atlas

node. js file read/write, convert sheet Atlas data to keel animation Atlas data var fs = require("fs") var readline = require("readline"); var rl = readline.createInterface({ input:process.stdin, output:process.stdout }); var path = undefined; var dbName = undefined; rl.question("请输入文件名",function(answer){ path = answer; rl.question("请输入龙骨动画名",function

More comprehensive learning and reference resources for ASP. NET Ajax (Atlas)

In the past few days, I have summarized some asp. net Ajax (development code Atlas) important reference resource big collection, recently occasionally found an English site, also summarized ASP. net Ajax (Atlas) learning resources. After a rough look, it is much richer than my previous summary, and I am afraid to share it with my friends. Note that some of the following content is for ASP. NET Ajax of the

ASP. NET Atlas provides support for your long-awaited Ajax-style websites)

ASP. NET Atlas provides support for your long-awaited Ajax-style websites This article is based on the prerelease version of ASP. NET "Atlas. All information contained in this document may be changed. This article introduces the following: • Introduction to ASP. NET "Atlas" • Atlas

asp.net Atlas Framework Overview

asp.net introduce Code-named Atlas is a new ASP.net web development technology that integrates client-side script libraries under the ASP.net 2.0 Server development platform, The AJAX strategy built by Atlas for Web development allows you to invoke server-side Web applications from client script, and Atlas can handle client-side application-critical portions wit

ASP. NET Atlas provides support for your long-awaited Ajax-style websites

On October 16, September 2005, the ASP. NET team released the first Community Technology Preview (CTP) for ASP. NET, codenamed "Atlas ). This feature extension of Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 allows developers to easily create rich and interactive websites using both browser and server features. This type of rich development supported by Atlas is collectively referred to as "Ajax" (Asynchronous JavaScript a

MySQL High availability Study (ii) master-slave +mha+atlas

Label:For more information about Atlas, visit: https://github.com/Qihoo360/Atlas/blob/master/README_ZH.md Why use Atlas? is the application directly connected to the database bad? Also need to add a layer of agent in front, will not reduce the read and write performance of the application? Will the cost of maintenance management be increased? I think this is ever

Atlas of mysql proxy

Atlas of mysql proxy Atlas is a MySQL-based data intermediate layer project developed and maintained by Qihoo 360 and the Infrastructure Team of the Web Platform department. On the basis of the official MySQL-Proxy0.8.2 version of MySQL, it modified a lot of bugs and added a lot of features. Main functions: 1. read/write splitting 2. Slave database load balancing 3. IP address filtering 4. Automatic table s

asp.net 2.0+atlas write mouse drag and drop program

Asp.net| Program | mouse    This article explores in detail the relationship between declarative programming and mandatory programming in Atlas and how to use it to implement drag-and-drop functionality on a Web client. The following figure shows the results snapshot for the corresponding sample program in this article.   I. INTRODUCTIONThis article is intended to help readers understand how Microsoft's Atlas

asp.net Atlas Simple Controls Introduction

Asp.net| Control A Sp.net Atlas introduces the concept of client-side controls, encapsulating the DOM elements that client-side JavaScript will manipulate with object-oriented thinking, bringing a clearer code model and better reusability (where inefficiencies are less efficient). The client-side control of Atlas is a bridge between JavaScript and DOM elements, and we should use client controls as much as p

Use Atlas to simplify client Ajax Programming

Microsoft developed a new technology called Atlas for Ajax, which allows browsers to integrate with ASP. NET at will. In this column, we will explain that the architecture of Atlas has made it easier for users to have a better understanding of Atlas in their development work. What isAtlas? Microsoft claims that Atlas a

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