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Core game algorithm round 16 -- Wu Hao teaches you how to play Pokemon first

games we used to play. I used to play many games, such as the Pokemon series on GBC, the fireworks series on GBA, And the biochemical crisis series on computers, sometimes I think about the essential principles of the puzzles in the game. I am not talking about how to implement them. I just want to use a regular method to quickly clear customs. I'm quite impressed. It's a

Core game algorithm round 16 -- Wu Hao teaches you how to play Pokemon

I have already done so. There is no error with the golden finger. Of course, the previous golden finger is not as perfect as it is now. I want to say that the previous functions of the Golden finger seem to be just the accumulation of money and the substantial increase in experience values, which is not perfect. Moreover, when adjusting the golden finger, you also need to set parameters like writing code, which is very troublesome and belongs to a professional level. Nowadays, in order to purs

Core game algorithm round 16 -- how does Wu teach you to play the fourth play of the Pokemon la Dias ?! Ladios ?!

stars. In the pocket series of the first generation, Lightning Bird is another highlight. Like the super dream, lightning bird is in a "hidden level" status. That is to say, you can catch it or not, however, if you don't grasp the white, you don't need to grasp it. This kind of animal-level genie is a main battle (I remember it was another level, that is, the top moves of the lightning series) The Emperor of the crystal tower (2000), as the second generation of

Unity3D game development from zero to single (7), unity3d Game Development

Unity3D game development from zero to single (7), unity3d Game DevelopmentAbstract Today, I made a network communication demo for a mobile device, which consists of two parts: network connection and data communication. Two Android devices A and B are required. A serves as the client and B serves as the server. The final effect is that the square in device A is co

Unity3D game development from zero single row (9), unity3d Game Development

Unity3D game development from zero single row (9), unity3d Game DevelopmentAbstract What we want to learn today is some Shader examples, from simple to difficult. Let's go. A large wave of examples Use the project used in the previous article. Click to download Red crab Test1.shader Shader "Custom/Test1" { SubShader { Tags { "RenderType" = "Opaque" }

Unity3d game development from zero single row (three)-extreme speed Create a cool game terrain

trees can be imported directly here. The number of parameters is set in setting.Then is to choose a variety of trees and brush.The operation of plants is similar, the sixth tool, after importing some models can start to brush!Several parameters of the brush, Brash size,opacity. Target Strenth are able to adjust their own look, very good understanding.Brush the same time hold down shift is deleted.Lights, sky boxes and fog and wind.The last part to be added, although not part of the creation of

Win7 flagship system to modify the method of single game archive

Win7 Flagship system to modify the method of single game archive First, Game archive 1, the game root directory in the Save folder (rarely seen); 2, Personal Folders/My Documents/games produced by the company or studio name such as (Koei, Tecmokoei, Telltale Games)/game n

Discussion on whether the game server is multithreaded or single threaded

A good discussion of how to do a single thread for a game server or a multithreaded one recentlyA classmate asked: The server logic full single-threaded model, in order to avoid querying offline player data caused by blocking, in addition to starting the full load of servers There is a better way?Classmate B: Single-th

Unity3d Game development [Three Kingdoms kill legend] single-month dual platform water nearly 50 million

Dog Planing Learning Net report/2014 for every game person, is not an ordinary year, hand-tour market especially so, a few happy few home sorrow. The industry big shuffle time more and more close, there is a saying is, hand swim two years of time to go through the end of the road tour 10 years, with the continuous popularization and upgrading of smartphones, wireless end of the battlefield smoke more and more fierce. in such a full of smoke hand tour

jquery Imitation iOS mini game design---a single dog escape trip

Look at the "Programmer" magazine, recently have been HTML5 game and Platform Brush screen, the future is how the trend dare not say, but recently on my business team, want to promote their own public number, one of the content is to make Zhejiang features of the small game, the propaganda department helped me play a lot of games, There is a small game on iOS smo

Luck CLUB-SDT Super Single dog block chain game

Super Single Dog is a new product of the Block chain 3.0 era plus game.Luck CLUB-SDT is the core financial lever driven by the Ethereum Smart contract ledger, which is the first blockchain-centric game Super single dog game in the world-renowned game development company Luck

Single-player game timer anti-cheat solution

the broadcast, writes the file sharedpreferences, when our program needs to use the boot time, then reads the information from the sharedpreferences.Nonsense not much to say, below the source code.Androidmanifest.xmlReceiver file to record the boot time.public class Bootupreceiver extends Broadcastreceiver {private Sharedpreferences sharedpreferences;//config file private Editor editor;//Change the class instance of the configuration file @overridepublic void OnReceive (context context, Intent

DLX Algorithm number single game Java version __ Code

Use DLX algorithm to number single game. Beginners Java, the algorithm code is converted by C code. Dlx.java is an algorithm class, Sudoku.java is an interface class. The solution is known as the most difficult sudoku in the world within 10ms. algorithm Detailed Sudoku Dancing Links Template use method int n = 9;DLX DLX = new DLX (n * n * n + 1, 4 * n * n);Dlx.setnum (5)//Up to 5 solutions, default 2Dlx.s

Whether you are a white-collar employee at work or a busy student, Z -- r Three Kingdoms single-host game download

"zombie" players and cannot truly fight in real time. The arena is a very interactive presence in the game. Here, players can compete with players all over the world, challenge the Community edition, and compete for their own reputation. Players do not have to worry that the process of abuse is too short. There are many chapters, each of which has two or three sub-cards. This allows players to continue being bombarded by continuous brain cells after

Java8 lambda expression application--single-threaded game server+ Asynchronous database operations

Label: Some time ago our game server upgrade to the development environment JAVA8, these days, I again the server's threading model was designed again, consuming lambda emoticons .Lambdajava code. In particular, the ugly anonymous inner class , this article mainly wants to share this with you.Threading modelLet's start by introducing the threading model of our game server. Roughly for example with what is s

Use VC to create a single-host five-game

Use VC to create a single-host five-game Computer Language: 22:08:12 read 134 comments 2 font size: large, medium, and small subscriptions 1. Create a user logon box For example, there are two users, Zhang San and Li Si. Define two global variables CString nameblack; // Save the name of a blacklisted player. CString namewhite; // Save the white player name GetDlgItemText (IDC_EDIT1, nameblack ); GetDlgItemT

Java8 lambda expression application Case-single-threaded game server + asynchronous database operation

Some time ago our game server development environment upgraded to Java8, these two days I again the server's threading model redesigned, with a lambda expression . Lambda expressions can really greatly simplify Java code, especially the ugliness of anonymous inner classes , and this article mainly wants to share this with you.Threading modelLet's start with a brief introduction to the threading model of our game

A single-host game with j2-based architecture has come to an end in China.

A single-host game with j2-based architecture has come to an end in China. Author: Chen yuefeng From: http://blog.csdn.net/mailbomb For most people, they still don't know what is going on with j2's, and many mobile phone users still don't know what the treasure chest and magic book are, A single-host game with the j

The magical use of Keyboard Wizard in single game _ Using tutorial

A lot of people play games with key elves. But who would have thought that the keypad could be used in a single game? Let me give you a few examples. 1. Role-playing RPG-Obviously, the practice level is tedious, especially in the late game, to kill a good number of enemies to be able to upgrade, with the key wizard to write an automatic training program is

Unity3d game development from zero single row (V)-import CS model to unity3d

Game animation basic animation Components The animation component is for the old animation system. The old animation is the same as the corresponding animation is clip. Each motion is a separate animation. Play () or crossfade () is used to play the animation directly or fade in and out. animation.Play("name");animation.CrossFade("name"); The following are its attributes: Animation: the default animation fragment; Aniamtions: Includes animated cli

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