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[Software life] about peer competition, you need to know that you need to focus on follow-up

In yesterday's peer competition between me and iSoftStone's smart company, the opposing lawyer insisted on one:The business license of two companies is registered on the same operating scope, so there is a prohibition of peer competition.Completely ignoring the two companies in two completely different industries, the product completely different facts, insisted that I compensate more than 500,000 yuan peer competition prohibition compensation.At the end of the day, Huang, a lawyer at the Pacifi

Job-hopping season, 10 data you need to know, you know a few?

direction. In general, programmers will go through several paths: Programmer → system analyst → technical manager →cto, programmer → project leader → project Manager → project director, programmer → product designer → product manager →cto. Small series of random sampling of 1000 samples of their own future career planning to investigate, found that more than 30% of programmers development direction is technology + management. survey data show that most of the current programmer's goal is to ch

(documentary film) You need to know the science of that which you had to Know (2014)

the sun shines or showers, breeze bursts, Still cloudy, you can not escape it, but for some reason, we seem to be inseparable from it, but do we really understand it? Why is the sky blue? Where does the rain come from? Often people ask, will the temperature be too low to snow? In order to answer the questions people desperately want to know, we have invited several authoritative experts to uncover these unknowable things for you.Diversity directory:1

What are the basic rules you need to know about UI design for Apple TV?

account the design rules on tvOS. Content creators, by contrast, are a larger group, and they don't know if they want to participate in the design of the platform, but they need to know how to do it if they decide to participate. They have no decision-making power over the solidified platforms, and they view the new platform as an important channel for trying n

The ten rules that Java program developers need to know

, object-oriented solutions, and threads to the application, but it doesn't need them at all. Why do we do this? Some of us do not know how to do better, but others do so in order to learn new knowledge, so that the application is more interesting to us. 3. Keep in mind--"less is much (less is more)" isn't always good The efficiency of code is a great thing, but in many cases writing fewer lines of code do

CSS3 not far away, several features you need to know

-width" and "Min-height".View Source print? 1 #resize { 2 background-color: #fff; 3 border: 1pxsolid#000; 4 resize: both; 5 overflow: auto; 6 } Here the main talk about the resize and overflow properties, resize:both, means that all sides can be resized, its value is horizontal and vertical, as the nam

What you need to know before you learn Python ——————-python learning processes and resources

following code shows how to use URLLIB2 to interact with Google Scholar to get web page information. # import Module Urllib2 Import Urllib2 # Random Query an article, such as on random graph. Query Google for each one. Waral Click 氬  chain 夋 draft weather 氭 PO 绔 # scholar have a URL, the rules of the formation of this URL to be analyzed by themselves. Imagery CuO  鎴 戜 sliding @1point 3 acres query = ' on+random+graph ' url = ' http://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=enq= ' + query + ' btng=as_

16 of Linux need to know server monitoring commands

If you want to know what your server is doing, you need to know some basic commands, and once you've mastered the commands, you're a professional Linux system administrator. Some Linux distributions provide GUI programs for system monitoring, such as SUSE Linux has a great and professional tool yast,kde the KDE System Guard is also excellent. Of course, to use t

10 things you need to know to learn CSS

, sans-serif;color:red;} . bluetext {font-family:arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif;color:blue;} This means that they may not know this technique. * use "," to apply the same CSS style rule to multiple types of HTML tags at once: p, B, I {... Use one line of code to accomplish the task of applying styles to paragraphs, bold, and italic text. 10. The so-called skill (hacks) is actually stupid, you do not need

What you need to know about the Win7 system to install the Windows 10 preview

processors, 1GB (32-bit) or 2GB (64-bit) RAM, and at least 16GB hard disk space, so older PCs can also be easily upgraded. In addition, the system cannot run on RT and Windows N devices. 8, can not use System Restore restore the original system If you have previously backed up the WINDOWS7 operating system to restore data, you cannot use it directly in the technical preview, you can only reinstall the system. 9, only support notebook and PC The preview is designed for laptops and PCs, so it

Table Design What you need to know (the next)

Next, the seemingly simple form is really designed or need to spend some effort to see the following details of the design points, do you know? 5. The focus is on rows or columns Tables are made up of the simplest rows, columns, and cells, and depending on the purpose of browsing and the information you want to highlight, rows, columns, and cells can be emphasized by some changes, which is the most fundam

10 things you need to know about IPV6

, the following address: fe80:cd00:0000:0cde:1257:0000:211e:729c can be abbreviated as fe80:cd00:0:cde:1257:0:211e:729c 4, can omit the continuous 0 If the characters of consecutive multiple bit groups are all 0, you can omit all 0, for example, the following address: fe80:cd00:0000:0000:0000:0000:211e:729c In addition to the method introduced in the 3rd, the abbreviation can also be omitted directly from the continuous 0, with two English colon instead, the operating system to see such a IPv6 a

A few things you need to know about MongoDB

recommended, MongoDB provides another replication strategy, that is, master-slave replication. It solves the 12-node limit problem, but it creates a new problem: if you need to change the primary node of the cluster, then you have to do it by hand and be surprised. Take a look at this link. Do not use the 32-bit version of the MongoDB 32-bit version is also not recommended, because you can only handle 2GB size of data. Remember the first limit. This

9 Useful terminal command lines that all Mac users need to know

want to hide a file or folder, the Chflags command can be implemented. You just need to fill in the file path, like we're going to hide the Macx folder on the desktop. If you want to see the folder again, simply change the hidden to Nohidden. Chflags Hidden ~/desktop/macx Copy Code8. Automatically enter file pathYou know that you can get a detailed path to a file by dragging any file from the

It's school! You need to know these Linux certifications.

network services, configuring packet filtering, monitoring network performance, IP traffic, profile systems and file services, network file systems, installing/upgrading packages from warehouses, managing network security, configuring Iptables, HTTP Services, Agent services, mail services, and so on. Because of its advanced engineering level certification process, it is generally considered more difficult to learn and pass than LFCs. Certification code: LFCE Course Code: LFS230 Exam Code: LFCE

For the mother to do the user interface, you need to know the 6 key points

The writer, Tony Gines, works as a creative director at ifixit, a website that publishes guidelines for electronic product repair and dismantling. Mothers of this generation, they often fumble on the internet, a variety of registration forums, hidden gestures and confusing interface often let them do not know what to do, although they want to find out. As designers and developers, it is not enough to make the website look good, we have the obligation

Stationmaster need to know: individual stationmaster's diligence and not diligent

Webmaster I always feel that I am a very lazy person, every day to get up 9 o'clock, and 12 o'clock before the night to sleep. Because this is a healthier life, do it more hard, every day on the computer for a long time, computer radiation on the body of the damage is very large, if you can guarantee enough sleep can make up, at least sleep more skin good ah, it's a woman to pay particular attention to Oh, hehe. In fact, getting up early is a habit, often get up early half a month, lazy people

About CPU Cache--The program apes need to know.

) {k=0; } C =Array[k++]; } clock_t end =clock ();printf("%lu\n", Timediff (start,end));return 0;}If we make a line chart of this data, we will find that the total execution time 64Bytes has a more obvious inflection point when the array size exceeds (of course, because bloggers are Mac tested on their notebooks, they are disturbed by many other programs and therefore fluctuate). The reason is that when the array is less than the 64Bytes array is likely to fall Cache Line within one, and the acce

What you need to know to use a Linux system

Using Linux terminals is more than just typing commands. By learning these basic techniques, you'll get a grip on the bash shell, the terminal tool that is used by default on most Linux distributions. This article is written for inexperienced beginners, and I believe most advanced users already know all of these techniques. But you can still look at it and maybe learn something you've been ignoring for a long time. TAB key Auto-complement Using the

Watch out! 10 Linux networks and monitoring commands you need to know

in multiple adapters or interfacesEthtool-s Displaying network statisticsEthtool Speed netstatDiscover the most useful and common Linux commands for host connections. You can use "netstat-g" to query all multicast groups (networks) that the host subscribes toNetstat-nap | grep Port will show the process ID of the application using that portNetstat-a or Netstat–all will display all connections that include TCP and UDPNetstat–tcp or netstat–t will display a TCP connectionNETSTAT–UDP or Netstat–u

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