exam 70 410 installing and configuring windows server 2012

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"Error enabling Windows feature NetFx3" (Error cause, detailed analysis and resolution) and detailed analysis and installation procedures for installing the. NET Framework 3.5 on Windows Server2012 during the installation of SQL Server 2012

questions: During the installation of SQL Server 2012 on the server (operating system Windows Server 2012), the installation stays on the interface shown, and the prompt box appears with "Enabling operating system features NETFX3

Configuring AD Domain Services in Windows Server 2012

1. After installing the AD domain service, we return to the Server Manager interface, click "Promote this server to a domain controller" and select "Add New Forest".  Input domain name: contoso.com  2. Select the forest functional level and domain functional level as shown in the figure, enter the directory restore password, remember the password  3.DNS selection

Configuring SQL Server based on Windows 2012 AlwaysOn

is, which database is the current availability group 4) Add a secondary node 5) configuration transfer mode and commit mode, readable etc.Related options items are described and can be consulted. such as replica mode, etc. 6) Endpoint configuration, leave the defaultThe endpoint configuration here is equivalent to the endpoint at the time of database mirroring 7) Backup PreferencesPrimarily used to set the permission for that replica to have a priority backupThe configuration of the listener is

Installing the. NET 3.5 Framework in Windows Server 2012

ProblemToday, there are still many programs and applications that need to be run on the. NET 3.5 Framework. In Windows Server 2012, Microsoft provides installation options for. NET 3.5 and. NET 4.5 to support your application. But when installing. NET 3.5 Components, you should pay more attention to the details.When yo

Iv. Configuring SQL Server based on Windows 2012 AlwaysOn

) Summary Information 11) Start building AlwaysOn available Groups 12) Build Complete 13) Verifying Availability GroupsNode 1 AS Node 2 For example, 2 databases are displayed as synchronized 14) Availability Group Management panelRight-click AlwaysOn High Availability, select Display panelV. Test AlwaysOn failover1) Select the Availability group, right click, select Failover 2) Fail-over wizard 3) Select a new primary replica 4) Connect to Replica 5) Summary information of the transfer 6) Start

Summary of issues encountered with HP DL380 installing Windows Server 2012

logical partitions.Security: GPT is more secure because partitioned tables are backed up, and a validation algorithm is added, which, once infected or mistakenly manipulated, can be found in a timely manner, using a secure backup of the partition table to remediate.Partition capacity: GPT can identify hard disks larger than 2T, while MBR recognizes 2.2T capacityWorkaround:1. If it is a new hard disk, use the Diskgenuis conversion partition table type as GUID format (P) to select OK until the co

[Windows Server 2012] Installing the Php+mysql method

MySQL database stored in that directory.• The kit is configured to the default configuration for most PHP programs, and if your program is special, you can change the php.ini yourself.So the php+mysql is ready to be installed. 3. Create a PHP site• Note: In order to make your viewing easier, we do not involve security factors.• If you need to know how to create a secure site, watch the "Secure Site Creation method" video from my station.The Web site is stored in d:\wwwroot\discuz\ to add users

Slime: Installing and Configuring the Nginx Web server under Windows

installed into the system's services.Next, we just need to restart the server to do it. Now under test:650) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image013 "style=" border-right-width:0px;background-image:none; border-bottom-width:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;padding-right:0px;border-top-width:0px; "border=" 0 "alt = "clip_image013" src= "Http://img1.51cto.com/attachment/201410/4/526870_1412432803MOsm.png" width= "597" height= " 598 "/>It is clear to

Slime: Installing and Configuring the Nginx Web server under Windows

follows: The contents of the Winsw.xml file are as follows: 4. Execute the following command at the command line to install Nginx as a Windows service. As follows: Winsw.exe Install Through, we can obviously see that Nginx has been successfully installed into the system's services. Next, we just need to restart the server to do it. Now under test: It is clear to see that this time has full

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