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Machine Learning Overview

Machine Learning is to study how computers simulate or implement human learning behaviors to acquire new knowledge or skills and reorganize existing knowledge structures to continuously improve their own performance. It is the core of artificial

Professor Zhang Zhihua: machine learning--a love of statistics and computation

Professor Zhang Zhihua: machine learning--a love of statistics and computationEditorial press: This article is from Zhang Zhihua teacher in the ninth China R Language Conference and Shanghai Jiaotong University's two lectures in the sorting out.

[Machine Learning] Computer learning resources compiled by foreign programmers

This article compiles a number of frameworks, libraries, and software (sorted by programming language) for the machine learning domain.1. c++1.1 Computer Vision ccv-based on C language/provide cache/core machine Vision Library, novel

Research progress and prospect of deep learning in image recognition

research progress and prospect of deep learning in image recognitionDeep learning is one of the most important breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence in the past ten years. It has been a great success in speech recognition, natural

Deep reinforcement learning bubbles and where is the road?

first, deep reinforcement learning of the bubbleIn 2015, DeepMind's Volodymyr Mnih and other researchers published papers in the journal Nature Human-level control through deep reinforcement learning[1], This paper presents a model deep q-network

Classification of machine learning algorithms based on "machine Learning Basics"--on how to choose machine learning algorithms and applicable solutions

IntroductionThe systematic learning machine learning course has benefited me a lot, and I think it is necessary to understand some basic problems, such as the category of machine learning algorithms.Why do you say that? I admit that, as a beginner,

How does intensive learning solve the problem?

How does intensive learning solve the problem?What is a reinforcement learning algorithm, and how far is it from us? 2016 and 2017 the most influential Alphago win the world go champion Li Shishi and Ke Jie event, its core algorithm uses the

Semi-supervised learning [transfer]

0 Introduction Machine Learning is the core research area of artificial intelligence and an important approach to intelligent information processing. Supervised Learning is one of the most widely used learning methods in machine learning. In

Deep Learning (Deep Learning) Learning notes and Finishing _

Deep Learning notes finishing (very good) Http://www.sigvc.org/bbs/thread-2187-1-3.html Affirmation: This article is not the author original, reproduced from: http://www.sigvc.org/bbs/thread-2187-1-3.html 4.2, the primary (shallow layer)

Machine learning definition and common algorithms

Reprinted from: Http://www.cnblogs.com/shishanyuan/p/4747761.html?utm_source=tuicool1. Machine Learning Concept1.1 Definition of machine learningHere are some definitions of machine learning on Wikipedia:L "Machine learning is a science of

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