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[Turn] Boot Camp series--Platform RPC Framework Introduction

Original: http://weibo.com/p/1001643875439147097368Course Outline1. Introduction to RPC1.1 What is RPC1.2 RPC compared to other remote invocation methods2. Motan RPC Framework2.1 RPC Service Framework2.2 Roles in the Motan RPC framework2.3 Motan RPC

Architecture Design: The basic concept of inter-system communication (--RPC)

1. OverviewAfter the detailed information format, the network IO model is explained, and through the Java RMI explained by the preheating. Starting from this article we will go into another key knowledge system of this series of blogs: RPC. In the

Introduction to the RPC of the Go language (including PROTOBUF-RPC)

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Address of this article in Golang China Blog: http://blog.go-china.org/09-protorpc RPC for Standard libraries RPC is the short name of a remote call, which is

RPC for Go language _rpc_go language

RPC for a standard libraryRPC, remote Procedure call, is an application communication protocol that requests services over a network from a remote computer program without needing to know the details of the underlying network. The simple thing is to

WebService restful RPC

WebService:In the 90 's, popular distributed technology, such as Dcom,corba,rmi, the paradigm is RPC, but the system data types are inconsistent, the implementation/invocation mechanism is different, the interoperability between the systems is not

Reap a little bit every day------the use of the Hadoop RPC mechanism

First, the basic concept of RPC basic concept 1.1 RPCRPC, remote procdurecall, Chinese name: Remoting procedure calls ;(1) It allows a computer program to remotely invoke the subroutine of another computer without having to care about the underlying

Introduction to RPC, Principles and examples

RPC (remote Procedure call, long-distance procedure calls) is built on the socket, and for an analogy, the main program running on one machine can invoke the prepared subroutine on the other machine, just like LPC (local procedure Call). The lower

Go language Implementation RPC

RPC definition, from Baidu Encyclopedia RPC (remote Procedure Call)-an agreement that requests a service from a remote computer program over a network without needing to know the underlying network technology. The RPC protocol assumes that

Enable WEB Services for C + + applications using XML-RPC

http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/webservices/ws-xml-rpc/IntroductionThe Internet is now becoming more popular, and due to this and its inherent benefits, developers and IT departments are starting to move from complex C + + business and science

What is rpc? What are the popular rpc frameworks in php.

What is rpc? What are the popular rpc frameworks in php. Better layout: www. zybuluo. comphpernote76641 what is the rpc framework? answer the first question: what is the RPC framework? In one sentence, RPC is called RemoteProcedureCall. What is

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