examples of contrast in design

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The communication principle of information design and the graphic design in information design

Article Description: the principle of graphic design in information design. In today's complex world, design forms are also blooming, what design is the most easily accepted by users, and can be very good for users to bring their

The color theory and application of Web page design

web| Design | Page We are in the design of the use of the focus is to create an unprecedented shape, the body to polish the coordination of beauty, it is subject to social constraints, the importance of local characteristics. In order to use color

Examples of hidden menus in Webpage Design and Webpage Design menus

Examples of hidden menus in Webpage Design and Webpage Design menus Source: designmodo Source: wangqin UEC welcome to share original to bole headlines Using navigation icons in web design forces us to review navigation menus, their locations in

The application of writing in design

Design Writing is an important part of human culture. In any visual media, words and pictures are the two major components. The combination of text arrangement is good or bad, directly affect the layout of visual communication effect. Therefore, the

The font design of Microsoft Black in visual design

A The design concept of YA-hei The elegant black font is designed for Microsoft's screen display characters. It has the advantages of unique personality, beautiful structure, strong recognition, good block effect and clear display. In today's

Three dictionary translation tool software in Mac horizontal contrast

Compared to the popularity of Windows platform, Mac platform because of its user group high-end, the overall style of simple and refreshing, the development system closed and so on, user choice of software focus is also different from Windows

Page design strategy with deep background color style

The deep background Color style page design is very popular, it can create the chic elegant, the extremely rich creativity effect. the deep background color style page Design is very popular, it can create the chic elegant, the extremely rich

BESD: Color vs. contrast--which is more appealing to the eye

BESD: Color vs. contrast--which is more appealing to the eyeMost people are familiar with color psychology, hundreds of articles, case studies, and even charts that are analyzed from different perspectives. The impact of color on us will affect

Touch screen version of the Web Interactive design: Less is the essence of many design

Article Description: Touch screen version of the Web application, the implementation of mobile scene user needs, embodies less that is the essence of many design and performance of the mainstream touch screen interface temperament, can be counted as

Excellent web Design Works: Principles of Excellence in design

Guide: The difference between excellent design and excellent design is relatively small. The average person may not be able to explain the specific differences of the outstanding design, but they can find their favorite web design works. By

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