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Blue growth notes chase DBA (2): Install! Install! Long-time memory caused me

Blue growth notes chase DBA (2): Install! Install! Long-lost memories, this has aroused my new awareness of DBA ********************************* ********************************* * ***** Personal Growth records on the oracle Road, here, we share

How to use bbed to view the root DBA and bootstrap$ of the system file header

Database version The experiment idea is:--The trace information of the database open, can refer to: http://blog.csdn.net/q947817003/article/details/17025489 File#1 block#1==>root dba==>struct Ktetb That is, start with the system's data

Alibaba DBA Team operation and Maintenance department Jenzhiang on MySQL Technology

First introduce the next Jane Chaoyang. is now working in Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. DBA Team Operation Department, Jenzhiang is the MySQL Technology essay contest third winner (winning article: the implementation of MySQL

Oracle DBA daily renewal (1)

PrefaceThis article describes DBA's daily responsibilities in monitoring Oracle databases and how to use shell scripts to perform repeated monitoring. This article first reviews some common DBA Unix Commands and explains how to regularly execute DBA

The path to advanced DBA-SQL Server Monitoring and diagnostics

Programmers who write large terminals often have the illusion that the SQL language is simple and the DBA works easily, especially for Android programmers who are accustomed to SQLite and its extended framework Ormlite and Greendao. Especially when

Why does this SQL Server DBA learn PowerShell-SMO tasks and miscellaneous?

Why does the SQL Server DBA learn PowerShell? From: http://www.simple-talk.com/ SQL /database-administration/why-this-sql-server-dba-is-learning-powershell/ Joe. TJ is used only for the purpose of disseminating information. SMO is an object set that

Why is this SQL Server DBA learning PowerShell-SQL task?

Why does the SQL Server DBA learn PowerShell? From: http://www.simple-talk.com/ SQL /database-administration/why-this-sql-server-dba-is-learning-powershell/ Joe. TJ is used only for the purpose of disseminating information. I started learning

HBase 0 Basic High-level application combat (CDH5, two levels index, practice, DBA)

HBase is a distributed, column-oriented, open-source database that comes from the Google paper "Bigtable: A distributed storage system of structured data" written by Fay Chang. Just as BigTable leverages the distributed data store provided by the

Oracle DBA Work Note: Operations, data migration, and performance tuning PDF download

One: Download routeSecond: The book DrawingThree: the book catalogue The 1th chapter of database operation and maintenance1th. Database Installation Configuration1.1 Preparation for pre-installation 11.2 Installing database Software 51.2.1

Mysql DBA Advanced Operations Learning note-mysql Backup and recovery scenarios and production solutions

1. Full backup and incremental backup 1.1 full-scale backupFull-volume data is all the data in the database, and a full backup is the backup of all the data in the database.Back Up all libraries:mysqldump -uroot -p123456 -S /data/3306/mysql.sock -F -

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