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ETL tools vs SQL sorting

Because both of them are used, informatica is easy to manage in the future, especially for data correction. when data is supplemented in the later stage, the data stream is clear at a glance.SQL is efficient, but it is inconvenient to maintain it later. It takes a long time to find a data stream ..ETL tools are easier to manage and maintain, especially complicated cleaning processes.

Group (embedded ETL Tools) financial statement System Solutions

data from the total data source into the database tables in each subsidiary, at this time the subsidiaries in the development of the report only need to connect their own database tables, so that the control of data rights, but also better the data of the subsidiaries in the various subsidiaries of the database table.three,Project Construction Plan:1Kettle Introduction to the tools usedKettle is a foreign open source

Open source Job scheduling tool to realize open-source datax, Sqoop, Kettle and other ETL tools job batch Automation scheduling

1, Ali Open source software: datax Datax is a heterogeneous data source offline Synchronization tool that is dedicated to achieving stable and efficient data synchronization between heterogeneous data sources including relational databases (MySQL, Oracle, etc.), HDFS, Hive, ODPS, HBase, FTP, and more. (Excerpt from Wikipedia) 2. Apache Open source software: Sqoop Sqoop (pronunciation: skup) is an open source tool that is used primarily in Hadoop (Hive) and traditional databases (MySQL, PostgreSQ

ETL Tools Daquan, you know how much

These years, almost all work with ETL, have been exposed to a variety of ETL tools. These tools are now organized to share with you. An ETL Tool Foreign 1. DataStage Reviews: The most professional ETL

Import and export of ETL tools-kettle data-database to database

. Hold down the SHIFT key and drag the "table input" icon from "Convert 1" to "table output" to establish a connection. Notice that the arrow is in the opposite direction. 3. Double-click "Table Input" to configure the relevant content Figure 4: Configuring the relevant content in table input Figure 5: Test result diagram Figure 6: Configure the SQL statement to query the specified table. And you can see the records in the table by "preview" Note: You can see the records in the table, which

Available for ETL tools under Hadoop--kettle

file Contents① Select file type② to set separators between fieldsThe ③ field has enclosing characters, some words need to fill in with the enclosing character, such as the default is double quotation marks; No words can be removedWhether the ④ contains a file header, as contained, the first few lines are⑤ file format, Unix or Windows?⑥ sets the file character set. Otherwise, there will be garbled occurrences.7. Set the fields to be read. According to the order of the text, from left to right, i

A simple use of ETL tools kettle

The kettle of ETL tools extracts data from one database into another database: 1. Open the ETL folder, double-click Spoon.bat start Kettle 2. Resource pool selection, Connaught no choice to cancel 3. Select Close 4. Create a new transformation 5. Configure the required database 6. The data table that needs to be extracted, with the table input

ETL Technical Tools Kettle Getting started note (i) Kettle connecting Oracle RAC Listener does not currently know of SID Error resolution

considerServices sets the preferred instance, the standby instance. Once a single point of failure occurs for the preferred instance, services automatically failover to the standby instance.If the current RAC database is defined with 3 nodes Srv1,srv2,srv3There are two different service sales.2gotrade.com and settlement.2gotrade.com running in the current databaseThe Sales department establishes the connection through the Sales.2gotrade.com service name, and the Settlement department establishe

Eight-step learning data Migration: How to use ETL tools kettle

First, the purposeMerge tables on different servers onto another server. For example, merge table B on server 1 on table A and server 2 to table C on server 3Requirements: Table A needs to be cropped (removing unnecessary fields), table B needs to add some fieldsIi. Methods of Use(1) Create a new Table C (field that conforms to the actual system design) in the database on server 3(2) Create a new table input, connect to server 1, select the table you want to use by getting the SQL statement, or

How ETL Tools Perform value mapping (similar to the CAS when feature of Oracle)

Tags: sha feature ima Oracle ROCE-O technology share OSS settingsThe value mapping here is a bit like the Oracle's CAS when feature, such as a field a value of 1, but I now want to make the a=1 of a male, that is, 1 mapping into a male, this is the value mapping, then how to operate, in fact, Kettle has a "value mapping" component The following is a brief introduction to how to use;First enter the value mapping in the search box to the left of the program, find the value mapping component, and t

Why use professional ETL tools?

ETL is responsible for the distribution, heterogeneous data sources such as relational data, flat data files, such as the extraction of the temporary middle tier after the cleaning, transformation, integration, and finally loaded into the data warehouse or data mart, to become the basis of online analytical processing, data mining. If the frequency of data conversion or not high requirements can be manually implemented

Examples of various Binary Conversion tools implemented by PHP, examples of mutual conversion

Examples of various Binary Conversion tools implemented by PHP, examples of mutual conversion This article describes various Binary Conversion tools implemented by PHP. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: Running result: PS: here we recommend several computing and conversion

20 Practical and convenient CSS3 tools, libraries and examples

Editor's note: Anecdotal rumors, there is a master of the CSS in the River Lake has been lost for a long time, the book contains, more for the latest amazing technology and example demonstration, is for the synthesizer, once the study, the code efficiency soared, the ability to upgrade several times, today I get, dare not snub, hurriedly sent to excellent set, hope everyone benefit. Say a word: good thing ah quick look! In this list,. We've gathered amazing

A few examples of common app prototype design tools

prototypes in minutes.Fluid UI has some other features:1, to provide easy-to-understand operating procedures and a very intuitive user experience, users can arbitrarily drag any component and control their size;2. Prototype creation with FLUIDUI can be saved to the cloud and updated in real time, without any programming to directly generate the app prototype that can run on the smartphone.3. The Fluid UI offers both paid and free two versions, but the free version limits you can only create 10

Examples of use of automated test tools QTP

through the script and generate the Lvlv.cpp file again, and see if the contents of the file are determined by the expected script execution to verify the correctness of the script execution.Click the Run button in the upper-left corner of the QTP to set the test result save path and then play back the modified script. This test path is set as follows:Replay the modified script successfully, open the newly generated lvlv.cpp, and its contents as modified by the script, the correct addition to t

Examples of common backtrack Comprehensive scanning tools

tools fail to detect firewall-protected hosts.Method 1: hping2 IPMethod 2: hping2-A/f/s-p port IP address or domain nameNote: "-a" is used to set the ACK flag, "-F" is used to set the FIN flag, and "-s" is used to set the SYN flag, "-P" specifies the port to be tested.5. genlistFunction: Quickly scans active hosts.Usage: genlist-s 192.168.0 .\*6. nbtscanUsage: nbtscan xprobe2Function: the master node detects the target operating sys

20 Practical and convenient CSS3 tools, libraries and examples

writing JavaScript from jquery!Spinkit.The Spinkit is a range of easy-to-customize loading indicators to meet everyday needs.Buttons.Just as it says in its title, nothing else is a series of buttons.On/off FlipswitchA great gadget for customizing buttons in different states and exporting CSS directly. There is also a function to switch the main operating system style.hint.css.No JavaScript CSS libraries are required to prompt for tags.colors.css.Colors.css is for those who hate hex code. It off

Examples of common tools, methods for diagnosing Oracle performance problems

Tags: problem BSP phi Common Oracle Pen comparison nbsp + +Examples of common tools, methods for diagnosing Oracle performance problemsAnswer: 1) A simple point can be used toad and dbartisan such tools. 2) Pure performance monitoring, more excellent spolight and EMC I3, both of these software are more expensive. 3) Some network management systems are also good,

Common tools and examples of WeChat applets

This article mainly introduces the details of common tool classes for small programs and related information about instances. For more information, see Explanation of common mini-program tools Preface: Many tool classes util. js will be used as a small program, which are recorded here for normal use (Ps: It is recommended to view through the directory) -Get date (format) function formatTime(date) { var year = date.getFullYear() var month = date.get

Examples of using Yum tools

/wyfs02/M02/72/5F/wKioL1XiYa_gfUrKAAfJxxTh2mI466.jpg "style=" float: none; "title=" 06yum installation package. png "alt=" wkiol1xiya_gfurkaafjxxth2mi466.jpg "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/72/62/wKiom1XiX5ThcBGBAAx4oOZi42w521.jpg "style=" float: none; "title=" 07yum groupinstall.png "alt=" Wkiom1xix5thcbgbaax4oozi42w521.jpg "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M00/72/5F/wKioL1XiYbKS5uX-AAOx_ab2Naw765.jpg "style=" float: none; "title=" 08yum rem

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