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[20170728]oracle reserved words. txt

[20170728]oracle reserved words. txt--//oracle has a lot of reserved words, what I remember most is the use of Rman backup table Space test,test is the reserved word in Rman.--//and Rman are also reserved words in Rman. Do not use these reserved

9.6. Handling of reserved words in MySQL

Attempting to use a qualifier, such as using an embedded MySQL data type or function name as a table or column name, such as timestamp or group, can cause a common problem. Allows you to do this (for example, ABS can be used as a column name).

Java those little-known reserved words

one: instanceof keyword in Java(1) Definition: instanceof is a Java two-dollar operator, and ==,>,Its purpose is to test whether the object on its left is an instance of the class to the right of it, returning a Boolean type of data.(2) Example:

Java those little-known reserved words

One: The instanceof keyword in Java (1) Definition: instanceof is a Java two-dollar operator, and ==,>, its role is to test whether the object on its left is an instance of its right class, and returns a Boolean type of data. (2) Example:

Next, use enumeration in Java.

Programmers from C ++ to Java always complained a lot at the beginning, but not enumeration is a very prominent problem. Why does Java not support enumeration? From the perspective of programming language, what does enumeration support mean? Can we

Simple introduction and use examples of UI advanced--calayer

Calayer:In iOS, what you can see and touch is basically uiview, such as a button, a text label, a text input box, an icon, and so on, all of which are uiview. In fact, UIView can be displayed on the screen entirely because of a layer inside it. When

Summarize 64 Examples of Java learning, difficulties and so on-Park blog mobile version

Summarize 64 Examples of Java learning, difficulties and so on-Park blog mobile version1. What are the aspects of object-oriented features(1) Abstract:Abstraction is about ignoring aspects of a topic that are not related to the current goal, so that

PHP read file Various methods and examples tutorials, _php tutorial

PHP read files A variety of methods and examples of tutorials, Share the PHP read the file in eight ways, collected a lot of PHP read file examples, small and classic, is to learn PHP file operation good information. There are several ways to read

102 _ delphi5 programming examples and skills

Document directory Delphi5 programming examples and skills Delphi5 programming examples and skills DelphiTutorial Series of books(102)《Delphi5Programming examples and skills Organize netizens (state)Email:Shuaihj@163.com : Download Author:

Introduction to the MD5 of abstract algorithms and examples of MD5 common functions in OpenSSL

MD5 (Message-digestalgorithm 5) is one of the most widely used hashing algorithms in computers. It can be used to convert data into a fixed set of values , the predecessor of which is mainly MD2, MD3 and MD4 algorithms. The MD2 algorithm was

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