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9 important features of social network user interface (UI)

Address: http://www.20ju.com/content/V119480.htm The main function of a good user interface (UI) is for the user's intention and ApplicationProgramProvides an intuitive ing between functions to provide a solution for the completion of user-defined

Exploring the path of social search-Xunlei

Exploring the path of social search-Xunlei Debut: Social search weekly Author: Ma Guoliang Ailog said that thunder is a successful social and social search model. However, every time I talked to my friends about the advantages of the thunder model,

Be alert! Social network websites make fraud easier

Bkjia.com exclusive Article] more and more users have their own personal websites, describe their lives on blogs, and communicate with friends on various forums, self-timer videos are published on video sharing websites-these users can add their own

Opensoial-Google Social Network API

TechCrunch has been informed of details about Google's new social network project, called "opensocial" (which will be released on Thursday in the United States ). Opensocial itself is not a social network, but more like another common API

A probe into the social relationship of electronic business websites

a graphic view of social electrical business page design: The Electronic Business page UI design often appears the channel has: homepage, buys, the brand special sale, the special event, the talent and so on. Love to browse the existing page, is

Social Network Information

Thomas cramton: Chinese people use the online video platform in a very different way than Americans use YouTube. The way that Chinese people use the online video platform is very different from the way that Americans use YouTube. Unlike short videos

Big Data Learning Note 5 • Big data in Social computing (3)

The first two articles describe our research work on the understanding of user movement laws, including how to deal with missing data in user trajectories and how to recommend places of interest to users. In this section, I will present our research

The importance of optimizing content for social networking sites

The content of the network on the king makes people optimize the content of the site to the correct maximum flow, content optimization has become an important part of search engine crawler optimization. With the rise of social networking sites,

Although small, social networking websites have long-term attractiveness

According to foreign media reports, social networks like MySpace allow netizens to express themselves and communicate with the outside world; such as del. icio. bookmarks such as us can help netizens save and share resources, while wiki allows a

Social blog publishing allows you to quickly create various types of websites

Provides various official and user-released code examples and code reference. You are welcome to exchange and learn the response template. You can use simple tags to create various styles and use the personal Center Function to quickly build various

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