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C # How to export data from a dataset to an Excel file

[Size = x-large] using system; Using system. Collections. Generic; Using system. text; Using system. Data; Using system. Windows. forms; Using system. reflection; Namespace DMS{/// /// C # Excel operations/// Class exceloperate{// Method 1 //

Export Winform to Excel to print the code, winformexcel

Export Winform to Excel to print the code, winformexcel WinForm directly calls the Excel print preview function, but does not display Excel files Using Microsoft. office. interop. excel; // reference public void PrintPriviewExcelFile (string

Export winform to excel for Printing

Winform directly calls the Excel print preview function, but does not display Excel files Using Microsoft. office. interOP. excel; // reference public void printpriviewexcelfile (string filepath) {Microsoft. office. interOP. excel. applicationclass

VFP: A small experience set for interaction with Excel

Get worksheet name In the following example, a Microsoft Excel instance is created and a new Workbook is added. Use the foreach statement to display the name of each worksheet in the workbook. In this example, Microsoft Excel must be correctly

Import and export data between [Excel] and [any data source] _ temporarily Save the query results

ArticleDirectory Range. copyfromrecordset method call format: Because the SQL query results are also a table, you can write the query results into a prepared worksheet row by row (record. The following describes three methods to

Excel-Application in C #

Microsoft. Office. InterOP. Excel. Application xlapp = new Microsoft. Office. InterOP. Excel. Application ();Microsoft. Office. InterOP. Excel. Workbook workbook = xlapp. workbooks. Add (true );Microsoft. Office. InterOP. Excel. worksheet =

Common vbs Excel operations

Dim oexcel, owb, osheetSet oexcel = Createobject ("Excel. application ")Set owb = oexcel. workbooks. Open ("E: \ others \ new phone table .xls ")Set osheet = owb. Sheets ("sheet1 ")Msgbox osheet. Range ("B2"). value' # extract cell B2 content'.....3.

Excel Import and Export. net

/* Configure /*------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* File name: excelctrol. CS* File Function Description: Excel Import and Export** Create an ID: Liu Jia Jun 20080722** Modify the ID:* Description:**--

Import and export of EXCEL tables

Excel. Application APP = new excel. Application (); App. sheetsinnewworkbook = 2; App. workbooks. Add (); Worksheet sheet1 = (worksheet) app. activeworkbook. worksheets [1]; Sheet1.name = "Hello word "; Sheet1.cells [1, 1] = "Welcome to excel

C # excel and xml operations

You need to add the COM component Interop. Excel. dll, Interop. Microsoft. Office. Core. dll Using System;Using System. Collections. Generic;Using System. ComponentModel;Using System. Data;Using System. Data. OleDb;Using System. Text;Using System.

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