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EBS Multi-sheet page Excel dynamic report development process

http://zhangzhongjie.iteye.com/blog/1779891. prefaceThis article describes the Multi-sheet page Excel Report development method and the way to develop html,pdf such reports is roughly the same, the only difference is that the report output is an XML

Full mining Java Excel API usage method

Excel's friends with Windows operating systems must not be unfamiliar with Microsoft, but it's not easy to manipulate Excel files using the Java language. Today, with the growing popularity of Web applications, the need to manipulate Excel files

Powershell play Excel & CSV (1)

Powershell for some simple Excel operations A slightly advanced language involves operations on COM objects. As a script language developed by Microsoft, powershell has this function. First of all, itUse a powerful class library provided by. NET

Use Excel to expand. Net Applications

Extend your. NET application with Excel extension. NET application with Excel By Tony PattonAuthor: Tony PattonTranslation: Purple endurer Keywords:. Net | Microsoft Office | office suites | programming ages | software

Fully explore Java Excel API usage

Windows OS users are familiar with Excel (workbooks), but it is not easy to use Java to manipulate Excel files. As web applications are becoming increasingly popular today, the demand for using web to Operate Excel files is getting stronger and

[Convert] excel. dll export Excel Control

Excel. dll export Excel control 2932 people read comments (2) favorite reports excelmicrosoftstring product server Google I recently made a program for exporting excel! That's annoying.   The requirement is to directly export the gridview to excel,

POI Excel 10 _ tool class function, move the Row up and down in Sheet, set Sheet to select

@ Author YHC Convenience functions: These convenience functions provide practical program functions, such as setting the area for table border merging, and changing style attributes, rather than re-creating a new style: [Java]// Create an Excel

Poi Excel reading tutorial

I. Basics of Excel Ii. Overview of hssf 3. Reading files through usermodel 4. Writing files through usermodel 5. Reading files through eventusermodel Vi. hssf workbook Structure 7. Reading document attributes through hpsf VIII. Document Summary IX.

Operations on Excel tables using VC

For more information, see the original website: Http://www.cnblogs.com/xianyunhe/archive/2011/09/25/2190485.html There are many ways to Operate Excel tables through VC, such as through ODBC database, through parsing Excel table files, through

. NET Export data to Excel (ASP.net and WinForm programs) _ Practical Tips

How to export excel in ASP.net: There are two ways to export excel in ASP.net, which is to store the exported file under a server folder, and then export the file address to the browser, one of which is to direct the file output stream to the

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