excel chapter 2 in lab 2 sales summary worksheet

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Chapter 2: Summary data, Chapter 2 Summary Data

Chapter 2: Summary data, Chapter 2 Summary DataTable Name: productsField: product_id, product_name, product_price, vend_id (supplier) 12.1 clustering function: We often need to summarize data instead of retrieving data. MySQL prov

Chapter 2 Excel Object Model

1. Introduction to the Excel Object Model Application: Microsoft. Office. InterOP. Excel. ApplicationWorkbook: Microsoft. Office. InterOP. Excel. WorkbookWorksheet: Microsoft. Office. InterOP. Excel. WorksheetRange: Microsoft. Office. InterOP. Excel. RangeApplication: can

C ++ Primer learning summary chapter 2 class, Chapter 4 primer

C ++ Primer learning summary chapter 2 class, Chapter 4 primer Chapter 1 category 1. Introduce const member functions (C ++ Primer P231-232) The constant object of the C ++ class cannot call non-const member functions. To call a member function of a constant object, it must

Beginner's assembly-Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 Summary

. There are also three 16-bit segment registers (see figure) that allow the 8086 CPU to access one megabyte of memory in an unusual way. rather than concatenating the segment register with the address register, as in most processors whose address space exceeds their register size, the 8086 shifts the 16-bit segment only four bits left before adding it to the 16-bit offset (16 × segment + offset ), therefore producing a 20-bit external (or valid tive or physical) address from the 32-bit segment:

C + + Builder exports database data to Excel summary 2

();Qryexport->sql->clear ();Qryexport->sql->add (_strsql);Qryexport->open ();Qryexport->first (); int nPos = 0;int nstep = 0;int nrecordcnt = qryexport->recordcount;if (nrecordcnt > 0){Nstep = Ceil (nrecordcnt/100.0);Pbexport->stepby (1);}Statoarbar->panels->items[1]->text = IntToStr (nrecordcnt);int irows = 0;For (Irows=6;irows {if (bisstop) {break;}Sheet1.olepropertyget ("Rows", irows+1). Oleprocedure ("Insert");Sheet1.olepropertyget ("Cells", irows,1). Olepropertyset ("Value", iRows-5);for (

20172327 2017-2018-2 first line of Android first chapter study summary

Study number 2017-2018-2 "first line of Android" the first chapter summarizes the learning contents of learning summary Textbook -Android System Architecture: 1.Linux Core LayerThe Android system is based on the Linux kernel, which provides the underlying drivers for various hardware on Android devices, such as display drivers, audio dr

201671010122 2016-2017-2 "Java Programming" sixth Chapter review Summary

the last curly brace is followed by a ";" End. In my opinion,JAVA refers to these things in order to make the program easier and easier for editors and readers. this week's blog post I choose to describe the problems that have previously remained, but also feel that I will deepen the impression here again, will further understand these grammatical points. And what about it! I am also very grateful to the teacher last week for me to provide a link to the internal class syntax, thank you teacher!

Java Programming Thought summary Note Chapter 2

space, so they have the same value.Static acts on a method, except that the usage can invoke it without creating any objects, class. Method ().2.9 Coding StyleHump Style: class, with uppercase letters in the first letter of each word Methods, fields, and objects, the first letter in lowercase, the remaining first letter capitalized Summarize:This chapter is easy to understand, the Java language and some of its basic ideas have a gen

ASM learning notes -- ASM 4 user guide Chapter 2 Key Points translation summary, asm -- asm

ASM learning notes -- ASM 4 user guide Chapter 2 Key Points translation summary, asm -- asm Reference: ASM 4 user guide Part 1 core API Chapter 2 2.1.1 Overview The compiled classes include: L Description: includes the modifier (such as public or private), name, parent clas

Moblin unofficial tutorials-Chapter 2-Section 5-Summary

Chapter 2 of the series of "moblin unofficial tutorials"-Section 5-Summary Author: Xu Cheng If you need to reprint it, please indicate the source. This chapter introduces Moblin How to create and use the development environment. Linux The system's knowledge points overlap. For Linux Readers of system d

Chapter 2 Summary of three asymmetric encryption algorithms: asymmetric encryption algorithms

Chapter 2 Summary of three asymmetric encryption algorithms: asymmetric encryption algorithms 13.1 DH The cornerstone of asymmetric algorithms It can only be used for key distribution and cannot be used for data encryption and decryption. Generally, AES is used to encrypt data. Key Length: 512 ~ Integer multiple of 64 in 1024 Both parties have their ow

MySQL Summary Chapter 2 (17.6.27)

if exists f1\\ #: Create function f1 (n int, m int) returns int #创建函数 set formal parameters, and the type of return value begin declare num int; Set num = n + m; return num; #指定返回值 Enddelimiter; Execute function Select F1 Five, built-in functions 。。。 VI. Things 1. What is A: The function is the same as the try function in Python and is not executed when an error occurs. 2. Create delimiter \Create procedureP1 (out P_return_codet

Summary of Chapter 2

set 64-bit version. Originally proposed by AMD and named X86-64, it is now supported by most of the AMD64 and Intel64 processors. However, the system still runs only the 32-bit versions of these operating systems, but newer versions of Linux and Windows support this expansion.IA32 expands to 64-bit because the length of the machine defines the range of virtual addresses that the program can use, while the 32-bit word length is the virtual address space of 4GB. For applications that need to hand

2 Chapter Summary

final keyword.Type conversionsThe small-capacity type is automatically converted to a large data type, and the large-capacity type is converted to a small data type. The Boolean type cannot be converted to another data type.OperatorArithmetic operators: Standard math operator.+ addition operator-Subtraction operator* Multiplication operator/Division Operator% modulo operator+ + increment operator--Decrement operatorRelational operators: simple arithmetic symbols.> Greater than>= greater than or

Chapter 2 knowledge Summary

address. The segment address and offset address are sent to a part called the address divider through the internal bus. The address divider combines two 16-bit addresses into a 20-bit physical address. The address divider sends 20-bit physical addresses to the input/output control circuit through the internal bus. The Input/Output Control Circuit sends 20-bit physical addresses to the address bus. 20-bit physical address is transferred to the memory by the address bus

2016701010126 2016-2071-2 "Java Programming" chapter I-Four summary

[] Books=new books[3]; books[0]=new Books ("Java Programming", 119.00f,3); //Real number defaults to Double,float type real number should be added f/f; books[1]=new Books ("C language Programming", 72.50f,8); books[2]=new Books ("Python Programming", 35.85f,5); for (Books e:books) { E.setid (); system.out.println ("title:" +e.getname () + ", ISBN:" +e.getid () + ", Book Price:" +e.getprice () + ", booklet:" +e.getcount ()); }

Chapter 2 Summary

. 4.4 Data registers can be split For example, ax can be divided into AH (high register) and Al (low register ). MoV Al, 15; set the low position to 8; MoV ah, 0; this sets the high position to 0; The value of ax is changed to 0008. The byte is counted as byte. A byte consists of 8 bits, which can be contained in 8-bit registers. Word: it is recorded as word. A word consists of two bytes. These two bytes are called the high byte and low byte of the word respectively. The address divider uses the

Chapter 2 register Summary

* 16 + offset addressYou can use the segment address and offset address to synthesize the physical address. The essential meaning of "segment address * 16 + offset address = physical address" When the CPU accesses the memory, it adds a base address (segment address * 16) and an offset address relative to the base address to give the physical address of the memory unit. Segment Concept When programming, you can think of memory units with consecutive addresses as a segment, and use segment addr

Chapter 2 register (Memory Access) Summary

Add register, register Add register, memory unit Add memory unit, register Sub commands can take the following forms: Sub register, Data Sub register, register Sub register, memory unit Sub memory unit, register Stack mechanism provided by CPU Operation Rules of the later, first, and foremost Push ax means to send data in the register ax to the stack, and pop ax means to pull data from the top of the stack and send it to ax. The inbound and outbound operations of the 8086cpu are performed in

201671010114 2016-2017-2 "Java Programming" fourth Chapter summary

object of its own type. In the same package, the different classes defined in each program can be called between each program. You cannot have two classes of the same class name in the same package. A static method is a method that cannot manipulate an object, but it can operate on a static instance domain in the same class. Access-time class name. + static method name. A static domain belongs to a class that does not belong to any independent object. This is the property reference and this ()

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