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The use range and example of the char, CHR and CHRW functions in Excel

Functions of Char, CHR, ChrW three functions: All three functions take the character code as the parameter and return the character corresponding to the code. A char function can be used in a formula Where the char function is a worksheet function

Use ASP to generate Excel Data

One of the most widely used ASP is to generate database-driven Web reports. Generally, this is to view reports in an HTML table in the browser, but it is not enough for some users. These users want to download the report data and modify it with

< go >.php export Excel (multiple methods)

Basically the exported files are divided into two types:1: Excel format, this is not in the traditional sense of Excel file, just because Excel compatibility ability, can be opened correctly. After you modify this file and then save it, you will

Excel password forget: Crack Excel Password

Excel protects passwords to prevent others from modifying Excel documents, but sometimes you forget them. Crack method: Open the Excel document that needs to be cracked, then press ALT+F11 to open the VBA editor, click Insert-Module, copy the

Excel VBA cracking worksheet/workbook protection Password

When editing files in Excel, if you do not want others to modify the file content, we usually add a password to the worksheet or workbook to protect the file. What should we do if we download an Excel file from the Internet with a worksheet/workbook

How to crack password protection in EXCEL worksheet

1. Open the worksheet for password protection. At this time, we cannot see any content.2. Now we are not in a hurry. Click "tool --- macro ---- recording new macro --- enter the name such as hh" in the excel menu"3. Now, after entering the

Meaning of CHR in Oracle

CHR (10) and CHR (13) -- line feed in OracleCHR (32) -- indicates space CHR (9) -- I don't know what it means. The following shows that it is neither a space nor a tab key.  DeclareV_a varchar2 (255 );V_ B varchar2 (255 );BeginSelect 'A' | CHR (9) |

"Reprint" How to hack a protected Excel password

Tools1. One computer (Microsoft Excel is installed)2. Protected Excel OneSteps1, first, open the protected Excel table, press "ALT" + "F11" key, pop up the following interface.2, click "Insert"--"module", appearsAdd the following code to the empty

_php instance of method to import Excel data into MSSQL database under Linux

First, clean up the idea first, ~ ~ First: We need to upload the file to the server. Then: Read Excel data columns to display Then: Let the user select the corresponding relationship of the field Then: Submit the data, read the corresponding

PHP Excel Export garbled problem

/** * functions for generating Excel Files * Author:walker * @param $data generate Excel data (two-dimensional array form) * @param null $savefile generate the file name of Excel (The current timestamp is not specified) * @param null $title generate

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