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asp.net use Npoi to read Excel templates and export download details

This article mainly introduces ASP.net use Npoi to read Excel templates and export downloads of examples, please refer to the use of the bar Why use Npoi to export Excel? nbsp; First, solve the traditional operation of Excel encountered problems: nbsp; If it is. NET, you need to install Office on the server, and upda

asp+ templates to generate Word, Excel, static pages

use templates to generate Excel, Word's best benefits: Word, Excel document style easy to control and adjust, used Excel.Application to build Excel, Word, need to write a lot of code to control the style of typesetting, with templates almost unlimited, just open Word or

. NET MVC uses Npoi to read Excel templates and then write data

Npoi In fact has been introduced almost, and then pasted a convenient later copy and paste.The highlight is actually server.mappath this thing, can find the MVC project under the folder, find the path is very convenient. /// ///device export Excel table/// PublicFileresult Exportexcel () {stringFiledir = Server.MapPath ("~/reporttemplate/my template. xls"); FileStream Dir=NewFileStream (F

ADO Excel Templates

ADO Excel Templates private static void Excute () { while (true) { String TemplatePath = System.Environment.CurrentDirectory + "\\template.xls"; String NewPath = System.Environment.CurrentDirectory + "\\temp.xls"; if (! File.exists (TemplatePath)) return; if (! File.exists (NewPath)) file.copy (TemplatePath, newpath,true); FileInfo FileInfo = New FileInfo (NewPath); String s = FileIn

Spring Abstractexcelview supports generating Excel files from templates. Specify the path to the template by setting the URL property of the view

Note:1. The template needs to be placed in the Web-inf directory2. When specifying a template path, you do not need to add an extension, and spring automatically adds the. xls to the URL property.3. Set the ApplicationContext of the view before you specify the URL 1. Controller configuration Control-context.xml1 BeanID= "Beannameviewresolver"2 class= "Org.springframework.web.servlet.view.BeanNameViewResolver" />3 4BeanID= "Viewcontroller"cl

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