excel pivot point tutorial

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How to Use pivot tables to view data in Excel (Graphic tutorial)

How to Use pivot tables to view data in Excel (Graphic tutorial)Excel 2003 worksheet is an ideal tool for organizing and analyzing financial data. For example, you may create a worksheet containing travel and accommodation expenses. If you need a Summary of the categories for each quarter, you know how to modify the wo

Excel table row and column conversion tutorial

In Excel table operations, we often need to convert Excel tables and columns, friends who do not understand this method can learn the Excel row and column conversion tutorial. Excel skills Excel table row and column conversion

Chart Automatic Update Setup Tutorial when Excel enters new data

$10,sheet1! $B $: $B $10,1), this is a very important step, and we're going to make an alternative , the formula is changed as follows: =series (, sheet1! date, sheet1! sales, 1), as shown in Figure 4. In the changed formula, you can see the names we defined in step two and step three: dates and sales. Figure 4 Having done the above work, the friend's problem is solved. When we enter new data, the chart will be updated automatically and try it quickly. As shown in Figure 5, the ch

ASP. Aries Advanced Development Tutorial: Excel import Multi-table Advanced import configuration (middle)

Objective:Multi-table import is a common scenario in the face of various complex import scenarios for Excel.Just write about it today. How the multi-table import is configured.1. Custom Import TemplateHow to customize:In fact, you create a new Excel, the column headers are written well. However, there are some drop-down options, you may not be able to work, such as user roles, whether these are to become a drop-down optional operation, it is a bit tro

Excel Watch Window Animation tutorial

Excel2003 Introductory Animation tutorial 47, Excel Watch window. Demo Animation Operation Steps We sometimes need to see the values in different cells in multiple worksheets in Excel at the same time, and you can view them in a supervised window. Select the appropriate cell, right-click, and select the Add Watch command on the shortcut menu that pops

Excel positive batch conversion to negative numbers tutorial

Today's small series to share for you this Office tutorial for Excel positive batch conversion to a negative tutorial, how to convert multiple positive numbers to plural? Let's learn how to do this. Office Tutorials Excel Positive batch conversions to negative numbers tutorial

Excel Tutorial: How to cancel rounding

When you use Excel, a lot of data is rounded up, so how do you cancel the rounding display? The following small series to teach you. Excel Tutorial: How to cancel rounding On the Excel menu bar, click Tools-Options, tick the "Show precision" item in the Recalculation tab, and then click OK. At this

Excel Basics Tutorial-Statistical functions

Sometimes need to do some data statistics, such as counting the number of passing, each fraction of the paragraph, and so on, let's look at an exercise; 1. Start Excel 1 Click "Start-All Programs-microsoft-microsoft Office Excel 2003"; 2 There is a blank window full of grid, this is a spreadsheet, the first grid look at the border to be thicker, in the selected state; 2,

Excel Header Setup Tutorial

Excel Header Setup Tutorial: To set the header step 1: Click on the menu bar "View" menu, select the Drop-down menu "header and Footer" Item (or click the menu bar "file → page settings" or select "file → print preview → settings"). Set Header Step 2: Eject the Page Setup dialog box and select the header and footer item. (quickly open the combination key: "Hold Alt+v, then click H" or "Hold al

Excel tutorial How to bulk Create a People name folder

In fact, we can use Excel to create a lot of folders, specific how to make, then please continue to see the specific steps of the operation Bar! First step First open Excel to create a new worksheet, enter "MD" in column A of the table (followed by a space), column B Enter the path to the folder you want to create, c column to enter the name of the folder, where you can manually or copy and paste to enter

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