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VBA POST calls Web API to format SQL statements

Work encountered a scene, need to use VBA to re-beautiful SQL statement format, originally wanted to directly call the local Sqlworkbench tool to achieve this function, but can not find the command parameters, cannot be directly called by VBA, forget.Find the API that can call the website directly with VBA call HTTP PO

Excel VBA calls WebService in two ways to solve mssoap30 64-bit incompatibility Problem

Although it is a very old technology, but when it comes to it, let's talk about it ..... Office EXCEL uses VBA to call WebService in two ways: 1. N years ago, Microsoft provided the mssoap30 component and compiled it for VC ++.. Net calls WebService in a similar way. They all add references, but the fatal defect is that 64-bit office is not supported.Program(

Lua calls an external program excel through COM and calls a Windows API

more than 50 characters: Please refer to the YellowLocal range = sheet: range ("A1 ″)For ROW = 1, 30 do For Col = 1, 30 doLocal v = sheet. cells (row, col). value2If v> 50 thenLocal cell = range: offset (Row-1, col-1)Cell: Select ()Excel. selection. Interior. Color = 65535EndEnd End Excel. displayalerts = false-confirm that the specified parameter has been specified.

Excel VBA application development can be ordered from the second bookstore from the basics to practices

34212.7 conclusion 343Part 1 High LevelChapter 2 advanced topics 13th13.1 call windows api34613.1.1 use api346 in VBA13.1.2 Simple API call 34613.1.3 encapsulate API calls as function 35013.1.4 encapsulate the API call as the class module 35213.2 automation other office components 35413.2.1 start other office componen

What should I do if I want to implement Python instead of VBA in Excel?

all kinds of cool. There are, for example, inserting matplotlib diagrams directly, such as using a Python-brought sort line of code to complete a complex sequence of dozens of rows of 100 rows. Just looked at the next version of the API, there are new Black technology, can excel install a plug-in and then use Python to write custom formulas instead of C # can also, do not need to use

Excel-VBA file operation methods (1)

This document describes four common methods:1. Use Excel objects to process files;2. Use VBA file processing statements to process files;3. Use the FileSystemObject object to process files;4. Use API functions to process files. Of course, you can also use ADO + SQL to operate database files. However, the Forum has already described such methods in detail, so this

Xlwings:write Excel macro using Python instead of VBA

, it'll be available as Xlwings tab on the Excel Ribbon. You need to give the interpreter path.Interpreter: The path to the Python interpreter (works also with virtual or Conda Envs), e.g. "C:\Python35\pythonw.exe" or "/usr/local/bin/python3.5" . An empty field defaults to that expects the interpreter to is set in the on pythonw PATH Windows or on .bash_profile Mac.3.QuickstartYou need Windows command line to create necessary files automatically.

Excel VBA programming-syntax

declaring a function is:[Private | Public] [Static] Function [Command][Function name = expression][Exit Function][Command][Function name = expression]End FunctionNote:(1) Private is optional. If you use Private to declare a function, the function can only be accessed by other processes in the same module.(2) Public is optional. If you declare a function using Public, it indicates that the function can be accessed by all other processes in the Excel

Use VBA in Excel to convert degrees, minutes, seconds, and decimal degrees

) -arr =Split(Longitude,"'") -Cells (i, Latcolidx +2) = Arr (0) -Longitude = arr (1) -arr =Split(Longitude,"""") inCells (i, Latcolidx +3) = Arr (0) -Cells (i, Latcolidx +4) = Cells (i, Latcolidx +1) + Cells (i, Latcolidx +2) / -+ Cells (i, Latcolidx +3) /3600 to NextI + End SubThe results are processed as follows:Conclusion:1, for Excel large-scale data processing, very high efficiency.① development environment, no need to build a specific develo

Excel-VBA file operation 1

In our daily use of Excel, we not only use the data of the current Excel file, but also frequently need to access other data files. These data files may be Excel files, text files, or database files. Some people often ask how to operate these data files in the VBA code? This article systematically introduces how to use

How to debug Excel VBA code

The error message given by Excel VBA error is minimal and requires the full use of various tools for debugging.1. Compilation errorsCommon compilation errors include the following:The wrong source code format, such as missing then after if: In the editor, the line turns red.Incorrect syntax structures, such as if and end if do not correspond: The code will be given a compilation error before it is run.Type

VBS calls the code for Windows API functions _vbs

\security\accessvbom", 1, "REG_DWORD" WshShell.RegWrite "Hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\office\12.0\excel\security\accessvbom", 1, "REG_DWORD" WshShell.RegWrite "Hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\office\14.0\excel\security\accessvbom", 1, "REG_DWORD" Dim oexcel, obook, omodule Set oexcel = CreateObject ("Excel.Application") Set obook = OExcel.Workbooks.Add Set omodule = obook. VBPROJECT.VBCOM

Excel VBA formula calculation problem summary

First of all, we recommend a very good Excel programming learning site: http://club.excelhome.net/ Problem Background: Recently, my colleagues encountered two problems, which are described as follows. Scenario 1: Excel tool. A cell is a complex formula, which is derived from data in other worksheets and calls a custom function. When the value of the data sour

One of the common Code for VBA operations Excel Classic

Mycolumn=target.column Gets the column number of the active cell Myrow=target.row gets the line number of the active cell The name of the worksheet. UsedRange.Rows.Count Specify the total number of rows used by the worksheet The name of the worksheet. UsedRange.Columns.Count Specify the total number of columns used by the worksheet The name of the worksheet. Cells (line number, column number). Value gets the values of a cell on the specified worksheet Worksheets (m). Cells (i, J). Value use

Using the. NET framework classes instead of API calls (i)

one or more Win32 APIs to accomplish the same task. using the Registry If you are like most Visual Basic 6.0 developers, you will find the SaveSetting, GetSetting, Getallsetti that are built into Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) NGS and DeleteSetting methods are useful, but they are likely to be exhausted by their limitations. All of these methods can only be used in the Registry's HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and under the

Full mining Java Excel API usage method

Excel's friends with Windows operating systems must not be unfamiliar with Microsoft, but it's not easy to manipulate Excel files using the Java language. Today, with the growing popularity of Web applications, the need to manipulate Excel files through the Web is growing, and the more popular operation is to create a CSV (comma separated values) file in a JSP or servlet and mime,text/the file to The CSV ty

Fully explore Java Excel API usage

Windows OS users are familiar with Excel (workbooks), but it is not easy to use Java to manipulate Excel files. As web applications are becoming increasingly popular today, the demand for using web to Operate Excel files is getting stronger and stronger. Currently, a popular operation is to create a CSV (comma separated values) file in JSP or servlet, the file is

Using the. NET Framework classes to override API calls (ii)

Using the System.Environment class The System.Environment class provides a number of different information that, if not available, requires multiple Windows API calls. Use System.Environment to retrieve: Information about available drives (GetLogicalDrives method) Number of milliseconds after Windows starts (TickCount property) General environment settings (by CurrentDirectory, MachineName, OSVe

Introduction to the Java Excel API

the Excel object directly to the output stream, for example: the user accesses the Web server through a browser, and if the HTTP header is set correctly, the browser automatically calls the client's Excel application to display the dynamically generated Excel spreadsheet. The next step is to create the worksheet, an

Delphi calls Excel macro

Delphi calls Excel macro In my understanding, macros are functions. As long as I can call VBA functions, I can call Excel macros.I have been studying how to use Delphi to call Excel macros for a long time. I have found a lot of materials, mostly about how to call

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