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Excel VBA: delete module after running VBA code. Deleting modules via VBA code

The code below can be used to delete the module which houses the Code. In other words, it deletes itself after running once. You will have to goTools>Macro>Security-Trusted publishersAnd check trust accessVisual Basic EditorBefore running the code. Change"Module1"To suit. Sub deletethismodule () Dim vbcom as object Msgbox "hi, I will delete myself" Set vbcom = application. VBE. activevbproject. vbcomponents Vbcom. Remove vbco

Excel VBA inserts VBA module code from this workbook in the worksheet that generated the copy

That is, add a worksheet to the workbook, and then move out of the workbook to a new workbook, and copy the code of one module of the workbook to the new workbook before moving out. Here is the key code: '====================================================================== 'Each class list is saved as a single XLS fileActivesheet.moveChDirMyPath'Ignore dialog box, overwrite saveApplication.D

Use VBA in Excel to connect to the SAP system and call function module

A colleague made an Excel file a few days ago, used VBA in Excel to call a tcode in SAP, and saved the content in sheet as a local TXT file, call the TXT file in tcode, execute tcode, and return the result to excel. I found some information on the Internet, logged on to sap using V

VBA class module--Create TABLE Class (1)

VBA development contact for two months, since the thought of the novice, encountered a lot of problems, but also some experience.According to the problems encountered in the development began to summarize. During the development process, there is a lot of temporary data stored in the process of running the program, which is only used for the next calculation and does not need to be rendered in the final result.The table

VBA class module preliminary

Here we will briefly introduce the class module in VBA, so that you can create and use simple classes in applications.Class is the "template" of the object ". The object can be anything, and the class does not do anything or occupy memory. Only after the class becomes an obj

Use VBA to manipulate the general class library of Excel

The following class excellibrary is a very common class that uses VBA to manipulate excel. It is my summary, arrangement, and reference in my work (I have used some examples from Microsoft) I have made many improvements and usage, and I will share them with you here.At first, the program had no comments. For ease of un

The parameter of the attribute in the VB class module--vba The Value property of the Range object and the Value2 property

(ByValXvalue as Integer)9m =XvalueTen End Property One A - Public Property GetIntnOptionalB as Boolean=False) as Integer -INTN =N the End Property - - 'when Addend is negative, n is assigned a value of 0 - Public PropertyLet Intn (OptionalB as Boolean=False,ByValXvalue as Integer) + IfB andN 0 Then -n =0 + Else An =Xvalue at End If - End Property - - 'calculates the two-digit and - Public FunctionMySum () as Integer -MySum = Intm +INTN in End FunctionCall:1 SubTest ()2 Dim

MS office VBA (including Excel VBA, Word VBA, access VBA, etc.) data download Summary

VBA (Visual Basic for Application ): O 'Reilly VB VBA concise tutorial OfficeVBAProgrammingCollection of manuals (CHM) Microsoft Office VBA Language Reference Microsoft Office 2007 system VBA programming Office VBA programming skills

[VBA] [tools] Excel VBA password cracking tool (VBA implementation)

VBA password cracking Create an Excel Workbook, ALT + F11 open the VBA Editor, create a module, and copy the following code. The test has passed. '1> test WIN98 + office97 and WINXP + office2003.'2> after using the following code to encrypt and protect VBA, you cannot crack

Excel VBA application development can be ordered from the second bookstore from the basics to practices

language 725.1 composition of VBA programs 725.1.1 module 725.1.2 process 735.1.3 function 765.1.4 process and function call 775.1.5 note 785.2 Data Type 795.2.1 constants and variables 795.2.2 data type 805.2.3 operator 825.2.4 array 835.2.5 Custom Data Type 845.2.6 Enumeration type 855.2.7 variable scope (lifecycle) 865.2.8 string 875.2.9 Date and Time 895.3 control procedure process 905.3.1 Condition St

Four types of Autorun macros in VBA and what the module means

You can create 4 auto-run macros in standard modules in Excel, which are Auto_Open (run automatically when you open the workbook), Auto_Close, Auto_Activate, Auto_Deactivate. These autorun macros are reserved for compatibility with EXCEL5 and 95. You can now replace them with the Open,close,activate,deactivate event of the workbook.So, what is a "standard module"? In fact, the

Encapsulating Excel VBA with vb.net (Visual Basic 2010) as a dll_com component (ii)

vb.net also support data type conversion function, but in vb.net should strive to avoid use, the more common way to handle data type conversion is to use the System.Convert class; Excel VBA is handling errors through the On Error statement, which is still supported in vb.net, but has been discarded, and it is strongly recommended to use try ... Catch... Finally

Excel in VBA practical Skills--Interactive publishing network

This article is a computer class of high-quality pre-sale recommendation >>>>"Excel in VBA practical skills of the essence"Classic book "Don't Be Afraid, Excel VBA is actually very simple" advanced article, is a VBA learning treas

In excel, I want to use Python instead of VBA. What should I do?

text file formats are all good choices. In this case, the so-called "python reading and writing excel files" is actually a python reading and writing text files. This text file is in a certain format, and you can get twice the result with half the effort by finding a csv class library. If csv/txt is too simple and multiple worksheets are required in the file, they can be saved in the xls/xlsx format. The c

Use vsto or VBA to develop EXCEL reports?

Development Environment) • Access Multiple debugging tools provided by Visual Studio. NET • Make full use of all. Net object models (such as ADO. Net) • Use server Resource Manager • Powerful functions for accessing the Microsoft. NET Framework class through Microsoft Office System • Select higher security options for the code you created • Implement

What should I do if I want to implement Python instead of VBA in Excel?

Premise: Because the use of VBA code readability and poor extensibility, want to use Python implementation, to improve the reuse rate. The current idea is to write the basic information in Excel, when executing a macro, VBA calls Python code through the library, generate statistics, what library can I use to implement? Reply content:Maintain an

Excel VBA programming-syntax

variable.3. Keywords in VBA cannot be used as variables.4. Variable names cannot contain special types of declarative characters (#, $, %, , or !).5. The variable name can contain a maximum of 254 characters.(For details about VBA naming rules, see a series of articles later)------------------Declare VariablesIts syntax is:Dim Or: Private Or: Public Multiple variables can be declared in one row. Each varia

[VBA] Use VBA macro to automatically change the Excel macro security level settings

Option explicit Sub setexcelvba () 'Exercise 'Function: Change the Excel Security Level 'Use: wscript, FileSystemObject, create TXT file, registry operation, vbs file self-deletion, change Excel file read/write attributes, etc. By Keanjeason@Officefans.net Dim wsh as object, RET as string, regstr as string Dim strfullname as string, strvbs as string Dim TF, FSO, retval 'The program only applies to

[Excel & VBA] VBA parses the local file directory to read text data

Sometimes Excel VBA is used to deal with some things. After all, I am a lazy person, and I always like to try to hand over repetitive work to the computer for processing, so that I can prove that my brain is still running, summarize some methods for reading and parsing local file directories in VBA. 1' this function is used to obtain the names of all folders in

1.VBA Tutorial VBA Excel macro

EXCEL VBA macroIn this chapter, let's learn how to write a simple macro. Let's take a step-by-step.1th step: First, let's be able to excel20xx ' develop ' menu. Do the same, click File >> Option.2nd step: Click on the Customize Ribbon tab and select "Developer", then click "OK".3rd step: The "Developer" Ribbon appears in the menu bar.4th step: Click the "Visual Basic" button to open the

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