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Engineering Planning for VBA programming

Read a lot of people write VBA code, a regiment of a regiment, a little planning is not, in order to VBA programming more engineering, here to discuss, and list their own recommendations:0. Define a name for the VBA project instead of directly using the default name-"VBAProject"-to facilitate future cross-VBA engineeri

VBA object Model (2)

statements for working with objects and collectionsIf you want to use VBA to work effectively with the Excel object model, you need to use the with ... frequently. End with statement and for each ... Next statements, which simplify the processing of objects and collections.With ... End with statementWith ... The END with statement can perform a series of operations on an object without having to repeatedly

In excel, I want to use Python instead of VBA. What should I do?

text file formats are all good choices. In this case, the so-called "python reading and writing excel files" is actually a python reading and writing text files. This text file is in a certain format, and you can get twice the result with half the effort by finding a csv class library. If csv/txt is too simple and multiple worksheets are required in the file, they can be saved in the xls/xlsx format. The corresponding read/write operations are descri

Excel VBA application development can be ordered from the second bookstore from the basics to practices

In the morning, the press called to inform you that the book has been officially published. After reading the second bookstore, you can order it now, but the status is out of stock. If you need it, you can order it. It is estimated that each bookstore can see it in a month. Order: http://www.dearbook.com.cn/book/110873Http://www.dangdang.com/product/9201/9201169.shtml Chapter 2 Introduction to excel and VB

What should I do if I want to implement Python instead of VBA in Excel?

file needs multiple worksheet, then can be saved in xls/xlsx format, the corresponding read and write operation with the XLRD and Openpyxl mentioned above. The second type, the operation of the file not only read and write data, including more other operations, such as inserting rows and columns, setting font color, wait. The file format must be the Excel only

QT Operation Excel

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a macro language of Visual Basic that can be used to extend the application functionality of Windows, especially Microsoft Office software. It can also be said to be an application-visualization basic Script. In the 1994 release of Excel 5.0, you have the macro functionality of VBA.In the VBA reference manual can see specifi

"Go" Getting Started with VBA programming (II)

toolbars, menus and interfaces.3. Simplify the use of templates.4. Customize Excel to make it a development platform.5. Create the report.6. Complex operation and analysis of the data.The following are the reasons for using Excel as a development platform:1. Excel itself is powerful, including printing, file processing, formatting and text editing.2.

C # API: Generate and read Excel files

, misValue ); XlApp. Quit (); ReleaseObject (xlWorkSheet ); ReleaseObject (xlWorkBook ); ReleaseObject (xlApp ); MessageBox. Show ("Excel file created, you can find the file c: \ csharp-Excel.xls "); } Private void releaseObject (object obj) { Try { System. Runtime. InteropServices. Marshal. ReleaseComObject (obj ); Obj = null; } Catch (Exception ex) { Obj = null; MessageBox. Show ("Exception Occured while releasing object" + ex

Common vbs Excel operations

cells:Oexcel. cells (). value = "column 4 in the first row"7) set the width of the specified column (unit: number of characters). Take the first column as an example:Oexcel. activesheet. Columns (1). columnswidth = 58) set the height of the specified row (unit: lbs) (1 lbs = 0.035 cm). Take the second behavior as an example:Oexcel. activesheet. Rows (2). rowheight = 1/0. 035 '1 cm9) insert a paging character before Row 3:Oexcel. worksheets (1). Rows (8). pagebreak = 110) Delete the paging chara

VBA practical development guide (4)

"-"macro"-"Stop recording ". After recording a macro, You can execute it. 1.4 execute macros When a macro is executed, the Excel statement is executed according to the macro statement, just as the VBA code is "Remote Control" on the Excel ". However, VBA's "Remote Control" not only makes operations easy, but also gives you some functions that cannot be implemente

Don't be afraid. Excel VBA is really Simple (2nd edition) pdf

: Network Disk DownloadContent Introduction······For most professionals who do not have a foundation for programming, they tend to have a lot of fear in learning VBA. This book is aimed at such a crowd, with easy-to-understand language and vivid image of the metaphor, and with a large number of illustrations, the seemingly complex concepts and code in Excel, from simple macro recording,

VBA and macros

before the martial arts athletes to practice that part of the routine action, always embrace, zama, out fist and then kick the leg, never can not zama on the punch, no punch kicked the leg. The macro that we recorded today also always first set the font, and then change the font color, this order will never mess.After all this, do you feel that these operations

Step by step, explore the Second Development of Excel. net source code (1)-Excel version and reference

and band data access, merger, font color, border and grid lines, etc., from simple to deep, from basic implementation to combination, the report design, nesting, and template printing are implemented. The powerful functions of Excel are used to analyze any complicated formats, reports, and statistical graphs. Starting from this article, we will gradually explore

35 tips for little-known Excel skills

"cell format" dialog box and set "color" of "font" to "red ".2. Click "add" and set other conditions (greater than or equal to 1500, the font is set to "blue", less than 1000, and the font is set to "brown ").3. After the settings are complete, click OK.Look at the payroll. Is the total salary data displayed in differ

Step by step, explore the Second Development of Excel. net source code (1)

Ms excel function I don't have to say, in general, powerful convenient and flexible, widely used. It is very convenient to use Excel for data storage, report printing, and usually office processing. It is worth noting that excel provides the secondary development function to meet the needs of different levels, providing great convenience for programmers to manual

One of the VBA starter series

. Complex operation and analysis of the data.using Excel as a development platform has the following reasons:The 1.EXCEL itself is powerful, including: printing, file processing, formatting, text editing.2.EXCEL contains a number of functions.Familiar with 3.EXCEL interface.4. Can be connected to a variety of databases

Use Lotus script to generate graphical EXCEL reports with Lotus Domino data

, you can write it in an Excel template and select the data source of the pie chart directly. If this category is dynamic, the above method won't work. At this time, you need to use a program to set the attributes of some Excel Charts. Example 2: use Excel to generate a dynamic classification chart and display it in the domino application. In this example, co

VBA practical development guide (2)

(4) forms and related control objectsThe VBA editor is very similar to VB, so it also provides forms and related controls. However, due to the characteristics of office, there are some differences between forms, controls and VB in VBA. 1. User form knowledge point A form is an interface for implementing program and user interaction. It not only improves the interface friendliness of the program, but also fu

VBA Shh Shh

represents the second inserted sheet ....Sheets (n) indicates that the nth worksheet is sorted in orderActiveSheet represents the active sheet, the worksheet on which the cursor is locatedWorksheet also represents a worksheet, but does not include chart sheets, macro worksheets, and so on.C. Cell ObjectCells all cellsRange ("Cell address")Cells (number of rows, columns) Range ("B3") and cells (3,2) represent the same cellsActivecell cells that are being selected or editedSelection the cell or r

Go: Delphi and Office program development--Good to read

servers controls and COM technologies, this method can really use the various properties of office, and it is basically the same as writing your own code in VBA, which can be used by default code. 3. Software implementation 3. 1 The first method: Use the Delphi control Tolecontainer to embed office in the following ways: (1)Using the System page control in Delphi Tolecontainer implementation; (2) Double-click the Olecontainer, the following interface

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