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VBA Open Excel file traverse sheet name and value of the specified cell

Today, there is an application on the project, get the name of all sheet under the specified Excel file and the value of the specified cell in the current sheet, and write them to the fixed sheet, see, the file is more, and the number of each file sheet more, also different, So I intend to write a program to help us achieve the task, the code is very simple, but

How to access values and manipulate cells in a cell with VBA code in Excel 2003-Columns of Tang and song ci-Blog Channel-csdn.net

When you write VBA code in Excel, the most common thing you can do is manipulate the data in the cells in the form. I'll summarize here how to manipulate the data in a cell from VBA code.The Range object is required to manipulate cells in VBA code, and range is a class provi

VBA code to have the background color of rows and columns in an Excel active cell

In Excel, in order to enhance the contrast of the active cell, sometimes we need to modify its background color, font, font size, and so on, to differentiate and other cell contrast! In this tutorial, let's learn how to make Excel active cells have the background color in rows and columns, first look at the figure bel

Excel VBA value type and reference (object) Type

In Excel VBA, variables can be divided into two categories: value type, such as integer and double. This type of variable assignment operation directly uses the equal sign. For example: Dim A as integer Dim B as integer A = 12 B = a + 2 Another variable type is the object type, such as range and worksheet. This type of variable stores a pointer pointing to t

How do you hide cells with a cell value of "0" in Excel?

How do you hide cells with a cell value of "0" in Excel? When we edit the Excel table, sometimes we need to sort out Excel tables, for example, in an Excel worksheet where there are a number of cells with the data "0", what shoul

[VBA study] how to assign cell data to arrays and vba cell arrays

[VBA study] how to assign cell data to arrays and vba cell arrays Author: iamlaosong You can assign the data in a worksheet to an array or assign the data in an array to a worksheet. There are two types of data: one is a loop method, one by one, this method is generally used when special processing is required for each

Poi operation Excel exception cannot get a text value from a numeric cell

Console throws exception:Java.lang.IllegalStateException:Cannot get a text value from a numeric cellThe above error occurred when parsing an Excel file with POI in Java, indicating that the value of the text type cannot be obtained from a cell of a numeric type.When a POI operates

Excel exception cannot get a text value numeric cell

Excel exception cannot get a text value numeric cellPoi there are different types of data cell when manipulating Excel, when we attempt to read a string from a cell of a numeric type and write to the database, an abnormal error cannot get a-text

C # Modifies the value of an Excel-specified cell

Writes the specified string to the specified cellpublic void WriteData (string data,string sheetname, int row, int column){Try{Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application Excel = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application ();//Instantiate an Excel objectObject missing = system.reflection.missing.value;//Gets the missing object type valueOpen the specified Excel

The Excel cell displays "#VALUE!" Solving method

When you use Excel to work with data, sometimes cells display "#VALUE!" Such information, printing is not very neat and beautiful. As shown in the following illustration: Causes Excel to display the "#VALUE!" There are a variety of reasons for error messages, and you can click here to see what they are. If you

Use poi to import the Excel file and solve cannot get a text value from a numeric formula Cell

Recent Excel Import There are two methods: jxl and poi Problems: jxl import: If a macro exists in the file, an error is reported. The solution cannot be found. Poi import: memory overflow is caused by a large file size. Exception in thread "Main" Java. Lang. illegalstateexception: cannot get a text value from a numeric formula Cell This problem is because the

Excel: Convert the character formula in a cell to the calculated value

Variable: the cell [fa] in which the text formula is located (set its coordinates to the first column of the first row, that is, A1) and output to the result cell [FB].1. Enter the text formula to be calculated in [fa], such as "'= 100*100" or "100*100. Note that the first formula starts with single quotes. 2. In [FB], run the following command: insert | Name | definition |Enter a function name such as "AB

Excel VBA application development can be ordered from the second bookstore from the basics to practices

call 283.2.7 variable 293.2.8 Program Process 333.2.9 Condition Statement 333.2.10 loop statement 373.2.11 array 413.2.12 utility and other 423.3 apply VBA to excel453.3.1 Excel Object Model 453.3.2 common objects in Excel Object Model 463.4 application instance 483.4.1 use VBA to merge columns 483.4.2 automatically h

Don't be afraid. Excel VBA is really Simple (2nd edition) pdf

should follow3.1 Grammar is the rule that should be followed when language is expressed3.1.1 Do not understand grammar, the expression will be wrong3.1.2 As a programming language, VBA also has syntax3.1.3 Don't worry, VBA syntax is not complicated3.2 Data and data types in VBA3.2.1 In Excel, data is the information stored in a cell3.2.2 data types, which are co

Encapsulating Excel VBA with vb.net (Visual Basic 2010) as a dll_com component (ii)

following code, Excel running interface is displayed:True ' display the Excel program's running interfaceAlthough the Excel runtime interface is displayed, but there are no tables, the following code creates a new table in the Excel program:VbApp.Workbooks.Add3. All objects must display a declaration that indicates th

[Excel & VBA] VBA parses the local file directory to read text data

indicates the absolute address of the file, and linenum indicates the row number. 3 function readfile2 (path, linenum) 4': handle the error, can be removed. If there is an error, it will automatically jump to the error tag and execute 5 on error goto Error 6 7' to open the file, and use the symbol "1" instead of the file stream 8 open path for input as #1 9 10' to determine whether the file stream "1" is read to the end of the file 11 do while not EOF (1) 12 13 'read a row in the file stream "1

VBA Research uses VBA to get the number of rows that Excel arbitrarily columns

data has only one row or the column has null values. The number of valid rows will not be taken. This is also the main reason why this method is not used frequently. The variable Pos_ems in the above statement can read the value of a cell so that it is ready to be set when confronted with different files: POS_FST = Cells (2, 7) Pos_ems = Cells (3, 7) Pos_sav = Cells (4, 7) Lineno = [B65536]

VBA Research uses VBA to get the number of valid rows for any column in Excel

IamlaosongWhen using VBA to process Excel files, the key fields of the column number programming is often not known, need to pass parameter settings to know, therefore, when we program, we can not use such a statement to take the number of valid rows:Lineno = [B65536]. End (Xlup). RowThe column name "B" in the above statement, if it is a variable, can be implemented in the form of a string connection, namel

VBA Excel programming three-day discussion (1)

Recently, I have learned how powerful VBA is to modify an Excel report. This report was written by Daniel three years ago. Just open this file every day, the Dev and UAT databases in Oracle are automatically connected to read the latest market data and six perspectives are generated, compare the data similarities and differences between Dev and UAT. The convenience of using

"EXCEL&VBA" VBA Object architecture

VBA Object Architecture Application Object--represents the entire Microsoft Excel application Common Properties Common methods Common events ActiveCell OnWindow Calculate Sheetactive ActiveSheet Path ConvertFormula Sheetdeactive ActiveWindow PathSeparator OnKey SheetFollowHyperlink

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