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Common Excel VBA programming code

specified CellFor example, the content of cell A1 is set to "HELLO"Range ("a1"). value = "hello" Another example: If your current workbook is on sheet1, You need to insert "HELLO" to the A1 cell of sheet2"1.Sheets ("sheet2"). selectRange ("a1"). value = "hello"Or2.Sheets ("sheet1"). Range ("a1").

Excel VBA programming-syntax

to retrieve the members in the set.(4) Remove MethodDeletes a Member from a set by using the index or key in the set.You can use... End With constructor and For Each... The Next structure is very convenient to process objects and sets. For more information, see the object model in the ExcelVBA programming series (2): an article on understanding and using Excel object models.------------------OperatorOperators are a series of symbols used to complete

Some formulas and VBA scripts that Excel uses to process data

value based on the row and column number specified in a given range (range reference or array) and returns a cell reference if the source data is a range, or a value in the array if the source range is an array.INDEX (Reference, Row_num, [Column_num], [Area_num])INDEX (Array, row_num, [column_num])Example: extracting from the data table on the left to create a n

VBA Programming in Excel

MyString as Stringmystring = "Const" "Const1" Sheet1.range ("A1"). the contents of Value = MyString ' A1 become constconst17. For LoopFor i = 0 to 10 Next I8. If statementIf i = 2 Then ' If I equals 2ElseEnd if9. While statementList = 1Do while sheet1.cells (1, list). Value 10. Implement characters that wrap content in a cellCHR (10)11. Check whether the file existsDir (file name of full path) ' file exi

Excel VBA formula calculation problem summary

First of all, we recommend a very good Excel programming learning site: http://club.excelhome.net/ Problem Background: Recently, my colleagues encountered two problems, which are described as follows. Scenario 1: Excel tool. A cell is a complex formula, which is derived from data in other worksheets and calls a custom function. When the

VBA Operations Excel

(strTableName)'write back to ExcelActiveSheet.Cells (8,1). Value =strTableName strkey=GETUSERPK ()IfStrkey ="" Then 'Connection String DimConndb asADODB. ConnectionSetCONNDB =NewADODB. ConnectionDimConnStr as String 'result set DimDbrst asADODB. RecordsetSetDbrst =NewADODB. Recordset ConnStr=getconnstr () conndb.open connstr'DoEventsProcessfm.show0DoEvents Dbrst.open SQL strTableName "'", ConnStrIfDbrst.eof andDbrst.bof Th

Excel VBA Simple to use-data loss processing

macro in the Trust Center of the option.This setting is very easy for the machine to recruit. So you'd better turn it off when you're done.3 Opening the programming environmentRight-sheet The tab and "View Code" to open the BVA edit page.The code that is currently being edited is the corresponding sheet.High-speed start: Two drop-down menus are selected for worksheet and BeforeDoubleClick to allow you to execute the code before double-clicking in a table.Get a framework like this:Private Sub Wo

How Excel VBA automatically inserts photos by name

First, the premise condition In the Excel cell, you have entered the person's name, and, under the name, leave a blank cell to insert the appropriate picture. Like the following figure. For example, B1 is the name, and B3 will automatically insert John's photo into B3 according to John's name. others, etc. This has to be done using

Use VBA to implement Excel to merge adjacent cells of the same content

cell may not be the same as the current cell value.At this point, you need to choose a priority, priority to the row merge or priority to the column merge.Sub mergecellswithsamevalue () application.screenupdating = False Application.DisplayAlerts = False Dim R as I Nteger Dim C as Integer Sheet1.UsedRange.EntireRow.AutoFit Sheet1.UsedRange.EntireColumn.AutoFit sheet1.us Edrange.horizontalalignment = Xlcent

Excel action "1" in C #--a way to set the contents of an Excel cell to open an Excel file

ObjectiveAs a member of the Project Management Brigade, the most contact in the company is the Excel file, so from the beginning, I want to start with Excel, learn a simple two times to develop, start their own programming road!Program InterfaceFunction descriptionThe Open File button allows the user to specify the Excel file to manipulate and displays the file p

Excel VBA Instance

Use the same treatment for all other sheet Code Module LearningAfter you have determined that the processing scheme is VBA, learn the basic VBASelect a fixed tableSub test1 () ' gives cell C1 the value of cell D6 a range ("C1") = Range ("D6"). Value ' for

Excel sends emails using vba

Sub Mail_Text_in_Body ()Dim msg As String, cell As RangeDim Recipient As String, Subj As String, HLink As StringDim Recipientcc As String, Recipientbcc As StringRecipient = "someone@21cn.com"Recipientcc = ""Recipientbcc = ""Subj = "Testbodymail"Msg = "Dear customer"HLink = "mailto:" Recipient "? "" Cc = " Recipientcc " bcc = " Recipientbcc ""HLink = HLink "subject =" Subj ""HLink = HLink "body =" msgActiveWorkbook. FollowHyperlink (HLink)Applicat

Excel-VBA file operation methods (1)

This document describes four common methods:1. Use Excel objects to process files;2. Use VBA file processing statements to process files;3. Use the FileSystemObject object to process files;4. Use API functions to process files. Of course, you can also use ADO + SQL to operate database files. However, the Forum has already described such methods in detail, so this article will not repeat them. 1. Use

Use VBA in Excel to filter data

I = 1 to Max Step 1 A (I) = range ("A" I). Value Next I For I = 1 to Max Step 1 For j = 1 to Max Step 1 'Different rows If I If a (I) = a (j) then B (I) = 1 End if End if Next J Next I For I = 1 to Max Step 1 Range ("F" I). value = B (I) Next End sub After you run the command, it may take less than five minutes for 10000 records. You are satisfied with the in

VBA macros in Excel tables help you split the numbers in two cells conditionally

The Excel worksheet has two numbers in A1 cells and B1 cells. These two numbers are a bit the same, now you want to find the same number and write to cell C1, find the numbers in the A1 that are not in the B1 and write to the cell D1, find the numbers in B1 that are not in A1 and write to cell E1. As in the following

Replacing Vlookup with VBA dictionary search in Excel

From the previous article "Python Excel operations", we can see that python Excel operations are very convenient. However, Python and related libraries are an additional dependency. If you can solve such problems from Excel itself, it is naturally easier to use. 1. In VBA, the focus of the hash table in python is that

Self-use Excel VBA skills

1. If you want to update the chart with the raw data, you cannot directly use the value of the source data. Instead, you must reference the address (which must also be in r1c1 format). For example:Click to expand Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/-->Dim s as series ... Set Rg = range (worksheets ("sheetxxx"). cells (1, 2), worksheets ("sheetxxx"). cells (6, 2 )) ... S. Values = "= 'sheetxxx

Remove blank rows and columns in Excel with VBA implementation

().2.Sub Deleteempty ()Call DeleteemptyrowCall DELETEEMPTYCOLMNEnd SubSub Deleteemptyrow ()' Delete blank rows with no values after column 2nd to line 95th between columns CDim I as IntegerFor i = 94 to Step-1If Cells (i, 3) = "ThenSheets ("Sheet1"). Rows (i). DeleteEnd IfNext I End Sub' Delete empty columns with no values for line 6thSub DELETEEMPTYCOLMN ()Dim I as IntegerFor i = 4 Step-1If Cells (6, i) = "ThenSheets ("Sheet1"). Columns (i). DeleteEnd IfNext IEnd SubThanks for sharing. In fact

Multiple methods for calculating the number of rows and columns in the WPS table et Excel using VBA

use VBA to calculate the number of rows and columns in the WPS table et Excel The number of rows in Excel above each method, and the following is the number of columns in Excel. Method 1: ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.CountActiveSheet.UsedRange.Columns.Count disadvantage: Sometimes it may be larger than the actual number,

Excel: How to Run C # code behind with a click of a button on a worksheet, without VBA code

From: http://blogs.msdn.com/ B /vsod/archive/2009/10/02/excel-how-to-run-c-code-behind-with-a-click-of-a-button-on-a-worksheet-without-vba-code.aspx Excel: How to Run C # code behind with a click of a button on a worksheet, without VBA codemsdnarchive 2 Oct 2009 pm 0 OLE object controls such as command button, ch

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