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Excel VBA calls WebService in two ways to solve mssoap30 64-bit incompatibility Problem

Although it is a very old technology, but when it comes to it, let's talk about it ..... Office EXCEL uses VBA to call WebService in two ways: 1. N years ago, Microsoft provided the mssoap30 component and compiled it for VC ++.. Net calls WebService in a similar way. They all add references, but the fatal defect is that 64-bit office is not supported.Program(

Webservice (CXF), POI (Excel) operations deployed to WebLogic conflict resolution

These days to deploy WebService and POI operations on the WebLogic, there are numerous problems, there are various conflicts.No problem deploying to TomcatVersion:Jdk:6Tomcat:6weblogic:10.3.3cxf:2.6poi:3.9Conflict 1:Org.apache.cxf.binding.soap.SoapFault:Cannot Create a secure xmlinputfactoryUnder the Web-inf folder, add Weblogic.xmlXmlns:xsi= "Http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"xsi:schemalocation= "Http://www.bea.com/ns/weblogic/weblogic-web-ap

C # calls Excel to function correctly on VS, deployment is not implemented on IIS, the difference between running pages in VS and running in IIS after publishing

Found an article, very well, to solve the problem; Thank Yumbo Lord! Take a note.Address: http://www.cnblogs.com/zhongxinWang/p/3275154.htmlPublish a Web program on IIS that calls the server's COM componentIn general, there are many PDA points in the factory, all of which have to be scanned in real-time-printing operations. The implementation method is to use a network printer, and then the server installed drivers, management of all printers. Then the server, the release of a

Read/write Excel file in Java using Apache POI

(2). Setcellvalue (6d); Datarow.createcell (3). Setcellformula ("A2*b2*c2"); Save the file try {fileoutputstream out = new FileOutputStream ("C:\Dinesh\javahabitformulaD Emo.xlsx ")); Workbook.write (out); Out.close (); System.out.println ("Excel File with FormLA is created!"); } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {e.printstacktrace (); } catch (IOException e) {e.printstacktrace (); } }}OUT

General Excel import tool V1.0 instructions

General Excel import tool V1.0 Instructions for use Sometimes our data is stored in Excel (especially for users who prefer to use Excel to collect some common data), and the system needs the data to process other businesses, then we need to import the data to the database. However, in view of the variety of Excel S

PHP uses SOAP extensions to implement WebService methods, soapwebservice_php tutorial

: ... ... Note: Methods that call PHP webserver must pass in named parameters. More readers interested in PHP related content can view this site: "Summary of PHP operations and operator usage," PHP Network Programming Tips Summary, "PHP Basic Grammar Primer Tutorial", "PHP operation Office Document tips summary (including word,excel,access, ppt), "PHP Date and Time usage summary", "PHP primer for Objec

[Recommended] [Download] (Excel): a series of articles on common function formulas and operation skills [10 in total]

formulas and operation skills 9: Query and search references (Excel) Top 10 common function formulas and Operation Skills: skills for inputting data Statement: Bloggers or netizens: this series is collected and sorted by the author. It is only used for learning purposes and cannot be used for commercial purposes! If you like this seriesPlease recommend and commentThank you! 2011EricHu For original works, please refer to the author and source

Vsto + winform + WebService + WCF + WPF example

table. haha, this function is a bit like a function in Bi. drill down the data under it. -11. the left part is the raw data, the right side is the data that has been viewed, And the generated data, the field column can also be self-displayed/hidden. you can also generate a chart based on the perspective data, which is also included in the sample code. You can customize the parameters. this function can be used in a function system with the decision function, such as the sales volume of a depart

C #-XML Development

strings to generate HTML pages is not a sustainable process of software development and maintenance. The program code is easily disorganized and the generated HTML code is not readable. If the XML technology is used for reference in the process of generating HTML code, this problem can be improved to better control the Web software development process and improve the software quality. XML and WebService WebServic

Basic WebService development documentation-What is WebService

What is WebService? WebService is called a web service. The concept of SOA proposed by IBM has been hyped over the past few years. This is mainly because of this WebService technology. This is a cross-platform function that relies on Web application servers and interacts with the XML platform through the HTTP protocol. This is too abstract. In other words, I deve

C # How to export data from a dataset to an Excel file

[Size = x-large] using system; Using system. Collections. Generic; Using system. text; Using system. Data; Using system. Windows. forms; Using system. reflection; Namespace DMS{/// /// C # Excel operations/// Class exceloperate{// Method 1 // Public bool datasettoexcel (Dataset dataset, bool isshowexcle)//{// Datatable = dataset. Tables [0];// Int rownumber = datatable. Rows. count;// Int columnnumber = datatable. Columns. count; // If (rownumber =

On Excel Development (v.) Excel's RTD function

Related articles: On Excel Development (1) Overview of Excel Development On Excel Development (II.) Excel menu system On the development of Excel (III.) Excel object model The UDF function in

On the development of Excel (IV.) Excel custom functions

Related articles: On Excel Development (1) Overview of Excel Development On Excel Development (II.) Excel menu system On the development of Excel (III.) Excel object model We know that there are many built-in functions in

C # about Excel Export database practices

Using System;Using System.Diagnostics;Using System.Collections;Using System.Data;Using System.Web;Using System.Web.UI;Using System.Web.UI.WebControls;Using Excel;Using System.Data.OleDb;Namespace Maticsoft.common{To manipulate Excel to export a data report classCopyright (C) Maticsoftpublic class Datatoexcel{Public Datatoexcel (){}#region A class that operates in Excel

C # winform Development Series-Article Index

, image processing, custom control painting), printing,Multithreading(Delegate, event, thread, asynchronous processing, backgroundworker), XML/XSLT/XPath,Reports(Rdlc, Excel, PDF, word), file,Socket/WCF/rometing/WebService, printing, clipboard drag-and-drop operations, regular expressions, and other aspects. Most articles and related code are collected from the network. The copyright belongs to the original

Excel 2013 functions know early

formulas are explained and demonstrated, this function can be used to show the specific formulas used in a cell. 2,isformula Type: Information class Function: Determine if the contents of a cell are a formula Syntax: Isformula (Reference) Application: Use the following formula to determine whether the contents of a cell in C4 is a formula, to return true, or to return false: =isformula (C4) In an existing version (Excel 2003~2010), you can

Output page information to excel

Http://blog.csdn.net/mengKzhaoyun/archive/2010/05/06/5564013.aspx To output page information to excel, Silverlight APIs cannot allow customers to directly access excel. Therefore, a powerful WebService is used to output excel. After mengk traveled through the network, it found that there are four methods for. Net ope

Use pojo to implement 0-configured webservice

Axis2 is a brand new WebService engine. This version is the product of the redesign of Axis1.x. Axis2 not only supports SOAP1.1 and SOAP1.2, but also integrates the popular REST WebService and Spring and JSON technologies. These will be explained in the subsequent series of tutorials. This article describes how to use Axis2 to develop a WebService without any con

[WebServices]: Basic knowledge

1. supplement related to survival Under normal circumstances, the server creates a new WebService object each time webmethod is called, even if the client uses the same proxy object to call webmethod multiple times. Once we call a webmethod with a cache tag, the WebService object will not be re-created as long as it does not exceed the cache period. If you call a webmethod without any cached tags during the

Basic WebServices knowledge

Basic WebServices knowledge 1. supplement related to survival Under normal circumstances, the server creates a new WebService object each time WebMethod is called, even if the client uses the same proxy object to call WebMethod multiple times. Once we call a WebMethod with a cache tag, the WebService object will not be re-created as long as it does not exceed the cache period. If you call a WebMethod witho

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