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Ansible Setup module to obtain server hardware, software information examples

Development CMDB, in addition to record the server's account password, but also need to record the server hardware and software information, if the use of manual records, if the server is large, the workload is relatively large, so I need to be able

Python Object-oriented & Common modules (ii)

1. Object-oriented 1.1 exception handling (exceptions, assertions, exception types, throw exceptions, Python exception snaps)Exception handlingname = "aa"try: # 这一段是要执行的主体 print(name)# except Exception as msg: # 如果没有正常执行,就执行下面的这一段。Exception

A simple Python script that monitors Redis performance

A simple Python script that monitors Redis performance has already talked about how to monitor memcached, and now incidentally how to monitor Redis. Let's start with the following information about monitoring redis: Redis Ping: Verify Ping

Virtualization cloud and automated self-built KVM templates

Later on the internet also found two to achieve similar functions of the script, one is the shell version, one is the Python version. Eventually I combine some of the characteristics between the two to do a little integration and optimization

A * (a star) algorithm Python implementation

Two days before the Spring Festival holiday I happened to see the a\* algorithm (a\* algorithm is a heuristic map pathfinding algorithm), it feels very interesting. Just before the holiday did not have anything, it took an afternoon to write the

Python implements multithreaded crawling with user _python

Packages that need to be used: beautifulsoup4html5libimagerequestsredisPyMySQL PIP installs all dependent packages: Pip install \ Image \ requests \ beautifulsoup4 \ html5lib \ redis \ pymysql Operating environment needs to support Chinese The

Search for answers in the Test database developed by applet

I'm bored when I finish the final exam. CY then came to my bedroom and reminded me that I could develop a program to automatically find the answer in excel. after giving his ideas, he started work immediately. The question Library with the

Mail Remote control Computer Mcc-python Realization

The implementation of this is a remote control of the computer via mail to achieve certain remote operations, such as the computer to perform the cmd command, play music, open the specified files and other operations of the project. The code

MySQL interacts with Python

sudo apt-get install Python-mysqlSuppose there is a database test1, there is a product information table products, insert a product information into it, the program is as follows:#-*-Coding:utf-8-*-Import MySQLdbTryConn=mysqldb.connect (host= '

Mongodb operations implemented by php

Mongodb operations implemented by php Speaking of php connection to mongoDB, I have to first introduce the official php manual. Pai_db.php ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

Getting started with Python four: exceptions

First, abnormalExceptions are actions that are taken when an exception condition is triggered (interpreter or programmer)Exceptions in C + + use try, throw, catch and other keywords, while Python uses try, raise, except, etc.Second, standard

Python's third-party library series six--traceback library

today DotA play well, the article comes relatively simple, hehe ~ The Traceback module is used to track exception return information. As shown in the following example: Import traceback try: raise SyntaxError, "Traceback test" except:

A simple implementation of the Python messaging feature

This article mainly teaches you how to realize the Python to send and receive the mail function easily, the knowledge point is used in Python's built-in Poplib and Stmplib module. Have a certain reference value, interested in small partners can

Php-implemented mongodb operation class _ PHP Tutorial

Mongodb operations implemented by php. When talking about php connection to mongodb, the mongoDB operation class implemented by php has to introduce the official php manual at: us. php. netmanualenbook. mongo. php: next I will share with you a

Using Python to monitor memcached basic information

Using Python to monitor memcached basic informationUse Python to monitor memcached's basic information, such as connections, Hitrate, freememory, Memoryusage, evictions, and more. Then customize the Zabbix keys value to implement a custom monitor

python--exception except statement usage and throw exception

Except: #捕获所有异常Except: except:except:,except::Common exception Names:Exception Name DescriptionAttributeerror the exception that is thrown by calling a method that does not existEoferror encountered exception thrown at end of fileImporterror

MySQL python interaction

Installing the Introduction module Installing the MySQL module sudo apt-get install python-mysql Introducing modules into a file import MysqldbConnection object Used to establish a connection to the database

Python implements monitoring Windows services and automatically starts the service sample

Developed with Python 2.7 + Pywin32 + Wxpython Every once in a while to detect if the service is stopped, if you stop trying to start the service. Perform service Stop logging appmain.py The code is as follows: #!/usr/bin/env python#-*-Encoding:utf-

Python base try exception handling, socket socket base Part1

Exception handlingErrorErrors in the program are generally divided into two types:1, syntax error, this error, can not get through the Python interpreter syntax detection, must be corrected before the program execution2, logic errors, human-caused

Python Exception handling

An error and an exception Two exception handling 2.1 What is exception handling? 2.2 Why do I have to do exception handling? 2.3 How do I do exception handling? Three when to use exception handling Exceptions and ErrorsPart1:

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