exception handling in dbms

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Windows exception handling process

Let's talk about the difference between exceptions and interruptions. An interruption can occur at any time, regardless of the instructions being executed by the CPU. the interruption is mainly caused by hardware such as the I/O device, processor

Go: How to learn SQL (Part IV: DBMS extension features and SQL advanced topics)

Transferred from: Http://blog.163.com/[email protected]/blog/static/285720652010950102575/9. Extended functionality provided by the DBMSMaster the basic relational model principle and DBMS data type, but also need to understand the extension

Stored Procedure 5-handling of conditions and exceptions and handling of Stored Procedure exceptions

Stored Procedure 5-handling of conditions and exceptions and handling of Stored Procedure exceptions Exception Handling can be used for general process control in subprograms. If you want to handle errors during SQL Execution, you can use exception

Simple use of PDO in PHP5

Author: heiyeluren Http://blog.csdn.net/heiyeshuwu>Time: 2006-10-29Keywords: PHP PHP5 PDO database abstract class PDO (PHP Data Object) is a new feature of PHP 5. When PHP 6 is ready, PHP 6 uses PDO to process databases by default, by default, all

Java 6 new features: javadb

Cao RuO Shen (ruoshen_c@sjtu.edu.cn), graduate student of computer science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University August 31, 2007 At the end of 2006, Sun released the final official version of Java Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6), codenamed Mustang

Java SE 6 new features: Java DB and JDBC 4.0

Http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/java/j-lo-jse65/index.htmlFor a long time, because a large number (and even almost all) of Java applications rely on databases, how to access the database efficiently, reliably, and concisely using the Java

JDBC Plate essence Finishing 20051226_JSP programming

Important NOTE: this part of the article is the owner of the collection from the Internet, and if you think that the content of the document violates your rights, please contact the collation (excelarthur@yahoo.com.cn), and Dev2dev site has nothing

The principle and practice of C # database transaction

Data | database What is a database transaction A database transaction is a series of actions performed as a single logical unit of work. The payment process includes at least the following database operations, assuming a single transaction for

Reprinted ETL architect interview questions

Reprinted ETL architect interview questions 1. What is a logical data mapping and what does it mean to the ETL team? What is Logical Data ing? What role does it play on the ETL project team? A: Logical Data Map) describes the data definition of the

Cow break's [MySQL] Database Introduction

According to the Library FoundationA database (DATABASE,DB) is a repository of data that is organized, stored, and managed according to its structure on a computer's storage device.What is a databaseA database is a collection of data that is stored

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