exception handling in postgresql function

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. Net Access to the PostgreSQL database. "function name not found" problem tracking

Document directory Supported Data Types   PostgreSQL is a widely used free and open source database. Compared with MySQL, PostgreSQL is more suitable for complicated enterprise computing tasks. MySQL is more widely used in the Internet field,

PostgreSQL stored Procedure (5)-Exception error handling

1. Exception error HandlingIn the Pl/pgsql function, if there is no exception capture, the function exits directly when an error occurs, and the things associated with it are rolled back. We can catch and recover the exception by using the Begin

Asp. Net Core project practice-permission management system (3) using PostgreSQL through EntityFramework Core,

Asp. Net Core project practice-permission management system (3) using PostgreSQL through EntityFramework Core, 0 Asp. Net Core: permission management system (0) 1 Asp. Net Core project practice-permission management system (1) Use AdminLTE to build

The extension of PostgreSQL replication and BDR

In this chapter, you will be presented with a new technology to become a BDR. Two-way Replication (BDR), in the world of PostgreSQL, it is definitely a rising star. In the near future, many new things will be seen, and people can expect a thriving

PostgreSQL 9.1.2 general control walsender. c source code analysis

I. Some procedures 1. The master server operates in a continuous archiving mode, while the slave server reads data from the WAL file of the master server in a continuous recovery mode. 2. the archive process pcompetition is responsible for copying

Simple use of PDO in PHP5

Author: heiyeluren Http://blog.csdn.net/heiyeshuwu>Time: 2006-10-29Keywords: PHP PHP5 PDO database abstract class PDO (PHP Data Object) is a new feature of PHP 5. When PHP 6 is ready, PHP 6 uses PDO to process databases by default, by default, all

Use the resources of the curtain Course Network to reorganize the basic PHP knowledge for memo.

Original article: www. imooc. comlearn26 determines whether a function exists. When we create a UDF and understand the usage of a variable function, to ensure that the function called by the program exists, function_exists is often used to determine

Simple use of PDO in PHP5

PhP5 PDO (PHP Data Object) is a new PHP 5 things, when PHP 6 are coming out, PHP 6 only by default use PDO to process the database, will all the database expansion to the PECL, then the default is not our favorite php_ Mysql.dll and so on, then how

Simple use of PDO in PHP5

The simple use of PDO in PHP5, the simple use of PDO in PHP5, PDO (PHPDataObject) is new to PHP5, when PHP6 is coming out, PHP6 only uses PDO to process databases by default. all database extensions will be moved to PECL. by default, php_mysql.dll

Configuration and description of PDO in PHP

what is "PDO?" PDO is a significant feature of PHP5 's new addition, because before PHP5 php4/php3 are a bunch of database extensions to connect and process with each database, what Php_mysql.dll, Php_pgsql.dll, Php_mssql.dll, Php_sqlite.dll, and so

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