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My. fvwm2rc

Copyright January 4 Note: This file was originally a configuration file of Wang Yin, part of the change. Read fvwm. strokes ImagePath +:/usr/clooo/pixmaps EdgeResistance 250 100 EdgeScroll 100 100 EwmhBaseStruts 0 0 0 30 ColormapFocus

Wang Yin's FVWM configuration file

ImagePath +:/usr/share/icons:/usr/share/pixmaps:/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps: /usr/local/share/FVWM/icons: $ home /. FVWM/iconsEdgeresistance 250 100Edgescroll 100 100Colormapfocus followsmouseClicktime 750Optional topsize 2x2# Default styles:

FVWM: I think you 'd better

Old logs from After using gnome and xfce, I am still a little tired. I have been playing with FVWM for two days and found that although configuration is a little troublesome, it is still the most considerate and occupies a very small amount of

ExtCalendar2 (Auth Bypass/Cookie) SQL injection and repair

If (! $ Argv [1]) Die (" Usage: php exploit. php [site] Example: php exploit. php http://www.bkjia.com/calendar/ "); Print_r (" # Exploit...: [ExtCalendar2 (Auth Bypass/Cookie) SQL Injection] # Author...: [Lagripe-Dz] # Date ......: [05-o6-2o11] #

Exec Maven plugin comprehensive parsing and use example

The original Article connection: http://blog.csdn.net/bluishglc/article/details/7622286, reproduced please indicate the source! 1. Why is exec used? Current projects often rely on a large number of jar packages. Unlike war package projects, for

SQL grouping query converts the vertical display result to horizontal display

/** // * Create Table booklibary ([library] varchar (10), [subject] varchar (10), [quantity] INT) Insert into booklibary Select 'A', 'China', 5 Union all select 'B', 'mat', 6 Union all select 'C', 'English ', 3 Union all select 'B', 'China', 4 Union

How to compile a Maven project using intellij idea

    Make up the requirements of the latest effect project, and learn to compile the project on idea. As a newbie, it is normal to encounter problems. The important thing is to solve them and get new skills.   Anyone who has compiled Maven projects

Configure the Pro * C environment (RedHat + Oracle 10g)

After the environment is set up, enter the command proc in the terminal If the following error message is displayed: [Oracle @ oracleserver ~] $ ProcProc: error while loading shared libraries: libclntsh. so.10.1: cannot open shared object file: No

Analysis of the guard God Firewall

Author: conqu3r Pax. Core Mac Team member Last week, I promised to give a keynote speech. Later I only talked about one usage of burpsuite. Sorry, this week's topic is bypassing. Although there are few people here, the meeting still has to continue.

Configure the Pro * C environment (RedHat + Oracle10g)

Configure the Pro * C environment (RedHat + Oracle10g) Configure the Pro * C environment (RedHat + Oracle 10g) After the environment is set up, enter the command proc in the terminal If the following error message is displayed: [Oracle @

Create a thumbnail program in php

Function Thumb_IM ($ thumbwidth, $ thumbheight, $ preview = 0 ){Global $ thumbstatus, $ imageimpath, $ thumbquality;If ($ thumbstatus ){List ($ img_w, $ img_h) = $ this-> attachinfo;$ Targetfile =! $ Preview? ($ Thumbstatus = 1 | $ thumbstatus = 3? $

Python decorator detailed

The adorner in Python is a very useful thing, and we can write some specific methods and common methods into a decorator, which provides a great convenience for invoking these methods, thus improving the readability and simplicity of our code, as

Call another script in shell script

Call another script in shell script Bash shell commands are divided into two types: External commands and Internal commands. External commands are implemented through system calls or independent programs, such as SED and awk. Internal commands are

Differences between fork, source, and exec in linux

In linux, fork, source and exec are different. shell commands can be divided into internal commands and external commands. internal commands are in special file format. def implementation, such as cd and ls. external commands are implemented through

Summary of dynamic SQL development basics and experiences

Easy to write SQL, but difficult to master. NOTE: For the structure of the "person" table in this example, refer to the data table in the "person" text. I. SQL statements directly deal with the "accumulate" problem of non-numeric Columns

python-built-in functions

First, compile ()Compiles a string into Python code.Compiled mode, single,eval,exec" print (123) " = Compile (S,"","exec") # Compile the string s into Python code and let exec () execute. exec(R)Second, EXEC ()Executes the Python code with no

Nodejs invoke cmd command to implement replication directory

This article describes how to call the Nodejs in the cmd command, so as to achieve the directory replication, very practical, there is a need for small partners to refer to. Work has been required to some of the official website to copy, and

Three different ways to invoke another script in a shell script (fork, exec, source)

Fork (/directory/script.sh): If the shell contains execution commands, then the subcommand does not affect the parent's commands, and then executes the parent command after the subcommands have finished executing. The children's environment

Python Basics-built-in functions (1)

Python provides a number of built-in functions.First, the numerical processing correlation function:1, take absolute value: ABS ()def # Real signature Unknown """ "" " passABS ()2. Turn binary: Bin ()def # "" " Return The binary

The difference between fork, source, and exec in Linux

RPM: The difference between fork, source, and exec in LinuxThe shell commands can be divided into internal commands and external commands. Internal commands are implemented by special file formats. Def, such as cd,ls. While external commands are

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