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Eval (), exec () and its related functions in Python

The eval (), EXEC () two functions in Python and several functions associated with them, such as Globals (), locals (), and compile ():1. Functions of the Eval function:Evaluates the value of the specified expression. That is, the Python code it

Expression methods (that is, exec and Eval methods) that execute a string form of a statement and a string in Python

The former has been thinking of a problem, that is, how to let the user in the graphical interface input code (input code as a string), as part of the code to run, coincides with the Python crawler video tutorial, saw the use of the Eval function,

Python's eval, exec summary of function usage

Eval functionfunction of FunctionsEvaluates the string str as a valid expression and returns the result of the calculation. The Python code it executes can only be a single operation expression (which does not support arbitrary assignment operations)

Python in eval, exec, execfile, and compile

The eval (str [, Globals [, locals]) function evaluates the string str as a valid Python expression and returns the result of the calculation.Similarly, the EXEC statement executes the string str as valid Python code. The namespace of the code

Eval, exec, execfile, and compile in Python [reprint]

The eval (STR [, globals [, locals]) function evaluates the string 'str' as a valid Python expression and returns the calculation result. Similarly, the exec statement executes the string STR as a valid Python code. The namespace provided to the

Python in eval, exec, execfile, and compile (reprint)

This log is reproduced, the original link: http://skandgjxa.blog.163.com/blog/static/1415298201010262403483/eval (str [, Globals [, locals]]) function treats the string str as a valid Python tableTo evaluate the value and return the result of the

Python executable object--exec, eval, compile

Python provides a description of the built-in functions for calling executable objects, involving exec, Eval, and compile three functions. The EXEC statement is used to execute a python statement stored in a code object, a string, a file, and the

Python Learning summary 17:exec and eval execution evaluation string

There may be times when you need to dynamically create Python code and then execute it as a statement or evaluate it as an expression.1. exec>>>exec"print ' Hello, world! ' " Hello, world!.>>>fromimport sqrt>>>exec"sqrt=i" >>>sqrt (4) Traceback

The role of the EXEC () function in Python

The EXEC statement is used to execute a python statement stored in a string or file. For example, we can generate a string that contains Python code at run time, and then execute the statements using the EXEC statement. The following is a simple

The exec and args of find

I thought it was almost enough for the past. Hehe, see a lot of masters with high skills, the heart itch feel I can also improve AH. hahaha.After this practice, Sed,awk also have to deepen,,, Shell and Python, for the operation of the two can not be

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