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To avoid creating a table, execute a stored procedure to insert a temporary table

In general, when we want to insert the result set of a stored procedure into a temporary table, the following steps are requiredCreate table #temptable (column) ....INSERT INTO #temptableEXEC YOURSPThis is cumbersome, and if the result set has many columns, it is more painful.Introduce a flexible approach todayThe scri

How to execute another stored procedure in a stored procedure and get the result set it returns

Background In the process of writing SQL Server stored procedures, there are often complex business logic, it is common practice to split a large stored procedure into several small stored procedures. Problem You need to call stored p

A stored procedure: dynamically execute an SQL statement with parameters: execute immediate

According to the customer's needs, we have added a statistical table to collect statistics and generate statistical data. We need to dynamically Execute SQL statements based on a basic table. the execute immediate command is used to dynamically generate and execute SQL state

Execute SQL Task to execute a stored procedure with parameters

When execute SQL Task executes a stored procedure with parameters, the way the parameters are passed is different, depending on the use of the link, there are two main types: OLE DB and ADO.Createint)  int as on tovalues (@id)END 1, if ConnectionType is OLE DB, then use? Represents the parameter name,? The serial number is from 0,1,2, and so on.SQLStatement:

Mysql multi-log table result set splicing stored procedure, mysql Stored Procedure

;prepare stmt from @v_s;EXECUTE stmt;DEALLOCATE PREPARE stmt;end;// DELIMITER;call unionSp('20140730','20140930','biz_date') Union: union means to combine the results of two or more queries.Required: the number of columns in the Two Queries must be consistent.Recommendation: The types of columns can be different, but we recommend that you query each column, and you want the corresponding types to be the sameData from multiple tables: The names of th

Use things + events to execute stored procedures in MySQL stored procedure

(1) Stored proceduresDROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTSproc_test;CREATE PROCEDUREproc_test ()BEGIN DECLARET_errorINTEGER DEFAULT 0; DECLARE CONTINUEHANDLER forSQLEXCEPTIONSETT_error=1; STARTTRANSACTION; Insert intoScore_record_bak (OpenID, nickname, city_id, City_name, Grid_number, Score_type, Channel_manager_score, Channel_ma Nager_remark, Railcom_support_score, Railcom_support_remark, Manager_support_score, Mana

About mysql stored procedure creation dynamic table name and parameter processing, mysql Stored Procedure

by the Stored Procedure) set @sql_oper_revcord = concat("INSERT INTO operrecord_", date_format(curdate(),'%y%m%d'), " (`oper_role`, `oper_type`, `oper_content`, `oper_cls`, `oper_serverid`, `oper_date`) values (rId, type, content, cls, serverid, NOW())");PREPARE sql_oper_revcord FROM @sql_oper_revcord; EXECUTE sql_oper_revcord; An error will be reported dur

[Crazy Java] Jdbc:callablestatement Execute Stored Procedure _ Crazy Java

1. The creation of simple stored procedures: 1 The creation of a typical stored procedure in MySQL: Delimiter CREATE PROCEDURE Add (a int, b int, out sum int) begin Set sum = a + b; End。。 Stored procedures are similar to functions and methods in C/java, with parameter pass

MYSQL modifies the table name to a large-write stored procedure, mysql Stored Procedure

MYSQL modifies the table name to a large-write stored procedure, mysql Stored Procedure1. conditions:1.1 Mysql settings are case sensitive2. Execute the following stored procedures: 1 # call uppercase ('database name') 2 drop

Complete example of MSSQL paging Stored Procedure (supporting multi-Table paging storage), mssql Stored Procedure

Complete example of MSSQL paging Stored Procedure (supporting multi-Table paging storage), mssql Stored Procedure This example describes the paging Stored Procedure of MSSQL. We will sh

MYSQL modifies the table name to a large-write stored procedure, mysql Stored Procedure

MYSQL modifies the table name to a large-write stored procedure, mysql Stored Procedure This article will share with you the stored procedure of modifying the

Obtain all SQL stored procedure scripts, including the SQL table name, view name, stored procedure name, and column name.

Some of the content collected on the Internet may be faulty. You need to analyze which ones are correct, but most of them are okay !. [1] method: You can query the Stored Procedure script:Select * From syscommentsYou can query the table name, view name, and stored procedur

General stored procedure: a stored procedure for generating a table Paging

Create proc # autogeneration_query_p@ Tablename varchar (50)AsBeginDeclare @ host_name varchar (200)Declare @ get_date datetimeDeclare @ sqlroc varchar (8000)Declare @ description varchar (4000)Declare @ rowcount intSelect @ sqlroc = '', @ description = '',@ Host_name = host_name (), @ get_date = getdate ()Set @ sqlroc = @ sqlroc + 'if exist' (select 1 from sysobjects where id = object_id (''sp _ '+ @ tablename +' _ query '') and xtype in (n''p') '+ char (10)Set @ sqlroc = @ sqlroc + space (5) +

Is it really necessary to explicitly delete the temporary table defined in the stored procedure of the SQL Server database (drop table #tableName)?

' #t20170413% ' End After the stored procedure is created, the first time you execute, observe a phenomenon, as follows It is clear that the temp Tables Creation rate counter in the Sys.dm_os_performance_counters system table has been added 1, which means that a temporary table

SQL: Oracle11g table, view, stored procedure structure query, oracle11g Stored Procedure

SQL: Oracle11g table, view, stored procedure structure query, oracle11g Stored Procedure -- GetTablesSELECT owner, object_name, created FROM all_objects WHERE (owner in (select USERNAME from user_users) AND object_type = 'table' o

Execute the stored procedure and return the cursor set to convert to list

Entity Framework 4.1 has been used in the project recently, and all statement queries are completed using LINQ and lambda expressions. However, several page queries are complex, when multiple condition summaries and column values are used for judgment, if writing statements using LINQ is rather complicated, it may not be able to achieve the desired results. In the end, you can only select the Oracle stored procedu

MySQL create timed execute stored procedure task

There are many SQL syntax, which is a complete language. This only implements a function, does not do in-depth research.Target: Update the table regularly or clear the table.Case: A task that has been timed to empty the position information table. (However, it was not considered when the server was hung off)This test: Table field +1 per 5s update1.prepareCreate a

thinkphp Execute call stored procedure add log

=$Model-Query(' Show Tables ');Open Library Assemble as a one-dimensional array to judge Foreach($resultsAs$k=$v){$data _table_show[] =$v[' Tables_in_dbwxapplite ']; } First determine if a table exists If(In_array(Strtolower($data _fun),$data _table_show)){ Existing table add log directly$loginLog=M($data _fun),Add($data); If($loginLog!= False){$res= [' Status ' = ' 1 ',' Result ' = ' Write Success ',' Data

How to automatically execute the oracle stored procedure once a day

How to automatically execute the oracle stored procedure every day and call the stored procedure with the joboracle timer 1. create a table. To see the running status of the timer clearly, create a

[Oracle]-[show_space and show_space_asm]-execute the Stored Procedure show_space and show_s

[Oracle]-[show_space and show_space_asm]-Run the Stored Procedure show_space and show_space_asm to report errors. Sys creates show_space () and show_space_asm (). Bisal execution prompt: SQL> exec show_space('MY_OBJECTS', 'BISAL');BEGIN show_space('MY_OBJECTS', 'BISAL'); END; *ERROR at line 1:ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:PLS-00201: identifier 'SHOW_SPACE' must be declaredORA-06550: line 1, column 7:PL/S

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